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!Thursday, June 28, 2007


dance with me ;
- 6/28/2007

!Monday, June 25, 2007

Last Fridae..

Slept till 1plus.. den went to sch to find dem @ ard3 plus..
headed to lib proj rm..
i open up the tupla choco tt Jas brought frm finland..

here's wad it looks lyk.. looks abit err...
Mayb it wasn't tt digusting afterall cux i put it in my bag.. N u noe yea.. "got smashed"

Do u tink it look lyk PooPoo?lyk small kid's? cux its greenish brown*GRINS*
tis is so called the "tu chan" of finland..

Hmmx.. i can onli sae it has a acquired taste n its not generally appreciated outside finland sweden etc..

Next! foto taking! whee~
at first its jus me n JASlyn

we asked our sistas to join us..

the response was poor..

But as least jason(anithin) started to join us..

Ok.. we finally persuaded evenmore sis..

i believe u can c who are v. enthu(the blur ones)

Cux we are moving ard to ensure everione faces can b seen..

Finally! one grp foto!

the second foto & changes in position..



Some left again..

we were supposed to act dao.. but wad is jas doin? tis pic alwaes make mi LOL..

Ok.. lets all stand


caught us in action!

next we headed to JP while Jason sae he go bugis find fren & jaslyn blur blur duno y took the other route... lol..
Walk ard.. Jp was crowded & finally found a sit in KFC..
Crap for awhile in KFC den i headed to aileen hse..
Thanks TB for bringing mi dere:)

its my 1st tym taking bus from BoonLay interchange.. Everything dere seems so foreign..

slack at aileen hse while waiting for aileen's fren to cum fetch us..
Saw aileen fren MeiFong and her bf"call chun"(in hokkien)..
Dey are nice & friendly!

Headed to Marina bay to play bowling.. well.. the guys play while girls chitchat..

the 3 of us later on headed to arcade..

Den + the bf headed to LaPaSa for supper..
had satay! whee! but Lapasa satay not nice=(

Later on went back to Jurong n i went to Aileen hse stayover..
Its so nice to haf a fren who can drive u ard late at night!
its was 3 plus when we went bac..

Bathe n watched a horror( not tt horror) movie.. "the Haunted Sch"
Not nice one..

N slept at 6am..
Den wake up @ 1 plus.. went hm at 3 plus..

Den slpt again.. din study at all..

tis marks the ending of the 2 wks term break..

Chat wif marcus jus now.. miss those porridge daes.. we shld haf a meet up to eat porridage again!

-----New resolution for the term!!(regardin sch stuff)------

~Be punctual for lesson
~Try not to skip lesson
~ Pay attention in lesson& lecture
~ New grpings
~ study hard & score well


4 more daes to freedom!:)

dance with me ;
- 6/25/2007

!Sunday, June 24, 2007

Take a look at tis video.. tis girl is super duper cute!

I lyk kids lyk tis..

Here;s some pics when we sendin Jas to Finland..

When she's gone.. we go for celebration!! Whoa!

When she cum bac we sad.. hahaha..

Nahx!! Jus Kidding.. Its realli gd to haf Jas ard again!!
I <3 u!!

I gonna go study now.. its lyk daes since i realli seriously studied..

Share blog more abt fun fri when i'm free.. ^_<

Oh ya.. it shld b 24th June now..

Happy Birthdae Vincent!

dance with me ;
- 6/24/2007

!Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tue... went to Sher hse to study 1st b4 going for e4 gathering..

we make reservation @ J8 Ajisen.. talked alot @ ajisen.. i miss everi single one of dem..
i miss our sec sch daes too.. the teasing, the fun. . .

Next we headed to find look ard at the PSP shop b4 goin arcade..

We want the 3 toys inside! we are det. to haf it!!

$1 for each try.. $5 for 6 tries..

So we put in 5$1 coin..

the foto is different from the previous.. Know y? cux the toys are outside the glass.. Yeah!! we got dem.. hohoho~

we tried again at the other side. cux we wan sitch.. but sadly. we failed..

Me and Dine in arcade..

the girl on the right is so pro~ i'm crazy over tis BB machine now..


Wonder ard den headed off to buy bubble tea and to celebrate LeiWei's b'dae..

Happy Birthdae LekWei!

us again!

Grp foto.. we use self timer on two different fones..

can u see the fun we haf?! hahaha..

thou tis gatherin has fewer ppl, its still v. fun!!:D

later on headed to "FIBER"(name of the BB court tt we alwaes go durin sec sch)..
Can u believe tt during sec 2 we(guys n girls) alwaes headed off straight to bb court aft sch..
we even meet up during sat to play bb..
the whole grp of us were so "black".. hahaha..
i missed those times..

we chit chat alot at the dark court wif jus dim lights..
Some share their encounter abt "tsohg"..
Lk n ken goin to pasir ris park on thurs Nite for nite walk again.. went wif dem once.. its scary!

Here;s a short messy video.. Becareful.. its SCREAMY!! hahaha..

Next gathering might b Nite cycling or rollar blading!:D


Wed.. meet Xav Ben TB Jas in sch..

Plan was to meet in sch to lend copy notes and to study.. aft tt dinner tgth..

alchol tt Jas bought for us from FINALAND.. we all were aimin for the Chivas.. But too bad.. Ben took it.. Mine is not bad too.. cux jas put a ribbon for me;)

Choco tt Jas bought.. thanks alot!

we cldn't concentrate.. so off we went to MS..

And den to Anderson's Ice-creaM!! *drools*

Hot waffle(Ben's)

Banana Spilt!(Mi n Jas's)

while xav haf cafe latte..

the sony ericsson gang..

Me & Jas..

its $2 per ride.. but we jus sit dere n take fotos luh..

Din mange to take fotos wif dem. here's foto of dem long tym again..haha..

Next we headed to esplanade while TB left..

wonderful art pieces..

Each pieces is drawn by jus ONE connecting lines.. amazing is'nt it?

we stayed dere n chit-chat for quite long..

Next we headed bac to MS to haf dinner @ cafe cartel..

Mine's.. i alwaes ordered smth different from dem..

Its been so long since we hang out tgth.. will we still b so free to hang out tgth in future?

i din study much todae(= din study at all)
stayed at hm = no motivation to study..

Oh my.. i miss going out.. todae haf a sentosa outing(Xingyu asked mi if i wanna go) but i nid to stay at hm study... todae evening tym Lisi asked mi to go eat prata wif her n MS.. but i din go..

Tmr.. goin out wif aileen at Nite i guess..

Pls help mi pray tt i can score well for mst!!:D

dance with me ;
- 6/21/2007

!Tuesday, June 19, 2007

well.. todae studied @ sher's hse..
reach her hse @ almost 12 noon lidat..
i tot i 'm lyk quite late? hahaha..
cux last tym we wld start studyin @ 11 plus..

nvm.. Eunice later den mi! wahaha..
But den.. i 4got to buy tibits.. So sms her n asked if she got buy anot..

So i went to sher hse.. N she's still lying on her bed..
She slpt @ ard 4am yest.. so m i..
N so surprisely i'm able to get up todae!! i usually slept untill 2 plus den wake up..
So.. we watched tv while waiting for eunice to cum..

*tick-tock tick-tock..* tym passes v. fast..
Chit-chat, tibits, studying..

Suddenly rain came, hw i wish its tt korean rain.. hohoho..-.-
dere was a frantic rush to search for umbrella(ella ella eh eh eh).. cux sher duno y r the umbrellas..
Sher went downstairs to pass the umbrella to her sis preparing for BBQ...
While mi n eunice went to close all windows n keep the clothes..
dere is smth abt the "hanger" @ sher hse tt we duno hw to do...
spend quite a long figuring out hw to pull the clothes back..
N ta-da! clothes were wet.. hahaha..

Din studied much todae.. i'm still stucked @ ECM n BFI..
I jus cldn't understand some parts n i've difficulties in memorising nowadaes..

After dinner went to Hans to eat Cheesecake and chcoo truffle..
Its sinful!! but yummylicious!:D

it was so tempting tt we 4got to take fotos n stra8 away eat it..

I suddenly tink tt i've chose the wrong course..
I suddenly realise i not tt interested in DBF
i wan change course..
to BE's event management:)

but its too late... =(
hw i wish i was born a yr later..

I wanna run, I wanna have fun
All I do is let go tonight
Feeling right, I just wanna forget about it

dance with me ;
- 6/19/2007

!Sunday, June 17, 2007

Time now 530am.. i haven fall aslp yet.. I'm not tired.. M i having insomnia? i tink my "cycle" got problems.. cux i v.v.v. late den slp.. den v.v.v.v late wake up..

Ok.. i try to go slp aft bloggin..

Fri... Went Sher's hse..

Sher-our hairdresser

Task-Cut Frindge, Bleach hair

Hair Cut- not bad
Bleaching- turn out not the way as wanted

But Leah.. ur image stil rox la! as least u N JJ got same hairstyle alr.. =D

Haf dinner @ her hse as planned..

Aft tt, slacking & tarot cards time!!

As for tarot cards.. i din realli haf ani specifi thing in mind.. So results were not v. gd..

My Siao Cha Bo Hairstyle..

Sher says i look lyk a bimbo Ah Lian..

I tried to study todae.. but woke up @ 2plus..
Slack whole afternoon..
Watched some tv..
tried studying alittle @ MidNite..
Onli some get into my head=(
Alot dun understand:(

Nvr leave a gal alone if she's not ok..
A word, sentence, sms wld b gd..
Althou she may not reply..
It will b rmb-ed:)

i am only an illusion in your dreams...
And you are alive only in my dreams...

dance with me ;
- 6/17/2007


30th Aug 89


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