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!Sunday, April 27, 2008

What I've been doing?
seriously speaking, i'm not v. sure wad i have been doing.. busy busy busy

random trackback time!(:

long ago, met the girls(neece,dine,qi,mui) at tpy for dinner

yeap, i baked the biscuits.. the girls tried it and they like it!! ha!

went random shopping ard tpy=/

bought them for beach and picnics! when will they ever get to see the sun!

oh, i'm trying sumthin new..

sakae chalet few daes b4 sch start..

seaweed chix definitely my fav!

as usual, guys cook(:

spot the peeping tom!

oh yes, i love to drink.. so?

well, realli shld have booked2D1Nt instead or 3D2N.. but overall its good to gather again!

the next dae late afternoon directly went the wine trning! quite a fun one!

just one dae b4 sch reopen is his family dinner at ahyibaoyu resturant, saw a fren's bf there~

1st dae of sch! 14/4/08.. as well as our 5th mth!((:

dinner at Bloodie's at bukit timah..

so ex can.. 2 dishes and jug V. redbull.. 100bucks flew off!=/

2nd dae after sch, work =/

3rd dae i think i meet him?

4th dae out for late dinner wif ben and xavier!

left is xav and right is ben driving(:
drving skills is not bad.. n i knew ur secret.. hoo~

5th dae, sch ended v. earli and ended up bowling and mj in sch till 4 plus=/

aft which meetup wif dine b4 meeting the girls..

dead tired b4 meeting them.. had a short meetup

sat work?

sun ???

oh ya, i've changed a new lens again.. dark violet k~

new love~

2nd wk..
mon aft sch went work..


botak jones.. din know botak jones have a area manager and a no. to sms ur comments..

wed ajisen


thurs hm str8


lookcarefully, its violet!

y does my hair look so black here?!

as usual, i wanted to mingle wif the crowd..

its a bright sunny banana dae!!(:


i lost my boyboy(the clip)! the first/last photo of his front view taken:(
i think i've drop it.. anyone who found it pls return to me:(

sat, work

i hearts my workplace chief who made bread butter pudding hot frm the oven for me to share wif mimi! yummy delicious!

oh yea, a few daes back, finally had a chance to eat westrn for staff meal. gd welfare yea?

todae is home sweet home.. n of cux proj research:(

harlod and kumar.. do watch!

I’m sure that I will always be

A lonely number like root three

The three is all that’s good and right,

Why must my three keep out of sight

Beneath the vicious square root sign,

I wish instead I were a nine

For nine could thwart this evil trick,

with just some quick arithmetic

I know I’ll never see the sun, as 1.7321

Such is my reality, a sad irrationality

When hark! What is this I see,

Another square root of a three

As quietly co-waltzing by,

Together now we multiply

To form a number we prefer,

Rejoicing as an integer

We break free from our mortal bonds

With the wave of magic wands

Our square root signs become unglued

Your love for me has been renewed

dance with me ;
- 4/27/2008

!Monday, April 21, 2008

oh.. my passion of blogging is so not there anymore.. will update only when i feel like..

it has always been a busy n hectic schedule for me..

aniway, no matter wad i wun change my bloggy add.. i dare to write n publish it, not like some sneaky coward, wrote it and remove the whole bloggy upon discovery..

last time we did tried our best, but msges were ignored and facts in the end were twisted.. we have clear conscience..

chey! so dammn ez to find~

dance with me ;
- 4/21/2008

!Friday, April 4, 2008

i'm so bored now.. gonna have depression..

its v. sad n disappointing tt things planned doesn't go as u wished..

y doesn't my close friend live near me? as in just a few blks distance..
so i can just ask him/her out even in the middle of the night..
my girls dun drive too.. boo!

bytch/sistas are having itp.. i haven gone out for supper with them! ben n xav! when are u 2 driving me out for supper? n y u have itp tmr!! sigh.. jas is still having fun in melbourne:(

well, wad shld i do tmr..

dance with me ;
- 4/04/2008

!Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One + wks b4 school starts.. Boohoo! more holi pls!!

Orphange is not bad.. not too scary..

well, the girls made cup cakes! i din manage to turn up for the baking session..

nice isn't? its taste nice too!! made for girls n guys for chalet the next dae!

only blind ppl will feed your asshole wif cupcakes:)

e4 chalet!! i miss them!! (mostly)

surprisely i'm the 1st to reach the meeting place..

while waiting for food to arrive, cam whore 1st!

jap dramas? poker? scrabble? risk? cupcakes? pods? camwh0re?

its a nice feeling to be able to gather.. more gathering pls!

well well well, for ancient times back.. its alwaes the girls cooking and serving the guys.. this time is different!! see!! the guys are cooking and serving us!! OMG!
the guys have grown up!! GENTLEMEN! or shld i say girls have trained them well?!=x * just kidding*

the girls just have to sit down "kiao ka".. dun nid to do anithin and food is served!! how great! xD

tada!! food food food!!

are u envious of us?

my fav ribena drink to go along!

taitai's wannab and will b!

good fire good food!

one of the main chefs with "roasted" mashmellows..

can u see tt?

we din forced them to sit on the floor! there are still seats availabe..

this is yummy delicious!

food is enuff to keep me entertained, eunice.. lol

so many guys snatching for one chix chop? dun worry, still have some more! :)

the girls..

1st round of risk! kenneth plus 3 1st timer(me, dine, eunice)..

1st round.. i'm the blue soldiers.. guess wad? kenneth lost to us! *proud*:)

aft tt, decided to stay till morning instead.. cant bear to leave for home..
its our usual practice to go beach in the middle of the night for every e4 chalet:)

we found patrick!! opps.. it's died.. definitely not killed by us as its dried up alr..
played some "childhood" games such as "orbi orbi" in the dark on the beach.. so much laughter so much fun!

back to chalet wif hoegarden,jolly,natade coco, crsy tea, ribena as forfeit..
indian poker, some jacky games.. ken is alwaes losing!

2nd round of risk.. me n nadine is red in color.. nvr belittle a small madagascar island!!

we spread far and wide! >.^ thanks to brandon for lots of guidance..

our enemies!! we played from 4 plus to 8am n the game is still not finished yet.. have to end the game as we gonna leave for home..

too bad we din take grp foto this time:( faster meet up for dinner soon!

its really disgusting to keep acting as the fairy role.. wadeva! i have evidence! :)

Rocher butterfly n Egg tart is nice! more pls!!

dance with me ;
- 4/01/2008


30th Aug 89


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