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!Wednesday, November 29, 2006

nth to blog todae.. but feel lyk typing some things.. todae class at 8am.. as usual late for class.. saw Paulin jeremy & Net on the way to shc.. late tgth.. so tired.. Todae is presentation.. i next wk then present.. i sleep while dey r presentin.. reali fall aslp. Jas toe pai mi!! EEEyer.. pervet.. haha

the rest of the dae is boring..
do u all look @ ur hp & smile? i tink everyone does.. haha.. tis Qn is link to robin's msn nick.. So bored!! do anione haf secrets to share? share share wif mi leh..=D

Its xin fu to be missed by someone u alwaes miss =)

dance with me ;
- 11/29/2006

!Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nth much to post todae.. Skip Gems cux i woke up late.. i last wk oso din go cux i overslept too. last last wk din go cux it was the mst wk.. So i in total skipped 3 Gems continuously le.. Sorry Aug.. i pangseh u for tis 2wks.. i wun b late next wk=)

Todae is a boring dae.. haf 3 hrs of itab followed by 2hrs break n then 2hr stats tutorial.. do some crs project durin the 2 hrs break.. slp for lyk half an hr+ in the library PC zone.. so tired.. i was so blur too.. Din saw debbie & eunice walk passed.. it was until jas wave to them then i noe.. Btw.. got bac my pacc & itab results le.. got 86 for PACC.. 60 for itab.. i m unhappy wif my itab results=(

Christine lied to mi again todae! hw could u?! i m sooo SAD.. i even bought u a $58 lollipop to eat leh.. haha.. Went to support cadc captainball todae.. we lose badly.. onli got 2 points.. i 4gotten hw much spsu scored.. But nvm.. its a fun match.. Went hm wif chris aft tt.. too tired so we slept on the train.. onli took fotos wif wenhao todae.. N wenhao toe nail got broke bucx of don.. Arghh!! so painful..

dance with me ;
- 11/28/2006

hmmx.. dun feel lyk blogging.. i wil jus post some pics.. u all jus read n interprete bahx..

-mi n eunice eat jellyice-cream

-mi n ricky

-mi n lester


-Ricky wif his ice-cream =D

-the new walls jelly ice-cream

-Our lunch


-provided by sakae

-i won the yellow camel @ carnival game whie the ricky won the poney.. i lyk poney.. so cute..

-Eunice kissin poney

After escape went to expo for adidas sale.. saw sk.yy n dy on my way bac.. bought a cap n bag.. lazy to take fotos of it..haha.. aft tt went to 4e3 BBQ.. here r some of the pics..

-Wif our choco fondue

- our ppl

-Almost whole class went tere..

- the fire is so big.. so hot standin tere..


-Kenneth!! =D


-Sotongs balls tt is bbq for duno hw long.. sorry peeps.. i duno hw to c whether cooked anot..

-Mi & XiaoYue

-mi & AnnKay

-ken wif the stupid face

-wif benji

Next i went to meet a guy to pass him the mos tix.. i duno hw he look lyk so i jus describe wad i wearin.. i waited 1/2 an hr.. from 10pm to 1030pm.. n received $100 cux i sold him the tix.. but the money not mine.. its " boss " de.. wad a tiring dae.. went hm aft tt


woke up at 12+.. then prepare myself.. later gonna reach clarke quay @5pm.. we r gonna help out in mos[liberation@mos].. its fun to b part of organiser.. u haf the organiser tag.. can get access to alot of place easily.. its a fun dae!! here r some pics:

Tis is the mos shirt tt we haf till wear durin our work which is usherin n . . .
Nice? haha. aft work we can go party le. got vip tix..=D.. change into dress.. left the place @2plus.. i would stay longer if tml no sch

As for todae.. whole of my grp members din bring thumbdrive.. end up next wk present..
received a kitkat todae.. thanks=D

dance with me ;
- 11/28/2006

!Friday, November 24, 2006

Hmmx.. one dae din blog.. Yest nth much to sae.. Lesson as normal.. Went to do project aft sch.. i realise i'be been studying wif grp of mad ppl!.. esp xavier n thiam boon.. Keep acting n acting..

As for todae.. as usual late for lesson.. 1st lesson is mob tutorial. so boring.. todae got briefing on alpha challenge... yeah!! so happi tt my class can take alpha challenge.. cux some teacher tt do not haf the required skills to conduct it will haf to do other indoor activities instead.. Sch end at one todae.. walk wif augustina to clubhse aft pacc leture.. She will b stayin in sch for the Mercy Relief Camp.. A 3 dae 2 Nite "camp" jus to pack suff? haha.. I tink our club only got 3 ppl go for the camp.. which is jasmine augustina and layyan..

i Slack in club from 1 plus to 3 plus.. bored bored bored.. Go club oso got nth to do.. tt Si Cong De sae i open a mama shop!! u noe y??!! He sae bcux indian open mama shop! SI CONG DE!! Next he wanted to play some stupid game wif mi.. i 4got wads the name of the game.. i noe he want to trick mi de lor.. he sae when his fingers cum near to my eyes i haf to close my eyes n vice versa.. wad good game could tt be.. haha.. Todae finally saw vincent aft so longggg.. when was the last tym i saw him? i cant rmb.. lol.. alwaes sae i din tok to u online.. is u din cum tok to mi lor.. next tym u cum tok to mi k? haha.. Finally meet Sher at 3plus.. N u got lost in SP? haha.. dun worry... i wun sae it out=D

reach orchard mrt at 405 when r supposed to reach at 4.. todae work again.. but todae is jus to sell mos tix.. not to gif flyers.. i approach some mani ppl todae.. N got those no.s who r veri interested.. Got one but wanted 5 tix.. yeah! Sabby oso want some tix too.. but haven confirm the amt yet.. btw.. todae MOS tix got promotion lor.. Buy 3or4 tix get 2 free.. Buy 5 get 3 free.. So worth it rite.. MOS cumin tis sundae.. i got vip seat=D THANKS CASSANDRA for saving the vip tix for mi!!

cumin few daes might b quite bz.. so wun haf tym to blog... tml i'm goin escape theme park wif my x-colleagues.. Cux sakae got a sort of "family dae".. Each staff can bring ard 2 ppl.. so dey brought mi along!.. aft goin escape i tink the froggies will b goin to watch movies.. But i got 4e3 BBQ in the evening? i shld go BBQ rite? so long nvr c my 4e3 frens le.. On sundae i will b goin MOS!! nvr go clubbing b4.. 1st tym clubbing!!=D wad a long weekend. . . . .

dance with me ;
- 11/24/2006

!Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the lessons todae r useless.. 1st is IDEAS. so bored.. i sat at the last row.. so we were all toking n playin. not listening.. Ben even took his newspapers n read.. But not on the table. . . .

ideas is only one hr. but the teacher drag n took away our 1hr break!.. But she gif a 15 mins break.. During the break MR xaiver tan together wif ben ng n thiamboon took my slippers awaay!! dey use it to play football N. . . .

HARLO!!! i m onli 160cm.. hw m i goin to reach tere!!! ez to throw up but hard to retrieve it lor..
Got bac last wk ideas marks.. got 76 onli.. heard tt the ideas teacher is bias to his class de..=(.. He will onli gif A if the pdt is acceptable n got WOW factor.. Next is econs lecture n pacc lab.. boring boring..

aft lesson go club meet endrea n chris for lunch n to pass those t-shirt $... i no $ le!! aft eating lunch i went hm to slp cux i onli meetin my fren at 630pm

The purpose of meeting todae is to celebrate lester's b'dae.. here r some of the pics:

-Lester using mouth to take out the candles

-Me n Sab

-Us again

-I lyk sab fone.. red light part is the sensor thing..

-cleaning ourselves in the toilet aft the "cake fight"

-Me n Dine wif the toilet cleaner.. lol

-change place take

-Lester n Ronnie

-Yang n Sab


-Stupid lester hand!!


-my shoe got spoil while running away from lester=(.. bought a new slippers tere..

-Hmmx.. feeling thirsty.. do some magic N... .

-tada!! 5 bottles wif 2 tries...

-last pic.. in the lift

here's the b'dae video :


nowadays got a few china ppl added mi in msn.. i wonder hw dey get the e-mail add.. todae one added mi again... tis is wad she saes aft addin mi..
上帝是女孩 said:
chuajiexin,如果忙碌的你有时也想庸懒的品味一下阳光,蓝天,记得和我一起…… http://www.who707.com/huiq

R dey too free?? nth to do so anihw add ppl??

Oh ya.. Sakae chalet has been booked!! its on 18th, 19th, 20th Dec.. Mon to Wed. mux cum mux cum!!! =D

dance with me ;
- 11/22/2006


30th Aug 89


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