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!Sunday, April 29, 2007

i slept till 3pm todae! haha.. i noe i'm a pig.. lets backtrack to last few daes..

lesson & lect has been boring..

Guys! take foto wif us pls!! so long nvr take grp foto alr!=(

so cool!! its located at level 1.. go take a look.. the SHIT word is ownself cut one.. can c the uneven H... but i DIN paste it.. i jus happen to pass by..heehee

ROBIN LIAN! CONGDE n blah blah blah!! thnx for the cadc membership card hur!! n i'm so suay again to b jus right below SAA.. & i believed u cux i was not active in cadc alr n SP has been keep calling mi.. i tink i'm the onli one who believed u n go to SAA to collect the card.. thanks hur!.haha..

i skipped 8am UCCD lesson cux i overslpet=x.. reached jus in tym for lect.. skipped RWPS n went to vivo wif aileen, lisi n shufen=)
we eat kolo mee..

the fotos taken are not tt nice.. so i blur it..haha..

mi aileen lisi bought a watch each=)
We rush back to sch for a make-up lect despite raining heavily.. we r hardworking.. aint we?

tmr goin BBQ!!=D

dance with me ;
- 4/29/2007

!Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Me and LiSi.. Ms Friendly=)
Lisi!! i noe u will be reading my blog.. *BIG WAVES BIG WAVES* look here!! Thanks for the chocos.. U r realli realli nice.haha..

todae so malu.. had CRM lecture todae.. N all of a sudden the lecturer wanted to call someone to ans some Qn.. N she CALLED MY NAME!! the reason is cux i transfered from banking & my name is not in the register.. N tada!! everione was lyk looking at me!! i could see many BIG eyes esp the ppl infront, & grining at me.. i m so suay.. As i'm din pay attention i was sort of shock & blur.. i duno wad to sae.. aft lecture she ask mi go down to find her, jus bcux she wanted to ask me whether i'm in DBF as my name is not dere..

btw.. SP has been calling my lyk 4 tyms to check wif my abt my last tym appeal from banking to ft.. whether i noe i'm in 08.. Got once dey even check my O level grade and GPA.. 67721997.. i can even rmb tis SP no. ttt keep calling me..

Jas & mi sit behind on the floor for ECM lecture.. Mark Johnson is a nice lecturer.. N its gd to sit behind.. can do anithin we wad..

halfway through the lecture got FIRE DRILL!! heard tt? FIRE DRILL in SP.. so we slowly take our tym walk to the stadium.. keep talking to diff peeps along the way & at the stadium.. sun is scorhing hot..
If only the drill involves whole SP.. cux can get to c hotties from other sch.. lol.
While walking bac.. saw 3 gals sharing one BIG red umbrella.. *faint*

I suggested hafing a class outing.. N guess was alloy sae? outing at temple and mosque.. cux can kill two birds wif one stone.. lol.. as we nid to do one report for UCCD..

aft sch i suggested to go out cux i dun haf mood for club event and i dun wan go hm.. went vivo wif JingHan. Nigel and Royston.. We watched WILD HOGS.. its a nice movie.. its funny esp the ending.. went to eat aft movie and walked ard vivo..
Roy is nice to acc me walk hm & took bus from the other side..

Tis reminds me of the past.. whr dere is a guy who alwaes wait for mi to go hm aft sch.. acc & walk me to my block.. Gif me so much care and concern.. but i din treasure him n i chose the wrong one..
aniway its all over now.. let tis b a lesson learnt=)

i'm realli enjoying my 08 class!!~ <3<3s

dance with me ;
- 4/25/2007

i'm seriously loving my class 08=) from the bottom of my heart.. lol..

played some stupid game i suggested todae..
had a fun watching ppl doin forfeit..
i onli got one forfeit..
i gonna get more ppl to play next tym.. the more the merrier..
i think we shld haf a class outing soon.. to bond our class..

i seriously dun lyk my MA tutorial tutor..
he is lyk getting paid for free?
Come classrm drink snapple, surf soccer online..
Gif us new wksheet to do our own.. din gif us ans for last wk's tutorial..
Din work out his own solution.. take our ans..
Trying to act cool in class.. kick comp table when comp is laggy..
trying to b funni..
trying to bribe us wif one tiny little green tea "peanuts"
Nahx.. tt wun work.. if wan bribe shld oso gif more rite?

Enjoyed my trip hm wif Nigel Roy & JingHan..
Trip hm is nvr boring again..
N roy is nice.. I told him i nid to buy new foolscap and he told mi he can gif mi one cux he bought alot last yr..
My classmates so far r all treating me so so nice..
0808 is the best!! lol..

dance with me ;
- 4/25/2007

!Sunday, April 22, 2007

woke up wif a fright todae.. cux its 10am when i woke up.. i'm meeting "clique 5" @ 11am.. i nid to do everithin fast fast..
dey will b doin their proj while & i will b waiting to watch SAW(s)!!

Ben bought Saw 1,2,3 from HK.. each dvd cost ard $40++ its original!!
we onli watched saw 3 due to lack of tym.. all i can sae is
PERVERT!!(as in whr got ppl thinking lidat one)
but gd storyline though..

i'm struggling to watch the whole movie.. duno y i in the 1st place so enthu abt watching.. still got saw 1 & 2 haven watch.. SInce ben bring it all the way from HK, we shall watch it.. Thanks so much Ben!!=)Cux i've been whining alot abt watching all 3 saws... but duno when will our next saw movie screening b.. cux its lyk quite diffcult to meet at a place to watch it..

aft tt mi xav ben TB went to Anchorpt to eat dinner while jas haf dinner wif family..
Jason din watch wif us as he went to meet his erherm.. N besides, he watched alr..

Will tis b my last tym goin to jas hse? haha.. i hope its not..
had a fun dae todae =D but failed to take a grp foto=(

dance with me ;
- 4/22/2007

!Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sch is getting betta now.. all thanks to my NEW classmates!! <3<3s
Lisi, Aileen, Shu Fen, Lina, jacelyn, Nigel , Jonan, Alloy are the main ppl tt i've been talking to.. BIG BIG thanks to Lisi!! Ms friendly cum strong cum etc.. lol..

Khalis, James, Royston, Ian.. are v. nice too.. but i nid to talk to dem more=)

HuangPing and ZhuanLi i nid to talk to dem realli realli realli more?

As for old classmates in 08, dere is no nth much to talk abt for now..

i've not been missing any lesson so far.. 100% attendance..
the usual six of us went to guild hse to eat lunch yest cux fc 6 has no available seats.. Service were slow n we r lyk going to b late?? i eat super duper fast.. all were so amazed by the speed i eat.. I'm so proud of myself.. lol..
Xav, Jas, Ben, Jason and TB are lyk more hardworking now? +ve attitude=)
I've been sitting wif dem for the lectures..

I tink i will be joining SB club wif Aileen & Lisi?I've been finding a new cca to join.. Aileen jus submitted the form, Lisi goin to soon & besides alot of ppl are encouraging me to join wif dem.. its good to haf classmates tt haf cca same as u.. cux u haf motivation=) lyk last yr, wanted to join hip hop dance all tis.. but dere's no motivation.. so end up din join..

For todae.. Intended to go CADC interim event.. but last min meeting up wif my sec sch frens so din go for the event.. went back to novena again.. i eat ice-cream again! yeah!! i <3 ice-cream so so much..

thanks to photograher JJ!!

i'm so tired.. but i dun wan to slp.. cux tmr is a sat!! =)
Weekends dun so fast over pls.. i wan longer weekends!!

dance with me ;
- 4/21/2007

!Wednesday, April 18, 2007

todae aft sch went to clubhse wif sher & eunice to collect eunice torchlight..
Aft tt went novena to walk walk n eat ice-cream..

Novena is a nice place.. u can find different kind of ice-cream, food and shop dere..
A gd place for gathering=)

A guy from SP called mi & told mi my request to transfer class is REJECTED..
Cux my reason i anihw put clash wif work -_-'' So he said studies more impt den work.. N every class got fix no. of students.. cant put mi in..
if i had rmb to chose option in the 1st place.. i nid no bother abt tis alr=(
i'm so sad.. BooHoo..=(
Ice-cream cant cheer mi up now..
i'm so jealous & envious tt Ben Tan is able to change class!
i muz physco myself tt 08 is betta den 06..
YES!! 08 is betta den 06!!

dance with me ;
- 4/18/2007

2nd dae of sch.. sch is so boring.. esp aft the changing of class.. i miss my clique!!
i feel most miserable esp during breaks. now is lyk onli JingHan tt i haf things to talk to.. Jerina willl b bac soon but i dun haf alot to talk to her.. some of my classmates r lyk v. boring.. i witness it todae...

i wan some fun classmates!!
who can do wild wild things wif mi!!
can go shopping wif mi!!
can keep talking to mi in class!!
can entertain mi!!
can take fotos wif mi!!
can . . . .

i tink i will find out more abt swopping klass.. but i wun b pining too much hopes..
Hopefully my 08 klass will improve if my request is unsucessful.. hopefully my 08 klass will not b fun if i sucessfully get into 06 so i wun regret changing.. lol.. i know i'm evil=x

In case u duno I miss u guys!!=)

dance with me ;
- 4/18/2007

!Monday, April 16, 2007

todae 1st dae of sch!! lesson onli start @1pm so i onli wake up at 10 plus..
totally no mood for sch.. i wan more holi can.. din even haf a break aft itp..

went sch earlier to meet Jas,Xav,Ben,Jason,TB and oso pass some stuff to sher..
i'm diff class from all 5 of dem.. so sad rite?
looking on the bright side, i can know more ppl?
i will b able to pay more attention in class?
I wun do last min project again?

its so swweettt for the 5 of dem to cum Dover MRT to wait for mi aft their morning lesson=) but i'm so sorry tt i onli reach sch v late @ 12 plus.. a wasted trip for u all..

We could haf been in the same class onli if. . . but. . .
I shall adapt to my life, my class now..
luckily JingHan is dere wif mi:)
Our class is a mixture of different class so we feel a little bit left out..
We had a grouping for MA1 tt is picked randomly..
My grp mates are Benjamin(another ben from 02)*,Alloy and HuangPing..
i believe tt will help us to interact & socialise more..
I believe tt our class will a fun class!!
As we are going to be in same class for 2 years.. we shall make it fun no mattter wad=)

its lyk impossible for mi to change class now.. project haf jus started.. if i change halfway den projects hw? N if realli got ppl to change wif mi, its lyk so troublesome n messy for mi n him.. So.. best choice is remain in my class nw=)

Aft sch went to PS wif JingHan.. Edmund tag along wif us.. N i bought a bag!!

i will <3 DBF/2a/08!!

tis is my tymtable.. but i prefer 05 tymtable=(

dance with me ;
- 4/16/2007

!Sunday, April 15, 2007

yeah!!.. itp is finally over!! i've been doing OT the past 3 daes since i came bac from MC =/ A mixture of feelings when i left DBS..

i'm so pissed off tt dere are so much things for mi to do.. All alone by myself.. the rest r all so bz too.. N my lappy got so much prob.. got a times cant log in.. my info are all inside my laptop.. I nid to meet my darlings aft work immediately as Jol haf a band performance @ RP.. i nid to go support her!!

I'm so touched by TingWei adn HweeMing.. i wanna cry!! but its tears of joy!!
love dem lots!! *MuackZ*
i was so bz packing n doin my stuff.. here cums HweeMing n she passed mi a DBS envelope.. "oh, last dae DBS got smth to inform?" i tot..

here's the envelope wif my name,dept, address all tis.. nth to suspect abt..

tralala~ enclosed is another"letter"...
ewww.. *Gan Dong*.. Ting Wei drew tis herself.. so nice can.. i went over to hug dem!!=) i could not talk much wif dem cux i nid to rush bac to my work=(
i will miss u 2!!

tym passes by n its 705 alr! the performance is starting @ 7.. I was thinking.."OMG, i gonna missed Jol's performance again." Jus den. . .

Faye!! my original actual supervisor, who gives mi a feeling of fann wong when i 1st saw her.. feeling of felicia Chin during some times brought mi tis nicee prezzie which is shared by the staff dere..
eww.. so sweet.. my heart melted.. i tot dey haf nth for mi on my last dae..

i brief Susan, the supervisor who is writing the comment for mi on wad i've done so tt she can continue to do when i'm not ard.. I cant bear to leave tis place.. whr i've stayed for 9 weeks.. whr dere is joy,anger,frustration etc.. A place whr i nvr step bac again?? a litle sadden but oso quite glad tis suffering had ended!! =)

i shall bring u ard DBS..

here's the long long stairs, i took tis while i'm climbing halfway.. Being on high level is not tt gd actually.. i prefer my dept to my @ 2nd lvl instead.. I haf to wait super duper long for lift =/

lift lobby..

tis is whr i refill my water.. inside got tea, milo powder all tis but i dun drink tt..

tis is whr my dept located..

U nid to haf a "trans-ponder" to get into the dept.. i 4got to take foto of tt n i haf returned to my supervisor alr.. its a round round thing tt u carry wif u n when u press it, the door will open.. cool rite=P

dere is no hand dryer in toilet.. onli tis.. pull as much as u wan!! =P

Still got lots of place tt i din manage to take foto. lyk the BRIDGES.. DBS cafe..
DBS is a nice place to work afterall..

*ZoomZoom*.. i nid to rush to RP to c Jol's performance.. luckily i reached dere jus in tym=) RP is super duper nice can.. floor is carpet.. whole building AIR_CONDITIONED!! Super clean,new and BIG!! As compared to SP.. ehx..

HeMeetSue is performing right now!! RP has nice light effects and haf those dry ice effect!! whoa!!

tis 3 guys nid to strum fren's guitar on the right side.. splendid performance!! everione is so high!!
HeMeetSue rox!! of cux, other performance rox too=)

aft tt went RP's 7-11 to haf instant noodles as my dinner. their 7-11 is so cool... got table and chair for us to sit.. Sher Leah stayed over at Jol's hse while mi n Qi haf to go hm..

inside the train.. we are as noisy as usual..
*Boom Boom* ting ting ting!!



Meet Jas Xav Ben to go Orchard walk walk. dey guys wan to get some clothes.. i'm the earliest.. Meeting tym supposed to b 230 but Ben told mi n jas to meet at 2=/ but nvm.. i onli reach dere at 212=) i'm alwaes late so its alrite to wait for dem tis tym.. walked to mani places to find a place for our lunch.. its so crowded everiwhr.. and we ended up in the outdoor mac @ Shaw Hse dere..
As i'm v. full i chose to jus haf drink instead.. i get Ben n Xav a get mi a sprite..
N tralala~ tis is wad dey bought for mi..

dey bought mi the LARGE drink.. dey still sae i nvr tell dem wad size to buy=/ i onli drink 1/8 of it??
Halfway through came a sudden downpour.. we shifted to the center position but still no use.. rain water keep splashing..
Aft tt walked the far east all the way to heeren dere to shop shop.. managed to help the guys find clothes tt dey lyk..

finally found the shop"depression" @ far east.. i'm so disappointed wif the clothes over dere..

Maanged to meet Nadine @ heeren b4 her work.. so coincidence, we wore the same shirt=) N kenneth called Nadine whether wan meet up anot.. so mani conincidence.. haha..
but so sad tt i cant meet kenneth.. cux i goin over to marina for steamboat later on..

left Jas Xav and Ben at 6 plus.. N off i went to marina..
lots of ppl dere.. but not as much as last yr.. nth much to sae.. cux roundup is abt the same each yr..
Actually i din realli regreted not becoming a PC.. although u will feel left out once in a while.. but dere is alwaes senior tt u can find to di siao wif..
Btw.. i found out quite a no. of secrets.. i shall not disclosed here.. heehee..

left the plus at 11 plus.. Planned to go Sentosa next Morning=)
it wld b a fun dae i supposed..

But in the end i din go=/ cux i was too tired.. i ard 430 den slp.. was doin some lame stuff n chit chattin at niGht...
Intented to meet WenQi go shop shop instead but she cant.. so nvm.. i can rest n slp at hm..

Tmr sch starting.. SAD=(
btw.. i've got into financial trading alr.. i'm now in class 08.. but its different class frm Jas Xav Jason TB...
Nvm.. i haf JingHan to acc me=))

alot of ppl are feeling so emo now.. so m i..

dance with me ;
- 4/15/2007

!Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i haf a long long weekend=D manage to get 2 dae mc.. so i onli be starting work on wed =P

went to meet my sec 2e4 frenz for steamboat.. i lyk tis feeling.. so mani ppl.. so much memories.. so united once again.. =)))i m so loving it!!

<3 Jol.Sher.Dine.WQ.Eunice.Me.Leah.QB.WM.Des.Jeff.Lek.Goon.Ken.WeeMeng<3

we haf steamboat at bugis.. its much more cleaner than marina dere but lesser variety..

c the row of prawn dere? so cute.. cux no one wan to peel it..

jus camera affects=P

aft tt went to bugis shopping mall to get some drinks den headed to tpy.. wander ard den we finally decided to go the carparl rooftop!!
btw.. can u believe that i/c nid to b check when u buy JOLLY SHANDY?? i bought tis when i was in pri sch... now i'm in poly n i nid to b checked for a 0.05% alchol jolly shandy??
i din noe tt 0.05% will make mi drunk!!

wanted to take fotos up dere but its too dark.. n its so scary up dere=/

goin swimming later=)

dance with me ;
- 4/10/2007

!Monday, April 9, 2007

jus came bac frm telematch tis morning.. but i din realli done my part as MIU.. i tot v long decidin whether wan to b MIU anot..
i noe tt alot of ppl r upset n disappointed in mi for not joining u all tis tym in fo.. so sorri..
wanted to take a cab hm.. duno y if we r invisible or smth.. dun hav ani cab wan us as customer..

advance dae is on fri..
i onli went to sch at nite.. afternoon haf some highly confidental to do..haha
went to sch wif eunice n weicong..
actually i shld haf cum on dae 1.. nth much to do on adv dae..
heard quite abit abt wad is happening.. at nite wanted to go out eat wif weicong n eunice via cycling.. but the seniors dun allow.. so nvm.. at least we bought some snacks b4 coming.. slept inside squash court... onli 2+ hrs of sleep.. 4+ den slp.. 6+ wake up=/

actual camp.. haf noodles for breakfast.. campers reached sch at ard 9 plus.. i helpout in the pool side game from morning to afternoon.. alot of ppl sae i turn fairer alr!! yeah!! but i gonna turn darker again=( got sunburn.. it was fun helpin out in poolside game. can play wif water n the campers =P

aft tt rush to help out in treasure hunt.. mi eunice weicong got one station in t4a.. its abt food, fruits and drinks.. dammn troublesome station.. no tym to prepare.. eat our lunch onli at 3,4 plus? when the food is so cold..
yest bought "wang wang" inside got 3 stickers.. jus now for 3 of us n i suggest we can haf one each.. wc realli got take out the stickers n paste on us.. we bcame"wang wang 3 ren zhu"
its quite fun messing ard wif campers..
wc splash a pail of dammn smelly water on us.. its inside the fireman water hose for lyk duno hw long.. got tt rusty metal smell.. mi n eunice stinks from top to bottom.. i nvr been so stink in my whole life!! i therefore declare "wang wang 3 ren zhu" dismissed.. got one siao campers.. behavious dammn irriating.. i cant describle hw irriating he is.. nvm.. i not tt petty to rmb him.. jus hack care him..

haf to clear the station aft the hunt.. i dun understand y the designer of sp building is so dammn stupid!! build 2 boys toilet on one level n 2 on the other lvl.. is the designer dumb or dumb?!
i no choice haf to go into boys toilet to fill the pail for cleaning up the area.. dammn heavy..

aft tt is telematch.. i miss last yr telematch.. hw i wish i can b a camper once again..
finale is next.. whoa!! dammn fun!! had lost of fun n laugher bomding everione..
aft tt finally went to bathe..
had curry rice for dinner.. but the curry sort of turn sour as we onli eat the rice at 10 plus when it was delieverd at 6 plus.. i din eat much..
camper haf their song session while we prepare for candle war..
ht is an advantage when playing candle war.. i can successfully "siam" everione while holding my candle high in the air.. there comes along a tall tall person n my fire is gone=/

aft which is night walk.. but tis realli sux.. the worst activity for the whole telematch.. no fun no enjoyment.. campers find clue for the sake of finding.. i dun c the point of putting tis "game".. make no diff from the afternoon tresure hunt..
i was so tired n v pissed off by tis game.. feel lyk jus leaving the sch at tt point of tym..

packed my bag n leave aft coming bac.. too tired to stay n besides eunice leaving so i'll b leaving wif her..

us on day 1.. we look tired..

i wan go SD night walk.. look so dammn fun can..

found tis in moberly toilet.. the sign is so stupid~

tada!! c.. i cut myslef tis week again.. tis tym is on leg.. fall once n keep hurting my wound again n again..

i got serious muscle ache.. pain pain=( slpt v long aft i reach hm..

i gonna take mc n meet up wif e4ster tmr!! =D=D

dance with me ;
- 4/09/2007

!Friday, April 6, 2007

yeah!! long weekend=D
will be spending my weekend in sch helping out in cadc's telematch..

last dew daes are boring.. lunch tym.. office hrs.. audrey has gone.. one lesser ppl to acc for lunch..

wed lunch tym nth to do walked all the way wif Jeffanie to raffles to eat $1 ice-cream under the hot sun -.- our skirts keep flying along the way.. haf to bcareful.. phew..

aft work went to meet all my lovly darlings @ eunice hse.. fun fun=))

din enjoy my lunch todae..
took some fotos of building while. . .

my dept dere alwaes got ppl got holi, on leave.. to HK, Austraili, China . . .
Here's the choco my main supervisor bought..

i tink i will take mc on mon??

i haven watch lots of movie yet=((

Hey hey, you you
I don't like your girlfriend
No way no way
I think you need a new one
Hey hey, you you
I could be your girlfriend

Hey hey, you you
I know that you like me
No way, no way
You know it's not a secret
Hey hey, you you
I want to be your girlfriend

dance with me ;
- 4/06/2007


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