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!Sunday, December 28, 2008

3 weeks of holidays gone.. omg time flies~ i wun have any poly holidays anymore!

soon, i'll be graduating~

n soon he'll be back! xD

Back to daysssss ago whr we had our mini gathering at waraku~

whee~ all were present except eunice who is still in US

opps, a heart to cover my
gong-ness so i will look normal.

hmm, lets see who is the lucky girl tt will get me as her santa claus..

great tt no one picked herself as her santa claus

food were great, so were the ice-cream. yummy. green tea i/c is all our fav now. they were so mean to stop me from having i/c due to the day of the mth >:(

a grp foto..

for this week...

spent mon working AM shift

tues working PM shift, we got 3 more newcomers! one of them is khalif's bro!

n i missed the baking session! :(

look at this gingerbreadman-not, "xiao qiang" tt they(ken i mean) baked.. abit wrong but cute! LOL

X'mas eve was with girls! had a tiny
cock-up thingy just b4 meeting..

so there goes me, nadine, sher n cm meeting up 1st

made reservations at mushrm pot, in the end left w/o eating cux the dishes were not appetitzing=X

headed a few doors down to raku-zen, whr me n dine's ex-colleague peiying is working~

we all have similar sets, teri Ck.

we had this complimentary g/t ice-cream for
god-knows-why. totally shocked cux we nvr tot tt mngr would actually comp us

happy with the i/c n 20% discount! (thanks alot peiying!)

food was quite nice..

muz come again!

meet up with wenqi n headed to sher's hse.

last min wanted to find a log cake but failed.

posing with the party poppers wenqi gave us.. each one has diff color.

wenqi, we love it k. thanks! HAHA
spend the whole night watching little nonya from mob tv. sher's dad fetch us hm at ard 4+am. thnks!

last year X'mas! dun u all think tt there is a lack of X'mas mood this year? whr are the atmosphere?

whr's my deer this year!

fri was slacking n todae went back DN for feedback session.
went shopping aft tt. spent lots of money lately:(

i still left earings, hair accessories n clutch/bag for cny yet to be bought. any sponsors? (:

few more days to 2009. so wad meaningful stuff have u done in 2008?

i cant only see him again in 2009. waaa~ :(

dance with me ;
- 12/28/2008

!Thursday, December 18, 2008

here are some more fotos. start of holidays!~ thou i only have one wk holi left :S

few days b4 he left for china

vivo city~

dinner with his parents

Party yo~ ~

plans for clubbing aft exams were changed from wed to fri! @ zouk

shane, joe, shane, jas, jiexin

hanlong, adrian, garry, jiexin, jaslyn~ spend the whole night with this clique

whee~ so long nvr club alrdy

dammn hot!

taking a break in toilet

b4 clubbing was bad day ahead:(

jas had to catch a flight aft clubbing :S

too early. no one dancing


Sat attending a dinner( mum's own religious grp)

mum performing(dancing), so is my 2nd bro. i used to dance for them when i'm young too. too bad i cant stand the weekly religious thingy. cant commit.

bigbro.hisgf.me.mum.2ndbro.2ndbro.hisgf. dad as usual not attending

Spend the sun with him n his parents. his flight is mon morning 9am. 5plus got to wake up. 8am have to reach airport.

bye dear! cya in year 2009 x(

one year ann, X'mas, NY, even majority of ur b'dae u will be in china :(:( [extremely sadnnes]
more fotos still with him.

his parents send me hm, slp n meet girls for waraku. fotos with dine.

tues work

10.12.08 wed its bernie/ xav b'dae. HAPPY B'DAE!

thurs combined 06/08 class BBQ @ jeremy hse

xav fetch me @ AMK

no fotos, i think got a few w jeremy? just see my foto for now k? =D

cant stand childish ppl, grow up pls!

aft BBQ mj(mainland type) whole night @ xav hse w ben & TB. TB lost 30bucks, i lost 9 bucks while ben/xav gain 20 bucks
mj is so not my thing, as always :S

fri/sat - slacking??

sun work

This week mon met the girls for waraku again, n followed by jol's hse as usual.
i'm so interested in tarot now. i'm determined to learn it!

work on tues/ thurs

bought stuff today, so i m happy for now :D

our pets growing strong n healthy!

digging some not-too-long-ago pics~

snapshot of me while 3G with him

oh monkey, oh gorilla gim panzee~

big eye freak~


i want time to pass faster cux i want him back soon
i want time to pass slower cuz i dun wan sch to reopen :S

btw eunice back on 11th Jan, whee~

holidays, a gd time for rotting(:
school will be fierce next term!

dance with me ;
- 12/18/2008


30th Aug 89


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