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!Thursday, June 18, 2009

some overdue pics of the cooking session with kelvin the main chef.. it's so nice to have a fren who is a chef.. so yummylicious. we wanted to learn from him but kinda hard hur. lol..

venue will be at brandon hse as always. with kenneth, QB, WM, Nadine as helper. Me, WQ and eunice din do much actually =x oh ya wenqi! u haven pass me the recipe!

raw ingredient. me nadine wenqi n QB went to buy the ingredients the day b4..

making yam paste, super tedious can. muz keep stirring and pressing it..

tada! the final pdt!

the most super delicious of all, most inner part is minced meat with pistachio nuts, 2nd layer is chicken thigh and wrapped with bacon as the most outer layer. u gonna wrap it in foil n cook it by submerging it in a pot of water n finally pan fry it..

seeing this photo makes me go hungry again :(

pumpkin soup. another tedious dish. 1stly, cut into small pieces and put into oven to roast it! :S take out, cook it in a pot, add cream etc.. finally
blend it!!

mash potato, it taste so similar like Durty Nelly's! i miss DN's food so much btw..

its meal time! start cooking at 7plus. meal time at 10pm..

add some carrot, mushrm, veg and it will be similar to those u eat in restaurant. i swear its so dammn delicious.

Last fri went over to BoonLay to pick up my boy aft his 1st book out. He looked so boyish in tt CD outfit! took a cab to his hse, had dinner and went iluma to watch
The Taking Of Pelham 123.

the movie's not bad.. just tt ending isn't tt nice..

The layout of the illuma carpark is kinda confusing, made us cant find our car. The staircase is short and spiraling, connecting alternate storeys, doors are dammn thick n hollow.

he's botak now!

Aft which went clementi to find CC n bin. later on drove to bugis to find the long-time-no-see Xiong.

Sat i helped him polishing his boots, the last time i polish boots is when i'm sec 4:S had dinner, wanted to go sing k but full hse.. drove over to slack at MS xingwang cafe and visited my DN mates!:D

Sun was hm swt hm..

i gonna start work on mon! the pay is so low but i gotta accept it cux i'm so tired of going interview alrdy. Initally i was cfm by a co. to work as contract associate for 6mths with 1.8k. I was abt to go down sign contract den they asked if i can work as perm staff. alrdy told u i wanna go study in Jan:( so i gonna reject my 1.8k offer! :'(

@#$%$# alot of 6mths contract is wanna see if that person can do well n wanna convert tt person into permanent staff !@#%$^

my workplace will be at 1 Serangoon North Ave 5, quite a ulu place. I hate crossing bridges :(

i will even more look forward to weekends from now onwards!

In love with this 2 songs now.

dance with me ;
- 6/18/2009

!Thursday, June 11, 2009

whee~ SIM finally allowed us to have advance standing for econs and finance aft so much BULLSHIT..

alright, i need to rant to vent my anger.. it goes like this. esther(banking option) and aileen(financial trading) applied 1st. Aileen got a letter saying tt she has to retake her diploma at SIM cux she is from financial option while the banking students can have direct standing. WTF!

they said no to aileen, i called them n they told me banking and trading students can have direct standing n will get back to me but din.. n hello! we are financial trading students ok?! another fren called n they said we can have direct entry-.- we later on call bac but none pick up our calls n one even kap fone!

so aileen e-mailed them n they said will get back to her by 15th, i e-mail them n they say i have to apply 1st n can only let me know results one mth aft closing date(oct) -.- **** just nice got one SIM staff called me to ask whether i receive the brouches, n she told me i need to call in in AUG then i can find out whether im eligible for advance standing. financial trading is more difficult to get in than banking can.. n wadsmore they implying my SP diploma worse than their SIM diploma izit.. super dotss..

Aileen continued pestering them by sending them e-mails till tt person pekcek n gave her the contact no. of the admission manager. BIG SHOT does work wonders~ i'm so super pekcek of SIM efficiency, super SUCKS! i oso have other frens having prob with the admin staff of SIM.. ROARS! gd thing it is over now (:

last sat met up with steven 1st, wanted to rush over for ju's b'day party but they jus left when we were abt to come.. so me n steven brought along wenbin to sabrina's hse for some MJ session + texas. aft so long im still v. noob in MJ, prefer texas thou! i'm the big winner(texas) for tt night. but steven lost so = i nvr win :(
i'm so envy of sabrina's room! n we left at ard 430am..

slept at ard 6am n woke up at 4pm, rushed to bathe, eat my "lunch", develop photos and meet the girls..

my left eye hurts aft i put in the lenses but i got no time to take out n re-wash:(

wore sunglasses to make my eyes feel better.

had to take a photos with items given from sher n eunice upon arriving..

nadine went to collect 7 different kinds of chains aft much effort. we try to allocate the chains according to our personailty.
mr small(eunice), mr greedy(sher), mr happy(jol), ms chatterbox(me), mr shy(mui), mr nosy(wenqi), ms sunshine(nadine)..

i think this is the 1st time whr the 7 if us took a proper grp photo.

we had picked the date 7/6 as our anniversary date. whr the 7 girls celebrate their 7 yrs of friendship on tt day.. we are supposed to get a gift with a 5bucks budget n see who can come up with the best gift using 5 bucks..

Nadine always happen to be my santa.. this is like 3rd time alrdy? lol..

i love this reindeer necklace, she bought the chain n pendant seperately n has to DIY herself..

some of us "cheated" by taking some items from hm, i think most of us will exceed budget if we add in the prices for boxes n package etc..

nice n pretty right? (:

my gift for jol.. i'm voted for the worse gift jus bcux i din wrap it!! :(
i got no time to wrap :(:(

oh yea, we renamed our grp according to the disney 7 princess:)
i',m the sleeping beauty, aurora..

Mon had an interview for telemaketing at hitachi towers. results unknown..

afterwhich went to find steven b4 he went in NS the next day..

say goodbye to ur hair! lol.. had dinner n met up with some of his frens b4 hm swt hm..

tues n wed was spent rotting at hm.. my event company last min den tell me the client shortlisted me for the PC show for the coming 4 days. too bad i gotta reject it cux i cannot commit all 4 days.. kaching kaching gone! :'(

today thurs i went for a interview as a contract associate for great eastern. they din ask me much. i think i tell them more than wad they ask. the interview like lasted for ard 5 mins only? lol.. i tot the chances is so low but who knows the agency called me later in the afternoon to tell me i'm selected! like wow.. now waiting for confirmation n abt the pay rates..

finally found smth tt i quite like, had alrdy rejected a telemarketing job n a recruitment consultant job. i think i'm v. picky on jobs, abt pay, working environment etc.. so all the best for me yea..

looking forward to tmr and sat! :DD

some of the out-dated pics..

at K garden in serangoon..

for wm's b'day celebration..

this is the b'day boy!

came across an article on the net on warrington train station.. here are some of the weird signs they have :S

lol.. initally is no kissing, aft which they change it to smth like an area for short kissing and an area for long kissing..

I really hate strangers on vehicles whistling, rustling the tree leaves or knocking on the car window to get my attention. im really pissed by this kind of behaviour.. got once i pointed my middle finger to 2 young Malay guys sitting behind the lorry, both of them stared at each other n was really shocked. my mood was dammn bad at tt time n they still provoke me.. tt was during daytime.. but i dun think i will dare to do tt at night. lol..

i need to adjust my bio-clock back soon!

dance with me ;
- 6/11/2009


30th Aug 89


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