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!Thursday, May 21, 2009

finally i'm blogging! anyone misses me? :D
sabrina pls dun remove me from ur blog. i will blog often from now on. LOLs..

love is a strange thing..

things is kinda complicated right now. but so far so gd. no worries(:

way long before during end of March and April i supposed.. i was addicted to monopoly. and my best record so far is 90k cash ^^

way long before.. there's like some resemblance right? lol

and i cut-ed my fringe..

long fringe to. . .

short fringe..

and i met up with Jonan, Aloy and Jas in early May?
its been a long time since i last met time.. i'm missing them now. .

and i had e4 chalet from 13th to 15th May..
yesss.. its a muz have annual chalet for us, without fail..

Me, Sher, Eunice, Nadine met up in bishan and QB came over and fetch us to downtown east!

checked in, slacked and went to pasir ris farmway to visit Doggies~

this dog really looked like a horse.

super long body.

greetings from pinky(mum), elf, wrinkle and spotty!

ermm. i've 4gotten this husky's name..

he's big size but lovable!

we are gonna bring him out for a walk!

so cute right!

out in the sun for a walk

photos with husky

good dog(:

As evening comes, more and more ppl arrived.. we all wanted to watch dvd n i highlighted is 830 b4 the show start and so we went to fish & co. express

brandon brought wii to the chalet! :D boxing, tennis, go-kart,baseball, shooting etc etc..

girls were more engrossed in wii while the guys are bz texas holdem-ing.
went out for b'fast at 6plus and came back to slp.

woke up in the noon, had subway and off to cycling!

the 4 girls..

dine and me

randomly cycled ard the park

had a stopover at this pyramid n got some unwilling passerby to take photos for us

i find tt climbing up is easier than climbing down :(

when we are abt to left we saw this board. lol

BBQ on the 2nd night

the boys have definitely grown up n matured.

ice cream treats from darren. thanks! :D
managed to find out a no. of secrets from the guys. esp a "wow" one from weimin

group photos.

kenneth, huiyu left earlier while lierong only came on the 1st day.

went brandon hse for a cooking session on the 17th i think?
with nadine sherlene wenqi weimin and QB

mushroom soup aft so much effort of try and error.

deep-fried mushroom, for the initial start we could'nt achieve the kind of mushroom tt we wanted

our duno-wad-went-wrong-mashpotato..

mulit-purpose mushrm sauce!

chicken chop.

had another cooking session a week or so later. this time with kelvin the chef so food definitely taste muz better! photos are not with me so . .

had sake gathering the following week, finally met Rachel aft so so long! Ricky only came awhile due to commando training while sabby is overseas :(

following day was 1st day celebration for weimin.
dinner,kbox @ serangoon and cutting cake @ AMK

it was super tedious to get a proper photo taken.

me and eunice witness a classic moment of wenqi doing something to kenneth's butt. its gonna be so unforgettable! LOL

had a 2nd day celebration on sat

met up in clarke quay for a dinner at a not-so-nice ramen restaurant.

had a long time walking ard randomly and deciding whr to go. finally some went hm while me eunice wenqi brandon bao and his 2 frens went chilli out sumwhr near zouk's playgrd.
and i got my 1st screening by the police. i'm usually a good girl k (:

last sat i did a 2hr p/t job. good job good money + a free mascara ^^

basically i was either to give out flyers or hold the boards shown above to walk ard town..
visit www.cashandpennies.com

the sun was hot n i'm so tempted to get the free coke others are giving :(
there were many walking advertisements ard town tt day too.

i have not eaten or drank anything the whole day and went off to find the e4 guys + wenqi aft work for dinner and k singing

singing at dynasty. reasonable gd rates for rm and a compulsory $5drink each.

the decoration of the whole place is really v. nice.

only the toilet is abit smelly :P

recently went back to play texas and i'm finally a 250k pro..

but i'm still so much noob compared to my other friends..

i've been asking ppl to buy me the 10k diamond ring and aloy really did bought it. whee~ hahaha.. i know its just a virtual diamond ring and it gonna disappear aft i log off. can only show off to the newbies for a while. lol

tt's roughly all i can rmb for the past 1 mth..

today June 5th, i only reached hm at 10am aft ton-ing out the whole night.

met up with xav ben TB jas and bernie for dinner at blue jazz cafe. its located at bali lane near arab st. those driving might have a prob finding parking lots.

prices for the food there is reasonable however some portion of some dish is really small :(
we witness a clumsly cab driver bump into bernie's car n scratched her car.
we decided to go chill out at henderson waves while bernie left for hm 1st.

bought some beers and chips there. talk the whole night over there and left at morning 6plus to sch to take back our certs. drove randomly to vivo to use the toilet and to fc6 for breakfast and finally collected our certs.

our diploma cert, what's next aft this? ^^

was supposed to meet the girls/guys to majestic bar today. but i'm tired to go out and i gonna have a late night out tmr again. oh gosh! i haven bought gifts for tmr and sunday:(

r/s for my surrounding frens have either improved, stagnant and some worse. sigh..

P/s: i hate guys/girls who confessed to someone who is obviously attached. wth r they thinking? @#$%
on a random note, love is so fragile. The longer the r/s the harder to maintain.

dance with me ;
- 5/21/2009


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