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!Friday, March 20, 2009

oppss! i've been neglecting my blog again. i've been slacking all this while and there is only 1full day of rest at hm per week. the rest will be going out, going out still going out. ;D

so it was 6th march, i wore a pretty "cheongsum vest"..

camwhore! (:

just 1..


last one..

headed over to steven's 1st..

slacked,n then somewhr in west coast rd for nasi lemak as supper and to west coast mac to slack..
tt calls the end of the day..

Sat the 7th March was bowling at sumwhr i cant rmb in the late night..

wenbin's.. gutter? lol

goon's - turkey not?


yours truely fared not tt gd as compared to them. but i did have one strike and spare after all:D
Alex came over to join us later n head to clementi for some drinks n bites..

Sun 8th March missed a chalet..

went to thomson for dessert. tt's mine above. 4got to take fotos of the rest.

headed to Haji lane for some shisha. peach flavour. no kick :S just flavoured smoke.

do you know shisha can be far more toxic than cigs? can be as toxic as 200 times more than a cigs per session.

prefer so for those anti smokers pls dun gei kiang take fotos of u enjoying shisha-ing while on the other hand critise smokers.. u r stupid.. fyi i dun smoke and i'm neutral towards smoking. but i wldppl dun smoke la. bad for health u know.

its fun blowing smoke into ppl's mouth and getting them to pass it on. lol

oh as usual its foreign talent serving us too.

and it was home sweet home..

Mon 9th March

i dragged myself out of bed back to DN to have lunch with eunice, return my uni and clear my locker.. i usually slp till 4 in the noon.

this offically marks the end of my job in DN thou ihave stopped working for quite awhile :S

handed back my key and stuff.

i HEARTS cider! thanks ian for comp drink! roam ard suntec, visited rea's workplace slack, @ bakerzin and home~

Tues 10th March i had a long long journey n me n steven was stuck at paya lebar for 3hrs. thanks to QS who PS-ed us. goon came over and we took a long journey back to yewtee. followed by railmall and wanted pool but it was closing time..

Wed my entire rest day at hm for the week..

Thurs 12th March

a trip in the night to JB!

with goon drving us there..

its kinda hard to take fotos with guy.

station 1 cafe

my apple lemonade. not so nice.

"happiness" was the name for this drink. taste like Nata-de-coco. not bad, much more better than mine in terms of taste and appearance.

Cy's logan or lychee drink

goon's choco milkshake.

goon's spag..

some chix dish of steven's. 4got to take my yummy saug.

played this n other games as well.

the most disgusting game of all. YUCKS! steven drank 2 cups.

stayed till closing and left.

Last Fri i think we slacked at Alzha?? with jg,bin,goon

Last Sat 14th March. our 1yr 3mths (:
went over to halo bar but some girl had her b'day party there so changed location to sam cottage. ppl watched soccer while i stare at the screen trying to learn to appreciate it.
n then railmall for some bites. Followed by a trip to Jab1 bar at boat quay to look for tiff. slack till 3 plus and left. ohh, and we saw angmohs quarrelling with locals. fierce angmoh girl. good show to pass our time.

Last sun slacked at king albert park's mac at night. Goon was trying to study while we hang ard. so yeaa.. n hm swt hm..

Mon 16th March comes the ladies pain n i rested at hm):

Tues 17th March was Kenneth's and ChiuMui's birthday!!

i dragged myself out of the bed. was supposed to meet at 10am i cldnt wake up and meet the girls at 1pm instead.

the girls made some food for picnic in jol's hse earlier n headed to vivo for a little picnic.

played this while waiting for sher to lure CM over. nice to play this once but aft tt kinda boring cux its repeating the same thing over n over again.

our goodies. n i hate ppl staring at us over there esp Lao Ah Pek. wads so nice abt seeing us playing huh..

blew some balloons to decorate the railings.

here comes the b'day girl!

wind was super strong.

cake handmade by the girls.

a random candid shot. im not slapping myself!

with nadine, can u see hw strong is the wind?

+ sherlene

another candid

forfeit for CM was to burst all the ballons. i dun mind bursting it too. i'm not scared of balloons! wahaha!

roam ard vivo and J8 to find slippers for nadine's broken slipper and headed to brandon's hse for another rd of celebration.

the guys had invited a chef fren but now he serving army la. he cooked for us for many many hrs!!
Nice chap nice food!

spinach lasagna

beef lasagna

garlic bread

red ruby- water chestnut coated with bundong jelly

some beef dish

pumpkim soup.

All done by a guy ALONE! comeon guys. be like him. Go learn cooking and girls love it! :D

slacked a while and it was time to cut birthday cake again!

happy birthday to kenneth phang xuan han..

birthdayboy and girl

wads wrong with ur face kenneth?

hmm better...

tt's more like it..

the guy's turn..

Cake slam!

photo of Brandon and Sher tgth. teehee (:

we girls got kenneth a shirt while the guys got him a SEX BOOK!

hot pink whoa!

The guys got CM one similar book too!

Both books have photos inside. *kinky*

yest wed 18th March headed to steven's 1st. Meet up with goon, drove ard to tampiness and met darryl and QS for some bites at Al-zha.

today thurs i rested at hm.

tmr's the weekend again. i shall slack till April (: i'll start a job in April, hopefully if i get to find one..

Anymore Job recommendation? :D

dance with me ;
- 3/20/2009


30th Aug 89


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