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!Sunday, August 24, 2008

2 more papers left and its H.O.L.D.A.Y!! (:

taken with deb at DN's kitchen last. went for last wk staff trng. this wk din go =x

Tues had CF paper. hope i din lost alot of marks..

Wed meet bf for awhile.. 1st time used 3G with him.. ((:

Thurs was TA paper at 6pm.. it wasnt tt difficult. BC low is soo niceee.. hee

fri i meet bf aft his paper.. was late n i ended up cabbing to YCK to meet him..

rise n shine!

curls made me look abit more mature?

went to PS for lunch 1st n den to carrefour to buy vodka!

den headed to his hse to slack n study..

finally a decent foto aft a long long time.

does beer taste better with ERD glass?

oh btw i tried putting fake lashes for the very 1st time! *claps claps* its not tt difficult aft all..

ohh, eye are so troublesome n costly..

i went to buy protein tablets ended up have to buy saline soultion cux my own solution not suitable for soaking tablets. so.. i have to use 4 pdts if i'm using my colored contacts from now on..
luckily my normal lenes doesnt require so much work..

i most prob wun org BBQ for my birthday alrdy? cux its seem like alwaes raining n bf's place only allow BBQ till 10pm?

mayb i just have a simple b'dae celebrations instead.. or mayb aft tt go boat quay for some drinks??
howhowhow?! any ideas? sighhh...

study hard!!

dance with me ;
- 8/24/2008

!Saturday, August 16, 2008

its funny when for eg. B had a bias judgment on A just bux he/she clubs n pubs n likes to go home late at night. aft which B went clubbed n enjoys it. So contradicting yea?

This wk!

Mon had to go back sch for proj discussion for the report.. sianzzz..

tues was sun tanning with nadine as well as studying!
i hate it tt everywhr is having construction. even sentosa as well!

let the picture speaks!

this is my favourite photo of the day!

my betty boop finaaly get to see the sunshine! spongebob will be next! (:

our goodies for the day. look so much like advertising for them right?! haha.. still got some more better artistic pics with dine.

this is a lovely photo as well right?! L.O.V.E.S

i love my curls! (:

sunshine aft drizzle! we were so scared the drizzle wun stop!

boo! dun give me tt face when feeding me):

there was a moment of dark clouds den white clouds den dark den white. LOL

i din wanted to tan actually, dine wanted so i acc her..

so i kept my back facing the sun for lyk 3 hours str8?! LOL

i din want my face to turn black..

nadine saes she saw someone sneakily took photos of us. >:(

we really got study k! i hate sudden winds, it made my papers fly ard and sand all ard our mat n stuff! >:(

*pout* can u imagine all our stationary n notes are stained with sand?

its a nice weather for tanning!

the sun grew stronger. so more protection comes along.

bathe time aft tanning!

have some aft- effects photo 1st..

i'm bringing sexy back!

see the difference?! xD

Nadine's had a ribbon shape. LOL

aft which we went vivo to continue study, for b'fast cum lunch cum dinner, shopped for her camera n lastly hm sweet hm! met jaslyn when we're leaving..

wed FO test was a killer. Best part is my calculater
hanged halfway. yesss.. it hanged, means showing only figure "0" despite pressing all sorts of no.

Chrissy cheong was getting us to mark our attendance at tt time. i tell him abt this. he
laughed, double checked on my calculater and ask the class if anyone got extra. So none got n he asked me to use hp. den i asked can use hp? he said yea. but i sae its in my bag n he asked me to take. So i went to my bag to take hp. HAHA..
wow.. i 1st time used hp in test. luckily much of my calculations are done alrdy. phew~

thurs i cldnt n was lazy to wake up for ta's revision class.. so there goes the day. trying to mug hard at hm. so was todae(fri)

tmr gonna go back DN for staff trng!

continue of last week. . .

last fri FO quiz was a scam, went to CF tut ended up attendance is like not taken?
went to fc 4 with my class girls for my fav b'fast set!!

this yummy set cux $1.90 only k.

rushed off to meet bf at clementi followed by bus to boonlay way,which gonna be his workplace for 3 mths to submit some attachment form.

we watched money not enuff 2 next...

the movie is not bad. i alwaes dun like the idea of watching our local movies in cinema.. oh nvm. there wasnt any nice movies beside tt aniway:P

i dun like boonlay esp the interchange.. so full of weird ppl.. eeeyer!

Sat was DN presentation on spirits. i got the shatec bk frm bf. inside has wad i wan. phew~
it's national day too! outside is super croweded. raining sumore. so messy. so i went hm aft tt!
i'm getting more n more not enthu for national dae as my age gets older.

Sun was home sweet home too.

i'm glad everything is okay now. sunshine aft rain!
but i think i'm so dead. i cldnt concentrate on stuying.. dammmn..

i just realise my lunar b'dae which is the 29th of the 7th month happens to fall on aug 29th this year. following which is my real b'dae on 30th! whoa~~

i'm thinking of hosting a bbq on my b;dae.. shld i?
boo! but but.. i've got no income for this month cux not working due to exams ):
sponser?! xD

sher coming back soon! yea!

oh.. btw.. there is some reading on ur birth-dates inside facebk. i think its accurate to a certain extent. cux i've checked alot of dates of my closed ones.

.....................30th aug............................

You are always surrounded by a circle of friends. You are friendly and fun to be with. Although you occasionally disappoint them by being stubborn, but over all, they love your qualities. Your Love, You want to have full control of your love and that's not a nice way to treat your partner. You take your time in saying yes to his wedding proposal or if you are a man, you will not propose anyone until you are certainly confident which might take ages.

greatest strength- While outwardly witty and humorous, in reality they are rather serious, discreet and discerning.

greatest weakness- They make misjudgments and are sometimes proud and haughty.

Jobs you should pursue ...


yea! i'm going to be a boss myself! LOL

i love my new blog song!
That girl is so DANGEROUS,
That girl is a bad girl, yeaaah

dance with me ;
- 8/16/2008


30th Aug 89


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