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!Tuesday, February 27, 2007

tada!! i'm back.. so long nvr post i noe u all miss mi rite? wahaha..
i've been so bz n tired n lazy to post.. heehe..

here's a brief summary of my past few daes..
everyone is doin the same things for CNY(hse visiting marathon) i shall not sae much..

due to itp cant meet up n go fren's hse on weekdaes=(

sat went to xav hse=D
his hse mountain ppl mountain sea.. 2 majong table 2 (21pt)section..

2mg table

adults section.. "kids" lyk us haf a mini little gambing den in the rm..

wow!! the "captial"..

the kids <3 mi n jas=D

fun tym at his hse.. his family & relatives r all sooo nicee...

my itp is not tt bad aft all.. can c lion dance!! everyfloor got lion dance..

front door too crowded.. i went by the back door..

1st tym c lion dance in office..

yest went to andy(ex manager) hse to eat steamboat.. tis is my 4th tym eating steamboat for ny.. fri still got one more..

aft tt went to watch Norbit @ cine.. its a 1235am show..
so long nvr gather.. got lots of fun thing to do abt..

a short video clip of the sexy legs. lol.. the last one is the sexiest!! hairy=sexy
2plus den reach hm.. n morning still got itp.. so tired=/

todae i haf team lunch @ 4 seasons hotel.. my itp is not bad aft all=D the meal i not sure is manager treat or is by DBS..
we nid to lao yu sheng 1st..

can c the super duper long chopstick?
here's some of the food..

its super duper yummy!!=D
i'm still quite xin fu de.. lol..

aft tt go orchard find some stuff for the upcoming DBS event.. later on meet mr kenneth tan.. our itp liaison officer.. he wil meet us one more tym again b4 itp ends..

i often haf to travel bet. DBS tower 1 & 2..

scenery frm tower 2..

tower 1 lift..

tower 2 lift..
i prefer tower 1.. nicer brighter n got tv.. unlike tis..=D

dance with me ;
- 2/27/2007

!Thursday, February 15, 2007

tis is gonna b a long post.. i so tired.. mentally n physically tired.. lack of slp too.. itp is boring.. super duper boring.. even lunch tym oso boring.. i had nvr gone straight hm aft itp..

mon itp.. reach PWC building @ ard 8 lidat. so earli.. zZz.. i went 22th lvl to report.. no one is dere yet.. sat dere n wait.. finally more ppl came.. aft tt got some DBS orientation thingy.. lasted for lyk 2 hr? my actual working place is at DBS tower one level 27.. PWC is jus a report place.. the dept i m working in is Consumer Banking Grp.. i m the onli one got attached to tt dept.. other dept lyk got 2 or 3 lidat.. i so lonely.. haiz..

my 1st new fren found.. she is frm DBIT yr 2.. but in the end still diff dept..

my wk place..

their tibits..

my mentor's table..

got v few guy.. no shuai shuai one.. cant find sugardaddy alr.. lol.. 1st dae attended a 3hr+ meeting.. my working hrs is frm 830 to 615.. the meeting ard 740 den end.. 1st dae OT jus to listen to a meeting which i actually no nid attend de.. dey wan mi c c but din noe wil last so long..

view frm 27th level..

aft tt gonna meet jas xavier n ben for dinner.. intended to meet at 6 plus de.. bcux of the stupid meeting.. 810 lidat den met dem..we ate Han's den its quite late alr.. so we went hm..

morning itp again.. till now din do much cux laptop n password all tis haven set up.. all i can do is watch ppl work, mayb help photocopy paper, collect doc, read mag n daydream=)Super duper boring..
aft itp went to celebrate jol's b'dae..

we surprise her wif tis=D

bisexual? of cux not! lol.

we drank red wine=)
dey stay overnite at jol's hse.. i cant.. if i stay din i wun slp den tmr itp i die=/ end up 1 lidat den reach hm..

wed morning itp again.. tis tym do a little bit more things.. but still as boring.. its valentine's dae n oso my dear darling b'dae..
aft itp directly go her hse for b'dae BBQ..

in DBS tower 1 lift.. goin ard the building to collect n deliever doc..

mini tv in lift..

tis sign is frm a shell station nearby her hse.. so besides frm 9pm to 8am, it has more than $500? lol..

kenneth's erm.. creation? b'dae cake for nadine.. lol..

everitym he light the candle.. the wind will blow wind blow.. so.. cant realli take nice foto wif his creation.

b'dae girl BBQing fo us late at night.. alot of ppl left.. onli left mi jas eunice ken QB.. we waited v. long for our sakae colleague to cum.. dey finally arrive at 1159.. jus in tym =)
cant stay long.. tmr morning nid wake up early.. ard 1237 lidat leave.. QB's father fetch.. ard 110 lidat reach hm..

Btw.. Ken & Qb has bcum so sweet.. buy chocos for us!!=D N thanks to all who gif me valentine/frendship dae gift!!

todae.. got more things for mi to do at work.. but still as boring..

jus now went supermarket wif mummi..

c tt big white n seems hard ting in tt fish's mouth? hw cum got such huge things in a fish mouth? ask my mum she oso duno..

tis kind of working life is super duper boring.. not the kind of workin life tt i wan. did i chose the wrong course? but all working life is lidat rite.. i wan job tt is challenging n exciting =D

dance with me ;
- 2/15/2007


30th Aug 89


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