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!Monday, August 27, 2007

Thurs.. went to find Jas Ben Xav TB for dinner..

tsktsk.. dey all keep tricking me.. Called mi to ask mi whr i am.. bluff me tt dey had sms me earlier, bluff mi dey bought movie tix, bluff mi dey watching dead slience, bluff me dey are at MS.. hahaha..!!

b4 dinner, we walked ard suntec 1st.. Mi n Jas Cam-whore "a little bit" 1st.. haha..

part of the fotos..

had to bluff the guys tt the fotos are obscene to stop dem from looking at it.. hahaha..

Went to Xing Wang HK cafe.. tried their fried fish slice Bee-Hoon.. Soup Nice.. Fish so so onli.

Dessert: Mango[Ah-han Shan] and Strawberry ice-kachang[Ah Ta Shan]

we dig a hole to make home for the attap seeds.. hahaha..

Had eaten tis b4 n i reminded dem not to be so stupid, dig so hard and cux the 'hill" to fall.. But the mango ice-kachang did fall into half.. i'm the culprit.. But den.. the hole at the side was alr v. BIG when i start digging it.. LOL..

Mi n jas Scream.. i din scream tt loud.. But den.. Jas screamed super duper loud and sharp.. the whole ppl inside the cafe turned ard to look at us for 3-5 sec.. Complete silence for tt moment.. Mi Jas Ben Xav immediate reaction was to hide our face on the table.. while TB tried to cover his face wif his hand.. so obviously its us who screamed.. hee..

The waiter den cum towards us.. He said;"do U still wan the ice-cream?" ( the ice-cream had landed on the table, we onli managed to save the ice).. lyk duh! ya.. we wan the ice-cream to melt on the table.. -__-''' N dey were not tt kind to gif us new scoop of ice-cream =(

Aft tt i cld c lots of table ordering ice-kachang.. hahaha..

Fri.. meet aileen lisi, went to lots of place.. meet at cityhall.. went down to raffles marketplace wif aileen b4 lisi came.. Den to MS, Suntec, Bugis Main Building, Bugis Village, Heeren, FarEast.. hahaha.. Dammn tired..

walking hm wif tired feet.. but den..

TADA!! i saw the surprise the girlies gave me!! i cld c my girlies and JJ waiting for mi downstairs at my blk..
i spotted JJ wif a guitar 1st.. cux no one wld play guitar in my neighbourhood.. hahaha..
i was lyk STUNed and shocked.. was v.v. blur thru-out.. Din even realise Jol was right infront of mi putting candle on the cake.. hahaha..

1st B'dae wish: For all of us to marry a gd hubby and be a tai tai
2nd: All of us Get into U and haf a gd career
3rd: secret =P

Choco therapy on my face.. Chase ard the whole mini park to apply choco on dem.. we were quite noisy.. the ppl upstairs were "shhh".. aiyo.. tmr sat leh.. so earli slp for wad..

Thankiew u all.. its was realli an unexpected one.. I love u all Lots Lots Lots <3<3<3
aft tt i dedicate a song on 987 to dem.. "girlfrens" but wrong song played cux i din sae sing by who.. hahaha..

Sat.. meet Nadine and Eunice at Bugis 1st... intended to shop.. but no tym..
went to nearby some HK cafe to eat.. the cafe look abit lyk Xin Wang HK cafe..

had french toast and HK milk tea.. their "container" for milk tea is cute..

Den headed to Sembawang.. At 1st planned to BBQ at Sab's place, but she suddenly hospitalised.. so last min change to Sembawang park.. whenever we org BBQ, its alwaes raining.. argh.. went Sunplaza to rent umbrella 1st, den cab down to Sembawang park to save gek and lester + food from the rain.. Din know Sembawang Park and Beach exits.. hahaha.. the rain din stop and its super cold dere.. had to change to AMK.. Make a fone call to ensure dere isnt raining.. Zoom, faster cab down to AMK .. so heng, dere alr finishing raining thou dere were some rain "passing by" for a moment..

dey planned a b'dae surprise for me.. ANother b'dae cake.. whee!

Ppl take note.. i dun mind haf 3rd,4th,5th and mani mani more b'dae cakes.. LOL..

1st wish: Everione to be healthy and happy
2nd: xxxXXxxxXX ( OMG i 4got wads my 2nd wish.. will edit when i recall back.. LOL)
3rd: secret =P

Choco therapy again.. hee.. CHoco are gd for face..

played a little badminton and cycling ard the neighbourhood.. i wan go cycle soon =(

game of the dae: place ur hand in the icey icey water box.. C who can tahan the longest.. i m the 1st to gif up.. i realli cant stand it.. its realli super cold.. the feeling is so terrible..

Thanks MingYang for driving me hm! Thanks everi single one for the surprises and gift..
I'm so happy.. JieXin is sosososos happy!!

I'm so happy to haf such gd frens ard me.. Thankiew v.v.v.v.v. much!!

i wan everione to b healthy~~
Sab.. hope u recover soon k.. miss u realli lots..

to anione out dere tt needs mi.. i wil b jus a fone call away=))

Todae went SGH to see Sab.. she's in high depency unit... bought flower for her.. it pains my heart to c her lidat..

Aft tt went bugis wif eunice to shop for some stuff... Eunice goin vietnam soon.. take care alright!!
will miss u lots lots.. hee..

GuoJun Pangseh us jus bcux oof campus superstar.. i will cum after u wif chopper.. heehee~

dance with me ;
- 8/27/2007

!Thursday, August 23, 2007

Whee! Exams finally over.. Went str8 for post exams celebration.. LOL.. not realli a celebration..
Aft daes of mugging.. i tink tis tym i'm slackest.. Onli seriously focus on studying in the middle on the night=/

ECM paper was alrite.. BFI *shakes head*

Have a series of programme line-ing up..

todae had early dinner @ JP crystal Jade aft the paper.. N the guys went to do sumthin more impt den us.. tsktsk..
So mi n Jas went over to cityhall area to find lisi dey all..
B4 tt went NUS guildhse.. the place is so dammn nice..

Next for our yummilious ice-cream*drools*

Sticky Choco mix and Banana Spilt!

are u craving for it now?

its been so long since we last took foto tgth..

walked ard the place and finally landed in some place to sit down and chit chat..
Our clique haf some common things in mind hur.. hahaha..

My class no more chalet.. BooHoo=( i miss chalet!
But alrite.. at least goin BBQ at Roy's place *excited*

Intended to go Malaysia tmr.. But. . . nvm.. next tym k.. hahaha..

i'm so excited for the holidaes.. esp one wk later =D

dance with me ;
- 8/23/2007

!Friday, August 17, 2007

i'm having cough now.. but i cant resist the temptation of chocolate biscuits.. hahaha!!

argh.. i cant focus to study :(

below is a joke.. hehee~

If you have ' Ang Mo (Westerner)' attending your wedding, please tell them what is 'Kan Pei', hahaa.....

Once there was a wedding dinner. The dinner occupied only half the restaurant. The other half was occupied by some Caucasian tourists.

As the wedding couples hop from table to table to toast the guests, the cheers of "KAN PEI" (bottoms up) gets louder and louder.

One Caucasian gets more and more irritated as the couple gets closer to him.

" KAN PEI "... " KAN ...PEI"...!

The cheers continued. Finally, the irritated Caucasian couldn't take it anymore.

He stood up on his chair and shouted: "IF YOU CAN'T PAY, THEN LET ME PAY FOR YOU!"

dance with me ;
- 8/17/2007

!Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cookie and Brownie when dey are young.. Awww.. so adorable!!

Yeayea FA test over..phew.. made lots of careless mistakes.. argh.. nvm..wads over is over..

was'nt feeling well few daes ago.. had flu n sorethroat.. N slight fever in the middle of MidNite of mon which is = tues morning.. went to refrigerator digging out medicine.. felt so pathetic.. BooHoo~

yest aft test is a "break" for mi.. so is todae=X .. aft test went ChinaSquare to eat Ramen @ Chinatown wif Jas Ben Xav.. 1st tym lunching out wif frens at Chinatown... dere are diff catergories of spicy for ramen.. i of cux dun wan ani spice-ness in my soup.. hahaha!

chatted v. long n were lyk "chased" by the waitress.. cux the place is closed during 3 to 6pm.. a break for dem.. next we went to AMK hub.. 1stly went to NEbo to check out the function room.. headed to arcade to play my fav bball.. hee.. and oso daytona etc.. we nid training on our bb =(

we felt lucky and went to Singapore pools to buy 4D and toto!! LOL.. we were lyk small kids quequing.. the youngest dere.. we were v. noob in tis kinda stuff

we were not v. sure hw to buy toto.. we read the "instructions" behind the shading paper..
our way of buying 4D: 1stly we start wif the youngest first, each gif one no. .. den the 2nd youngest start with another set of no. A total of 4 sets of no.

For toto.. each gave one no.too and oso the division of our b'dae and month.. LOL + 5 Quick Picks.. the reason for 5 Quick Picks is to make the amt of money ez to divide..

Jas n Xav went to queue cux mi n Ben still underage.. hahaha.. 1st tym buying toto and 4D wif frens..

Our 4D and toto tix :)

went bac to AMK hub to MOS den to subway.. had subway for dinner.. we occupied the place for lyk 2hrs+ and wandered ard AMK area as a tour guide for jas..

AMK is realli quite a nice place.. who saes u cant shop in neighbourhood?! mi n jas did.. LOL..
we bought cute cute stickers and tissue paper.. + curry puff and looney tunes biscuits..

the goodies~

ratatouille(rat-a-too-ee) and Spongebob stickers!!

we stick one spongebob stick on ben's file.. see wads weird abt the above pic? Jas accidentally broke spongebob's hand.. and Xav purposely stick it to a different place.. hahaha.. Spongebob-dick-pants~

its nice to go out wif close frens in the middle of exams period =)

i shld go study now.. haven study anitin yet =x
i wan watch harry potter 8th movie wif Jay Chou inside.. the untold secrets.. LOL..
The rain, just never seems to bring
the joy, I feel the same
everlasting pain of my loss remains

My heart, can't seem to learn to part
the hold you left the mark
all that I dreamed of now it seems so stark

Tho I told myself won't hold my breath
a part of me was dying
there is nothing left for me to do now, but give in

If you gave me, one chance to tell you how i was feeling
I would sing to you and tell you I won't live my life without you
If you gave me, one chance to tell you how i was feeling
I would hold your hand and look in your eyes and you know,
l'd never let you go

The way, you left me on the train
I don't know what to say
I remember everything on that day

I can't believe we'd never dance
I just need one more chance
to share the sunset our one last romance

Tho I told myself won't hold my breath
a part of me was dying
there is nothing left for me to do now, but give in

If you gave me, one chance to tell you how i was feeling
I would sing to you and tell you I won't live my life without you
If you gave me, one chance to tell you how i was feeling
I would hold your hand and look in your eyes and you know,
l'd never let you go

if you gave me, one chance to tell you how i was feeling
I would sing to you and tell you I won't live my life without you
If you gave me, one chance to tell you how i was feeling
I would hold your hand and look in your eyes and you know,
l'd never let you go

Nice song rite =Pp

dance with me ;
- 8/16/2007

!Monday, August 13, 2007

got 3 fren of mine B'dae on 11th AUg.. JianMing, Aug and WenQi's bf MALCOLM!!
Happy Birthdae all! hahaha..

went for malcolm's 21st birthdae celebration at his Yishun condo on sat..

tada!! the necklace we bought for him. its supposed to b bronze color.. not silver as shown in the above pic..

there were lots of food.. BBQs n 2 different caterings for buffet.. lots of ppl as well..

the hot-favourite of the dae! Cookie and Brownie!!

1stly, let me present to you Cookie =D

the dog tt is more popuarl among his family.. Awww.. so cute!!

does tis pic look as if lyk a sheep?!hahaha

Next let mi present to u the ROCKER dog! Brownie!!

the "furstyle" rock yea?hahaha

tis pic look lyk a feather duster? =X

tis pic look lyk a mat? LOL.. the dog is lyking on its bac..

Peek-a-boo! can u see me? i tiNk i cant c u!

Cookie and Brownie!!

we LOVE the dogs!

Us with b'dae boy..


abit blur n dark..

dance with me ;
- 8/13/2007


30th Aug 89


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