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!Saturday, March 31, 2007

9 daes of itp left.. -1 dae mc = 8 daes :D
intended to take MC on mon.. but kenneth tan cumin to c us.. so cant take mc..=(

i dun lyk my dept.. its so dead.. so unlively.. the ppl my section is always doin OT.. but we will come late ard 850 while the reporting tym is 830.. have lunch frm 12 to 1 plus b4 2 when actually lunch break is only 1 hr.. sounds slack? but NOT!!.. dey r alwaes soso bz.. i wan to work in citibank.. cux got more "shuai ge: lol.. here majority aunties.. minority uncles =X

but nvm.. i'm glad i can alwaes mix ard wif the temp staff over dere..

tis is valerie but left 2 wks ago..

tis is huimin and tingwei.. dey jus finish their A levels..N will onli leave DBS ard June

Tis is Audrey.. Yesterdae is her last dae.. she is onli here for 2 weeks.. we enjoyed each other acc here =D

As tis is her last dae i took lots n lots of foto wif here.. she is jus lyk a BIG SIS to me.. she teach mi lots of things..

We are working in bank so muz take wif lots of $$!!

the hair bun she help mi tie.. i oso noe hw to but i clip till v. messy

she sae i lidat look lyk air stewardess.. i wan to b an air stewardess!! =D

Great Minds Tink alike.. we like the same kind of food.. today we wear blue dresses and same hairstyle..

went down to 25th level to pass some things & oso to take foto wif tis 2 nicest ppl i've met in the entire building!!

the lady here is jacelyn.. she is now a mum.. she taught mi quite a few things.. b4 tt she is an air stewardess for 7 yrs!! i wanna b an air stewardess too!! she is goin for branch attachment n i wun b able to c her animore!! the guy here is Paul Nah.. He is v. friendly.. He is goin to China on holi n cum bac when my attachment is over.. so i oso wun get to c him alr..

i cut my hand again!! C.. i will cut my hand every week..

tis is last week's wound.. tis tym its not paper or envelope tt cut my hand.. its plastic cup!! -.-'''

yesterday went out to watch stomp the yard!! its a nice show=D
Marina Sq is oso colorful!!

i feel so emo now.. so moody..
i wan to isolate myself for one week.. can i do tt?
dun sms ppl, dun reply to ppl's msg..
dun pick up calls..
will i ended up getting depression? lol..

dance with me ;
- 3/31/2007

!Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i noe my blog is dying.. i'm jus so so lazy to blog..now is my 7th weeks of itp.. 13 more daes to go!! =D

last tues is thiam boon's b'dae.. the guys meet earlier to play pool while mi n jas joined dem later @ clementi.. took a bus to holland village.. missed a stop n we walked a super long way bac.. we had crystal jade for dinner..


i supposed i wun b same class as u all alr..

aft tt tb left early n jason left early too..=/ as ususal onli left mi jas xav ben.. went to some cool cool place did some cool cool things=D

tis weekend is boring for mi n i shall not talk abt it..

went to meet nadine n jac todae!! jac!! finally get to go out wif u after so super duper long n eat sakae tgth!! i wan to go on diet.. cant dun eat todae=( cux the food r so tempting=X

nadine did tt!

jac did tt!

i did tt! mine is betta.. can erase n draw again=)

we shall go to pub tgth we u r offically 18 hur.. jac=)

sch tymtable is out... i'm still in banking.. argh.. when is my appeal for ft b approved?! my gpa of 3.216 not tt bad hur.. shld b success? pls dun haf anione whose gpa higher den mi n wan to go ft.. 'm so stupid to 4got abt my option ranking!! din chose n i ended in banking=( i supposed changing wif jiamin will b faster?

i have more things to blog abt my itp.. its late.. no mood blog alr.. stay tuned=)

dance with me ;
- 3/27/2007

!Monday, March 19, 2007

i <3 weekends!!

sat meet the girls at 10plus at serangoon interchange.. as usual all of us were late.. we r goin to haf a mini celebration for mui cuz JC's test is not over yet n her mum dun allow her to go out..

its a surprise celebration for mui.. Sher is supposed to go her hse n bring her down.. but in the end she went to SHIT at her hse 1st.. making us all wait for super duper long!! argh!!

tis is the cake tt sher dey all made for mui.. look lyk christmas cake hur..

sher added too many eggs and too little flour and tis cake turn out to b a ". . "(smth lyk carrot cake tt kind)

grp foto..

aft tt go jolene hse.. whr sher n wenqi dyed my hair.. more lyk playing wif my hair hur.. lol.. spent quite some tym dere.. den we headed to take 143 whr the rest went for work while mi n leah shop for kenneth's b'dae gift at heeren.. we decided to buy num tee.. got a few choice den finally bought one tee wif dine's opinion..

Dun Cha Wish Ur Husband was hot lyk mi!!

aft tt i went hm to bathe n slp 1st cum i will b staying the whole nite at pasir ris park.. den i meet nadine to go tgth aft her work at 10..

the kitchen staff was nice to make flower shape n heart shape sushi for us=D

here's the b'dae boi and his gf..i dun haf the grp fotos.. its all at the hp of others..

benji is a sales promoter for tis $400+ mp4 watch.. the watch is so WOW!! it will nvr get dirty..

the onli survivors who stayed overnite.. ken booked pit 17 n its so meaningful cuz his b'dae is on 17th..

but i feel so disappointed cux we got pangseh.. but it isnt a big deal cux its isnt the 1st tym..we shld haf got used to it..

went "GHOST HUNTING" wif dine desmond jeff mohmad and his bro.. ken n huiyu stayed in the tend.. its super duper scary esp hearing their encounter at the place whr dey brought mi.. the place is totally dark.. the onli light source is from their torch.. i grab dine's hand v. tightly when walking.. i duno y i haf the courage to walk wif dem.. got 3 of dem r DETERMINDED to c ghost.. dey alwaes go tis type of place.. i wonder i will haf such courage next tym.. i m realli afraid of dark spooky places!! ewww...

managed to survive the whole night.. thanks to all the peeps who r at dere.. went hm 1st ting in the morning cux we were all super tired.. din go out on sun cux too tired.. sorry esmond n benji tt i failed to haf lunch wif u all again.. next tym k..

i'm looking forwardm to tues.. its tb'dae n we r goin to celebrate IT!!will upload fotos as soon as i got dem from jol=D

dance with me ;
- 3/19/2007


30th Aug 89


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