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!Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Vesak dae!!

But not happy for me=(

had jus spent 9462462424635 hrs searching for Christianity info.. its so dammn bloody hard to find!!

And most of the websites are so chim & so Christian.. i dun understand a single things!!

Kill me pls!! i wanna die sia..

tym now 2.56am!! hhohohoo..

Later meeting Lisi @1030am..

I shld go slp.. Shall continue when we meet up tmr~ bye~

dance with me ;
- 5/31/2007

!Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I got tis from an e-mail.. I tinks its meaningful=)

Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them.
Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.
Don't cry over anyone who won'tcry over you.
What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the person who made you cry?
If love isn't a game,why are there so many players?
Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.
You can only go as far as you push! Actions speak louder than words.

The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else.
Don't let the past hold you back, you're missing the good stuff.
Life's short. If you don't look around once in a while you might miss it.
A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.
Some people make the world special by just being in it.
Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.
When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.True friendship never ends.
Friends are forever.Good friends are like stars,you don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

Don't frown, you never know who is falling in love with your smile.
Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.
Most people walk in and out of your life, but only friends leave footprints in your heart.
If u love something...let it go. If it comes back to you its yours.... If it doesn't then it never was.
A kiss is just a kiss until u find the one you love.
A hug is just a hug until its from the one ur thinking of.
A dream is just a dream until u make it come true.
LOVE is just a word until its proven 2 u.
Every minute spent angry is sixty seconds of happiness wasted.

To realize The value of a sister Ask someone Who doesn't have one.
To realizeThe value of ten years:Ask a newlyDivorced couple.
To realizeThe value of four years:Ask a graduate.
To realizeThe value of one year:Ask a student who Has failed a final exam.
To realizeThe value of nine months:Ask a mother who gave birth to a still born.
To realize The value of one month:Ask a motherwho has given birth to A premature baby.
To realizeThe value of one week:Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realizeThe value of one hour:Ask the lovers who are waiting to Meet.
To realizeThe value of one minute:Ask a personWho has missed the train, bus or plane.
To realizeThe value of one-second:Ask a personWho has survived an accident...
To realizeThe value of one millisecond:Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics
Time waits for no one.
Treasure every moment you have.You will treasure it even more whenyou can share it with someone special.
To realize the value of a friend:Lose one. . .

Todae got FA test.. i've made quite a few mistakes.. Nvm.. wads over its over..
Aft sch went to PS to eat Ajisen with Lisi Aileen Esther MeiShyuan & fren Nigel Roy Jinghan Ben Xav TB.. total of 12 ppl.. haha..
Aft tt walk ard PS and went hm..

Tmr goin RP for Jol's performance~

Its time to be a big girl now...
And big girls don't cry~

dance with me ;
- 5/29/2007

!Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ice Skating is Cancelled on Wed=(
Nvm.. Aileen Lisi MeiShyuan we go the next holi k? =D

Went to find the Guys halfway during their fieldwork.. tt heartless Jason left early while the rest of us headed to Changi Airport to haf dinner wif Jas b4 she left for Finland.. we reached airprot v. early N had nth to do so we watched movies using Ben's laptop.. Later on went to swensen wif Jas's family.. Her dad treated us.. thanks!
Jas is now in finland.. But i haven seen her online yet.. cum online can... i wan talk to u~

Thurs is 08 Sentosa trip!!
Jonan the organiser promised to bring JingXian along N he MIA himself!
N alloy Zheng.. Promise to cum for class gathering n he oso din come..
So onli got Mi Lisi Aileen HsiuFen MeiShyuan JingHan Roy Nigel Lisi Khalis..
As usual i'm late again=x the rest went to haf mac while waiting for mi..

We 1st went to siloso beach but too mani ppl dere so we went to Palawan beach.. Aft tt went to grab smth to eat N went to Tanjong beach..
Waves @ tanjong beach is super BIG!! I can b inside the sea N the next moment i'm rolling on the beach=/ JingHan saw mi rolling on the beach=(
N sand is all over my hair.. SO i wash my hair in the sea.. I look lyk shooting hair shampoo commercial? lol.. N we take tram bac to Palawan beach dere to bathe..
N lots of seaweed are stuck in my hair.. EEewww.. Cux i washed my hair in the Tanjong beach dere full of seaweed to get rid of the sand.. Still got some seaweed stuck in my hair aft bathing.. Can u imagine hw disgusting it is? No choice.. Limited tym so can onli continue washing bac at hm..
Lets some of the Pics Speaks~

The rest went bac vivo to haf dinner while i went to find the girlies to woodlands UK funfair!! Whee!!

Each of the ride cost 3 token while each game cost 1 token.. 1 token is $2.50 Quite Ex rite.. I played the skyrider.. fun~ its so fast.. N sitting outside makes u feel lyk ur leg is goin to hit the SignBoard ani moment.. Scream!! arh!!
i've tried playing the game too.. My aiming skills quite bad.. Qi's Bf helped her to get 2 cute bears!! i wan a bf to help mi play n get bears too=(

Fotos again.. Grp foto is wif JoJo..

The Uber Big tigger.. SO cute can..

My sunburn cheeks~

View from Woodlands MRT.. lets take foto wif Ferris wheel..

Train cuming.. Dun adjiust ur hair alr!!

Finally one foto b4 the train cums..

We went to eat ice-cream aft tt.. N we each bought a bottle @ ba-sa-ma-lam.. Girls money are ez to cheat..
Bubbles Keychain!!

Fri... Meet BFI grpmates @ cityhall 11am.. most of us were late.. Aft tt went to meet Lisi @ tpy to go church for UCCD proj..

We went to the catholic church but the duno wad priest is not here.. Cant Ans our Qn.. So we went to the methodist church.. N ask for some brouches in the office.. N took some fotos.. Nth much to take actually.. UCCD report is so lame!!

My Weekend is gonna b boring! proj proj test test..Stay at hm do proj N study? will i?haha..

Nth is 4eva in tis world?! ROAR!!

the weather is so HOT!!

N lastly. . . .


dance with me ;
- 5/26/2007

!Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sundae is the Food & Heritage Tour Race.. which is in conjunction of River Raft Race... the difference is mine on land while theirs is on water.. Each of us has to pay $6..

We were supposed to meet 715am at clarke quay station.. onli Jason is punctual..hahaha.. I was going to b v. late too.. luckily Ben called mi at 630.. i onli woke up when he call mi if not i sure overslpt..
Saw WeiCong Allan Stef and SiuPing too.. dey r a team.. dey taking yellow route while mine is blue route.. We collected the tee @ clarke quay..

Mi N Jas..

Tis proves tt i'm taller den Jas =))

the whole thing is supposed to start @830.. din realli take note of the time it start..
1st clue is 2151514 115147 station..So we headed off to tis station.. Can u guess wad station we heading to?haha.. played a marble game, pick up sticks and to finish some Ka-Chang-Bu-tae wif a tym limited.. We were den given the next destination.. which is Farrer Park izit?haha.. shit.. got STM alr.. N we are supposed to find them "along the tunnel".. We haf to go to Permual temple? is tt thing call temple? to complete the Questions den go bac tunnel to hand in the Qn..

The next station is at China X China.. Whr we played 5 stones, tic-tae-toe, Bingo, N to walk all over the Chinatown area to find ans/ take foto for the Questionaire.. It was so tring.. we walled all the way from Chinatown area to Tanjong Pajar area to Maxwell road hawker dere to play food game..
We had to finish 3 curry puff N bowl of hot porridge within the time limit.. I onli ate the porridge N its super nice.. yummmy! heard tt the curry puff v. delicious too..

Next station is at esplande dere.. We had to complete the foto hunt.. To find the places shown on the paper n take foto.. N oso to ans some Qns, fix bac some puzzle, find the code for the underpass.. We went to a resturant as part of our food game, there was tis gal from CLS(in charge of the place i tink) who gif a v. **** up face..
If i were to recognise u i sure goin to complain to ur head or wadeva... We were jus askin if we were to go bac clarke quay now as we duno if dere is still timing aft our last station.. N all she sae is be bac by 2 wif a v. **** up face.. U r an ASSHOLE!

So we happily finish the last station N STROLL to cityhall dere to buy drinks n food.. taking our own sweet time.. Finally, we reach bac clarke Quay.. N dere is actually marks award for speed if u came bac earlier.. We could haf gotten into top 10 easily if we rush bac.. If only~.. aniway its over... I <3 the race.. its fun!! its the fun tt matters the most=)) Tis tym din chiong as much as last yr's SB amazing race..

One of the place for the photo hunt..

We were so tired till we sat on the escalator even thou its onli a short while~

Whee! New grp foto!!=))

SB amazing race cuming soon.. lets join it again tis year!

Mon is boring.. stayed at hm & it's so noisy as my neighbour is renovating the hse.. slpt till 2 plus den tv, movie and online all the way..

Tues.. Went to sch to pass ben bac his FA tutorial N oso to acc dem for proj.. I din disturb dem k.. i gaf dem MORAL SUPPORT! haha..
i've learn a new word todae!! OXYMORON!!

Tmr ice-skate cancelled.. Cux lyk onli mi & Aileen goin.. BOOHOO=(.. who wan go ice-skate?! date mi pls!!
So tmr might b goin the guys for field work & oso to send jas off at Nite..

Thurs definitely going Sentosa! wahahaha~

I haven studied for my FA test yet=X

i wan long e-learning pls=) but wif less work to do..

dance with me ;
- 5/23/2007

!Friday, May 18, 2007

Rmb my last blog abt the weird mum, meihui_78@hotmail.com.. if the person add u.. pls block her.. She is starting to add my surrounding frens..
I realise tt tis person has started cheating since last 2 yrs ago..
click on the lighter and go to 14/9/05 entry..
click on the date for history..
Y can the person still successfully continue to cheat ppl aft so long?

Skipped CRM tutorial in the morning.. partially due to overslpt and also alot of my grp members not goin.. luckily i din go.. lol..
Rush to watch Jangan Pandang Belakang (2007), a malay horror movie aft sch.. 1st tym watching a malay movie.. Went to MS 1st but its fully booked.. onli left 1st 2 rows.. So we went to Suntec to watch instead.. Jason recommend the movie to us.. Saying tt its nice and scary.. But den.. i tink tis is the WORST movie i ever saw.. i wld give ZERO stars out of 5 stars.. tis movie SUX! the ghost CMI.. doesnt even look lyk a ghost.. i cld even c the "wire" tt is used to lift the ghost.. its hard describing it here.. i cld onli sae tis movie realli sux.. i dun understand y ppl can sae its nice when tis movie realli CMI.. tis kind of standard anyone can oso make la.. a GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT!!
Aft the movie rush bac to sch for food and heritage tour briefing at 7.. but we onli reach ard 720pm.. onli found the correct location at 730pm.. its onli a short briefing.. din stay long.. saw Charlotte and JianMing taking part too.. Charlotte grp name is Spongebabe Squarepants.. JianMing is Cookie Monster.. so cute hur.. lol..
settle our dinner in fc 4 and went home..

Skipped FA tutorial in the morning.. i wanted to go BUT i jus duno y i overslept..
Aft sch went to Serangoon Chomp Chomp wif Nigel Roy JingHan.. Pon BFI and went str8 to chomp chomp.. it was quite early when we reach dere.. We ordered quite alot of food and was super duper full.. Walked one round ard the area dere b4 goin home..

I was late for UCCD despite a morning call for Lisi.. Thanks LiSi!! aft i receive the call i went bac to slp again.. one morning call is not enuff.. lol.
Its oso Hsiu fen's b'dae.. we bought a cake and flower for her.. i <3 the BIG sunflower.. someone gif mi one too pls.. haha..

After school went to MS wif Eunice..
She bought some tops and i settle my dinner dere..
photo taken todae wif eunice is not nice.. so wun b posting here.. lol..

Next Wed Ice-Skate wif Girlies.. Thurs Class outing to Sentosa.. Fri do UCCD proj~
Time is alwaes not enuff..

2nd bro.. i tink u SUX!

dance with me ;
- 5/18/2007

!Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Went to Jason hse to acc dem to do proj..

3 girlies sheltering themselves from the rain while mi jas jason walked thru the rain..
Played carrom at jason hse.. its fun playing carrom.. but dunoy thru the whole of last yr i'm not interested in playing carrom at all..


2emo guys.. Ben staring out of the window.. Jason squating down when there is seats to sit..

Wanna buy a $0.40 coke light?

Durian XiuFen brought bac?!

Here's smth interesting yesterdae Nite..
A weirdo mum which i duno added mi in msn..
Here's our conversation.. Happy reading=)

sian says (11:25 PM):
hi jiexin
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
.. u r?
sian says (11:26 PM):
29/f single mum, u can call me ell
sian says (11:26 PM):
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
ehx.. hw u noe me?
sian says (11:27 PM):
i got ur msn from msn search so added in ramdomly de
sian says (11:27 PM):
hope u dun mind
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
u always randomly add ppl?
sian says (11:27 PM):
sian says (11:27 PM):
to hv more friends
sian says (11:28 PM):
anyway which 1 is u on the pic
sian says (11:29 PM):
if u do mind to be friends, juz let me know
sian says (11:29 PM):
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
the left one..
sian says (11:29 PM):
sian says (11:30 PM):
so u still schling? care to intro urself tks
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
u realli 29 single mum? not my frens sabo-ing mi?
sian says (11:30 PM):
sian says (11:30 PM):
y must i lie to u
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
oh..haha.. i tot my its my fren sabo-ing mi..
sian says (11:31 PM):
i dun even know u at all
sian says (11:32 PM):
so care to intro ma
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
goin to b 18 soon.. now studying in sp.
sian says (11:33 PM):
ok ic
sian says (11:34 PM):
ya hw to address u as
sian says (11:35 PM):
can i call u jiexin
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
yup.. u can jus mi jiexin..
sian says (11:36 PM):
sian says (11:36 PM):
ya jiexin let me be straight forward
sian says (11:36 PM):
do u wish to earn xtra allowances for urself
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
wish to.. but hw?
sian says (11:37 PM):
do u like taking photos of urself
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
ya.. y?
sian says (11:38 PM):
cos photos tat u hv taken tat sent to me will be a reference for me, so in future if i need gals for event shows will contact the person
sian says (11:38 PM):
n if the person concern do wanna take photos she can chose to do on webcam n pose
sian says (11:39 PM):
n upon doing it or taking photos she will receive min of 1k striaght in her account
sian says (11:40 PM):
if u r keen pls leave ur account num
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
whr got so easy earn one?
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
wad u working as?
sian says (11:41 PM):
i'm from events company
sian says (11:41 PM):
if u think i lie to u den is ok
sian says (11:41 PM):
cos if i reali wanna lie to u, i dun think i can sit here toking to u rite nw
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
hw can u prove? u got name card? can scan n ?
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
u from wad company?
sian says (11:42 PM):
i dun hv name card
sian says (11:42 PM):
sian says (11:43 PM):
n i hv a baby ger to take care off, n no point lying to u
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
can u lyk brief more? lyk wad fotos n hw cum Money can get in so easily?
sian says (11:45 PM):
photos of urself in a low cut tops showing abit of cleavage, cos u need to go for events shows at least 2 time in a yr, over there during the events shows we earn back watever we pay u for the photos n u also get paid during ur event shows
sian says (11:46 PM):
if the person chose on webcam she get 1.5k
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
so i haf to pose for the person in webcam?
sian says (11:47 PM):
pose is for me to see u hw u pose n hw u show ur cleavage tat all
sian says (11:48 PM):
she can chose either webcam or photos
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
Oh.. so far got alot of gals alr earned lots of ?
sian says (11:48 PM):
sian says (11:48 PM):
but now they al;l not on line
sian says (11:48 PM):
n i hv no point lying to u
sian says (11:49 PM):
i only got pics to prove to u
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
pics tt the gals haf sent u?
sian says (11:49 PM):
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
can i take a look?
sian says (11:49 PM):
sian sends:


You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Home User\My Documents\My Received Files\image1240kb.jpg from sian.

sian says (11:53 PM):
tis is the pose require
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
so simple? jus fotos and get $?
sian says (11:53 PM):
yes but in this pose
sian says (11:53 PM):
but if u think photo not safe can juz show on webcam
sian says (11:54 PM):
nmy lady boss sae those who agree to do on webcam will receive 2.3k now for 2 mins only
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
wad type of events show u haf?
sian sends:

sian sends:


You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Home User\My Documents\My Received Files\events.jpg from sian.

sian sends:

sian says (11:55 PM):
tis is some of the events

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Home User\My Documents\My Received Files\events2.jpg from sian.

sian says (11:56 PM):
so hw r u keen?
sian says (11:56 PM):
if yes ur account num

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Home User\My Documents\My Received Files\events6.jpg from sian.

[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
i cfm wif u other dae can?
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
y muz so fast gif acc no?
sian says (11:57 PM):
cos my lady boss sae those who agree now will get 2.3k now
sian says (11:57 PM):
cos upon doing it on cam u get the moeny straight
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:ehx.. i tink i will consider 1st..
sian says (11:58 PM):
u dun trust
sian says (11:58 PM):
cos i need to hit quota too in order to earn com
sian says (11:59 PM):
to get my stuff for my baby gal
sian says (12:00 AM):
hope u can agree to do nw
sian says (12:00 AM):
cos i can make a transfer straight after u did it nw
sian says (12:01 AM):
kindly reply
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
.. i tink i not v. interested.. for approaching mi..
sian says (12:01 AM):
sian says (12:02 AM):
events shows u not keen
sian says (12:02 AM):
dun u wan the cash?
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
but there is nth to prove and to trust u..
sian says (12:02 AM):
now my gals is not online
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
if u nid gals.. u can jus straight away go to model agency?
sian says (12:03 AM):
namecard i do hv but no scanner at all hw to
sian says (12:03 AM):
cos model agency charging veri ex
sian says (12:03 AM):
so we prefer to find our own
sian says (12:03 AM):
n as i say if i reali wanna lie to u, do u think i will be still sitting here toking to u
sian says (12:03 AM):
long time being sue le
sian says (12:04 AM):
n by showing cleavage is not a big thing, cos when we wearing low cut tense to show too
sian says (12:05 AM):
my company name is megawing
sian says (12:06 AM):
is at international building level 16-09/ 12
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
got telephone no.?
sian says (12:06 AM):
sian says (12:06 AM):
i hv no point lie till u like tat
sian says (12:07 AM):
i can give u my i/c too
sian says (12:07 AM):
nmy adress all this
sian says (12:07 AM):
n the money is ready to transfer out
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
i realli dun tink i can cfm by todae.
sian says (12:08 AM):
or can u do it for 2 min on the cam
sian says (12:08 AM):
den u get the money le
sian says (12:09 AM):
cos i need to hit quota too
sian says (12:10 AM):
my name is elle tan meihui i/c s7830745E
sian says (12:11 AM):
blk 327 serangoon ave 3 #12-98 spore 550327
sian says (12:11 AM):
this is my particulars
sian says (12:12 AM):
u there
sian says (12:13 AM):
can u kindly reply
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
can i cfm wif u by tmr?
sian says (12:13 AM):
cos i need to hit qutoa jiexin
sian says (12:13 AM):
i already given every of my particulars
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
but todae n tmr doesnt make ani difference..
sian says (12:14 AM):
yes but is my job
sian says (12:15 AM):
i hv quota to hit
sian says (12:15 AM):
wat ur account num
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
i dun tink i wan.. sorry..
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
i cant cfm by todae..
sian says (12:17 AM):
cfm wat thing
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
about doing tis..
sian says (12:17 AM):
sian says (12:17 AM):
wat u worryu abt
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
i still dun trust.. although u haf given mi ur particulars.. wad can i do wif ur particulars..
sian says (12:18 AM):
u can sue me n report
sian says (12:19 AM):
u hv this already can sue me le
sian says (12:20 AM):
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
but i still can trust..
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
y dun u transfer the over 1st?
sian says (12:21 AM):
if i can i will transfer
sian says (12:21 AM):
only upon doing it den can transfer
sian says (12:21 AM):
as i sae u can report against me if i reali lie to u
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
oso cant transfer part of it?
sian says (12:22 AM):
upon doing on webcam for only 2 mins u will get in less den a min time by transfering to u
sian says (12:22 AM):
no can't
sian says (12:23 AM):
if every gal ask for this den we die le
sian says (12:23 AM):
is on cam showing, n not asking u to strip or wat
sian says (12:23 AM):
is only asking u to show cleavage
sian says (12:24 AM):
u there
sian says (12:24 AM):
wat ur account num
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
sorry.. i tink i dun wan.
sian says (12:25 AM):
sian says (12:25 AM):
only 2 mins
sian says (12:25 AM):
come on jiexin
sian says (12:26 AM):
juz do it once n trust me
sian says (12:26 AM):
all particulars i already given to u
sian says (12:26 AM):
wat else u wan
sian says (12:26 AM):
as i sae if i lie to u juz sue me or report to police
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
sorry.. for now i realli dun wan. if tmr u still nid ppl to reach quota den mayb i consider..
sian says (12:28 AM):
i need it today
sian says (12:28 AM):
i transfer u the money in 2 mins time if u do it nw
sian says (12:30 AM):
can jeixin
sian says (12:30 AM):
cos i need to get my baby ger stuff
sian says (12:30 AM):
hope u understand

sian just sent you a nudge.

sian says (12:32 AM):
wat ur account num
sian says (12:37 AM):
sian says (12:39 AM):
u do it le den u get money nw
sian says (12:39 AM):
as i sae u can sue me
sian says (12:39 AM):
or u wanna tok to my gals den u trust is it
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
mayb.. for now we still dun trust..
sian says (12:39 AM):
sian says (12:39 AM):
den 2molo we chat u ask my gals den
sian says (12:40 AM):
offer u so muich also dun wan to agree
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
cux dere is alot of scam out dere so we dun trust..
sian says (12:40 AM):
as i sae if i reali wanna lie to u, i won't be sitting here tokking to u
sian says (12:40 AM):
n i also given u the address
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
hw wld i noe if its real anot.. sorry.. mayb u can approach other gals ..
sian says (12:41 AM):
u can go check it out
sian says (12:41 AM):
n the pics i sent is all the gals had done it
sian says (12:42 AM):
y must i lie
[[STUN]]~ﮊ.!.€ )(.ﺄ.הּ* says:
sorry.. for now i not interested.. i gtg.. Bye..

tis is the dp of the weird mum..
i've already block her.. Pls lo.. tis is yr 2007.. whr got gals so dumb alr..
N she lives so near mi.. onli a few blks away.. i feel lyk saying y dun i meet u n pose for u directly? lol..
As u can c.. She keep on phsycho mi to gif my acc no.. the money has oso increased thru the conversation.. She oso use her baby gal to win my sympathy..
Nahx.. pls.. tt wun work..
Oh ya.. alloy saes i v. long nvr mention abt him alr.. jus nice.. can talk abt u here.. alloy asked mi to ask tt weird mum wether she accept guys anot.. which is obviously dun wan la.. cux she wan cleavage.. alloy oso ask mi to gif her his acc no. instead. lol..

MA tutorial cancelled.. so we ended up haf 3 hrs break..
Went pizz hut wif Aileen,XiuFen,Lina,Roy,JingHan,Jacelyn,Nigel,Lisi,Khalis while Jerina later on join us.. fun tym eating tgth=)

Lesson has been so boring.. but nvm.. tmr i goin watch movie, thurs goin eat wif nel ppl, fri not sure yet, Sundae heritage race, Next wed ice-skate, Next duno wad dae to Sentosa!! yea!!

oh.. btw.. e-learning is next wk! so thereforoe no lesson! wahaha! but.. dere is tons of proj to do.. all modules except FA has a proj! Can u imgaine tt?! Lyk duh! Someone save mi pls! argh..

you cannot recover the time after it's gone...

dance with me ;
- 5/15/2007

!Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hello to all my slient readers! lol..

Wed.. Late for ard half an hr for CRM.. lesson is so so boring..
Wed is actually Xinyi's B'dae celebration.. but i tot its on thurs instead.. So while i happily on my way to meet necce and sher instead, Emilyn called me and ask whr i am.. yea.. i'm tt blur.. haha.. i alwaes misread msges..
Meet Eddie XinYi Emilyn ZiHao at cityhall, Christine din cum due to some miscommunication..

Went to Marina Sq Xin Wang HK cafe("Xiang Kang Cha Chan Ting")

B4 eating..

Aft eating.. Yummy!

$6 plus ice ka-chang.. *drools*

ZiHao and Eddie.. Grp foto is wif Emilyn...

Thurs.. Had make-up lesson in the morning. Supposed to start at 9am but started at 8am! super early can.. As usual, i was late.. but i was late for AN HR!heehe..

Aileen cut her hair.. its nice=)

we shld think abt others at times too..
When will u understand?
Aft sch went clementi wif Xav Ben Tb and their 06 classmates Shawn and Terry.. Dey play pool while i gif dem moral support?

Went to eat b4 goin hm.. the sky is still so bright when we left..

Fri.. I am Late again.. lesson start at 8am.. N i onli reach at ard 905?! 1 hr and 5 mins late.. wahaha.. JingHan sae i can b late queen.. i promise i will try to b on tym for next week.. Heard from Roy tt the teacher from next wk wun mark our attendance if we v gonna b v. late? eeeyer.. the teacher look so nice.. in the end he lidat.. Come for lesson oso no use.. He got nth to teach.. todae onli brief some things abt proj.. Todae i jus came to mark attendance den can leave alr.. Since he onli nid 1 hr.. Y dun he jus started the lesson at 9! idiot! Keep saying cold lame jokes..
U tink ur jokes is funni!?
Lyk DUH!!
Tried playing pool at guildhse during lunch.. feel so noob..

Stay in sch slack for a while. acc dem to find teacher den go hm=(

Its actually Sat now.. 105am..
Happy Birthdae XinYi!!=))

Oh gosh.. i got sore throat now.. Y izit tt alot of my classmates all having sore throat too? i'm part of u all now.. lol.. super sianz can..

i hope i'm thinking too much..
Why does'nt things go according to the way we wanted..
I agree.. if u aint gonna treasure.. its so not going to wait animore..

dance with me ;
- 5/12/2007

!Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Oh well.. i'm so bored.. so decided to blog..

Todae aft sch went PS wif JingHan, Roy, Nigel, Alloy & James.. We ate pastamania.. On the way dere~

Alloy is holding James Hand.. And dere's a third party in the middle! saw tat!?! lol..
Alloy and James is having an "Ai Mei" r/s..

However, When James failed to entertain alloy.. Alloy will go look for new target..
Alloy act as if he is styling his hair.. But in actual fact he is trying to get close to Roy!! lol.. Gotcha!

Went hm quite early todae as PS doesnt haf much things to shop & dere isn't any nice movies showing too..
I had a bad blister at the back of my left foot cux of the new shoe! * Ouch!*

N btw.. sorry guys if i din reply u on msn.. i tink i reply super slow or if not din reply at all.. i was bz doing lotsa stuff?haha..

N ben wan me to put te MA formulas here.. so tt he can refer..haha..

Autonomous Spending = Autonomous Expenditure
= Ao = Co – C1To + Io + Go + Xo – Mo - i1r

Eqm Income & Output
= Y = Co – C1To + Io + Go + Xo – Mo - i1r + C1(1-t1)Y + i2Y – MiY

Consumption Expenditure
= C = Co – C1To + C1(1-t1)Y

I = Io – i1r + i2Y

T= To + tiY

Disposable Income
= Yd = Y – T

Savings = Yd – C

Net Exports
= Nx = Xo – Mo – M1Y

TaDa!! Here izit.. N to my other frens out dere in some other sch.. U all got learn tis too?

Ben & Xav Jia You!! haha.. dey r showing +ve attititude and Gd motivation.. Practising MA Quiz late at night?!

i'm bored now.. N i dun wan slp=/

dance with me ;
- 5/08/2007

!Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wed a Fattening Dae!!
Xiu Fen brought a box of Ferrero Rocher.. I <3 chocos.. N no one wan to eat.. so i ate alot alot! haha.. after eating i fold roses using the gold wrapper.. taught some of dem hw to fold. but duno dey catch it anot..
Aft sch meet sher & eunice.. we ate kfc.. tried their new meal set..
headed off to eat ice-cream!! yum yum!!

Thurs.. sch as usual..
Din want to go hm aft sch.. Acc Xav, Ben & TB to clementi to play pool.. but i din play.. i'm noob in pool..

opps.. 4got to take foto of TB..
We had a nice way of cheering each other=))

skipped UCCD again.. cux totally no mood for sch.. dun wan to stay at hm so went for RPWS in the afternoon.. only half the class turn up.. I was realli super bored N i created smth~

i turn the com ard & showed to the class.. Some wave bac to me!! wahaha!!
Aft lesson went to fc 4 wif xav,ben,TB,jas.. btw Jason pon lesson again!!
Eunice sher went to find me n off we went to far east plaza..
I bought 2 shoe! Eunice bought one.. We planning to buy another one online.. wahaha!!
Saw Roy & Jinghan Opp far east too.. heehee..
Headed to eunice hse aft shopping.. meet the rest of the gals at eunice hse..

Eunice bought us some stuff from korea!! thanks thanks!MuackZ<3

Korea Sake..
Nice Nice..

Went to Ben Hse.. cux.. dey r doin CRM project.. i'm dere jus to gif moral support? haha.. i hope i realli gave some moral support instead of hindering in their work..
had a fun tym playing wif pillows, dogs etc.. We still haf not grown up afterall..
headed to Sun Plaza to eat mac for dinner.. N went hm=(
reach hm at ard 10pm.. lyk quite earli? argh.. no choice..

Oh ya!!

tis kid resembles one of my cousin.. haha..or i shld sae one of my cousin resembles him..
Cute hur? lol.. who izit?!

Things often dun go according to the way we wanted~

dance with me ;
- 5/06/2007


30th Aug 89


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