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!Sunday, December 31, 2006

todae is gonna b my last post for 2006.. less than 24hrs to 2007

went to meet jas xavier & ben to do IDEAS todae. but end up din do anithin.. chit chat n walk the whole dae.. from bugis mac to NLB to bugis to centrept to pacific plaza n finally to shaw hse..

N HaPpY B'DaE to RoY!! my mojojojo.. not 4getting allan's cute little bro b'dae too..
its new year's eve.. lets all b happi=D

dance with me ;
- 12/31/2006

!Saturday, December 30, 2006

i dun understand y...
i duno wad u r thinking...
i m so confused...
will my 2006 b a happy ending?

a few daes left to 2007.. let's enjoy the remaining daes=D

hmmx.. hw shld i celebrate my new year?

dance with me ;
- 12/30/2006

!Thursday, December 28, 2006

i'm bored todae.. i nid to find things to keep mi bz.. went ard looking for nice video to watch & watching nice nice music video.. i lyk tis one..

thnx so much dumbshit.. feel alittle bit betta talking to u..
another boring dae tml!!

its been RAINing..

dance with me ;
- 12/28/2006

!Wednesday, December 27, 2006

tym for mi to update my blog..
so wad happen last few daes? let mi think..

Robin make a blogskin for mi!! so touched!! i;m jealous tt he did one for eunice & now i got one too!!=D thanks so much robin! u r alwaes dere to help mi.. haha.. i will use the blogskin soon=D

On 21st[thurs].. its cadc X'mas gathering!! met Endrea eariler to buy present.. but end up she veri late.. so no choice.. din go for the X'mas gathering cux no tym go.. besides i haf smth on later.. Saw LY ML alan JW @ suntec.. dey noe tt i noe goin.. i cld c the SADNESS in the eyes.. so sorry to pang seh u all!! n thnx so much LY for the card n gift =)as for wad i did later on its confidential!! lol..

On 22nd.. i went endrea hse to rot.."ROT" haha.. endrea!! RMB wad i did for u todae!! its a long journey.. did someting silly but meaningfull today=)

On 23rd.. went to meet tere & ning @ 3 @ bugis.. went to buy strepsil & green tea for tere cux he sae not feeling well.. ning went to buy present while i acc tere.. Suai Suai got prob happen..haiz.. den aft tt mi n ning went to meet the rest of dem @ tampiness mrt.. den bac to ms.. intended to watch movie but no gd seats left.. so din watch.. ended up go shop for steamboat food.. Guess wad we bought? we bought noodles + other ingredients.. lol... nvr tried addin noodles in steamboat b4.. we oso bought a log cake too!! ray n ky took a cab hm wif the food 1st.. we each pay $1 for the cad fare.. aft tt went to eat dinner N went hm..

On 24th.. meet SSC ppl @ 6pm. it was raining..i waited for the rain to stop so tt i no nid to bring umbrella.. but the rain din stop!! I was late a little bit.. ard 1/2 hr late lidat.. heehe.. when i reach i onli saw mc tere qh.. the rest all haven cum yet.. dem we went to walk ard.. intended to countdown @ esplanade 1st b4 goin ray hse.. but duno y we all feel lyk goin straight to ray hse so off we went.. we meet yx zn & marcus @ tampiness mrt b4 goin ray hse.. on the way meet gx @ cityhall.. the guys played some stupid but fun game.. so pai seh!! haha.. even the passer-by r laughing.. A memorable dae @ ray hse wif tere endrea mc yx zh gx qh marc ky ray.. 1st tym eat steamboat wif "maggi" lol.. i saw the touchin video by mc.. i knew tt she definely will cry.. haha.. we Xchange X'mas gift.. i <3 the gifts!! it was a cold yet warm nite=)

On 25th.. its Christmas cum Terence B'dae!! we nua whole dae @ ray hse.. sleeping & playing game.. wad a dae!! we leave @ ard 7.. went to eat dinner & went hm..

On 26th. went to meet jas xavier ben TB @ bugis to do project.. we all agree not to b late.. but we r still late.. haha.. so long nvr c dem.. MISS dem!! N thanks jas for the gift.. i lyk it=D aft tt went to meet SSC for movie. Deathnote 2.. its nice.. but too bad we sit at the 1st 2 row.. so uncomfortable..

i knew smth was wrong.. i cld feel it.. i m SAD todae.. reali sad =(

signed off @ 3.50am

dance with me ;
- 12/27/2006

!Thursday, December 21, 2006

WhEeE!! bac from chalet.. here r the pics:

-wif our christmas "hat"

-powerpuff reunite

-eunice;s sunglass



-nadine;s cap

shades for sale

is my hair nice?aha



hm made fondue

tts smth attracting us to look in tt direction

sab's melody

our MIA GJ

pls dun act cool



i <3 corn

Andy the manager

aft tt went to sher's hse to exchange gift!!

walet nadine boughtfor mi

J necklace i bought for jol

still got more fotos to b load. . .

dance with me ;
- 12/21/2006

!Monday, December 18, 2006

i'm goin chalet tml!! Ppl dun miss mi!! i noe u all will but pls try not to.. i dun wan sneeze too much... lol.. will upload pics when i cum bac..

its been raining these few daes.. today intend to go to orchard area to buy X'mas gift cux Orchard got those items tt ii wan.. Bcux rainin den no choice haf to go to PS.. but PS oso nth nice to buy.. aft PS went vivo.. lots of ppl.. cux rainin den cannot go the sky garden to sit..got prob finding a place to slack.. Its been a great dae.. Everidae is great wif u by my side!! One wk wun b seeing mi.. try not to miss mi to much k? Dun get Xiang Si Bing.. lol..

dance with me ;
- 12/18/2006

!Sunday, December 17, 2006

todae went to meet my 11 sista to draw lots for whoseX'mas gift to buy.. i got XXXXX.. heehe.. here's some pics..

-Eunice's shade

-I lyk her shade.. does anione wan buy mi a X'mas gift?haha

-Wif my darling Nadine

- Y r u giving tt sad face?!

-finally u can c my eyes=)

-Us wif 6 ballons & candy canes=D


-Dun focus on my face.. is the pink shade nice?

-i'm bored!!

-My Mummy!! <3

I nid to buy lots of gift!! i m seriously BROKE!! HELP!!!!

dance with me ;
- 12/17/2006


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