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!Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i nid birdss!! cux i nid luck.. more birds more luck! hahaha..

MA test over.. N for goodness sake.. guess hw much i got? i did v.v. badly.. whole class all failed except for 4 border line passess.. i was'nt tt sad afterall i mentally prepared to fail alr.. its normal to fail MA test..

aft sch went for SB talentime.. N i got Pangseh.. yes you! i'm disappointed..

we onli get in when its lyk close to 6pm when the entry tym is written to b 5pm on the tix.. i hate waiting=/

while waiting outside

the Free herbal tea.. i duno wad tea is tt.. lyk nvr c b4 one.. izit the one which "ah du" help to advertise?hahah

Inside auditorium..

tis yr was'nt as nice compared to last year..

Got lucky draw.. but din win ani.. lol.. i realli nid more birds.. aniway the lucky draw prizes are not v. attractive too..

lets back track..

Jason's b'dae last sat.. we bought tis shirt for him..

however, we din not celebrate wif him..

Jas's birthdae last wed.. we bought tis bag for her..

i din go sch on wed.. so meet Xav, Ben and Jas in late afternoon t.. the 4 of us went sakura to haf dinner..
my 2nd tym goin sakura.. the food was nice.. i lyk the sataty n sharkfin soup.. not 4getting yummylicious ice-cream too! mixing of drinks was fun too.. *smile at jas* >_^

next, we walked ard orchard.. Jas bought some simpsons shirt..

some fotos are wif jas.. i wan the "down the memory lane" foto! lol.. By VAX photographer..

Fri is my last presentation of the sem! wahaha.. an hr presentation.. can die~ wif a video cam recording the whole process..

aft tt went to watch "ALONE" wif DBF2a06.. 06 not my class.. 08 is den my class..haha..

14 of us went..

the storyline was gd.. sound effects was quite gd too.. i screamed=x.. its kinda ps to scream.. Jas was cute.. aft i scream finish ask mi wad happen.. lol..
its not v. scary.. jus tt the sudden images n sound effects will scare u a little..

As usual, grp foto..

aft tt walked from cine to PS to eat pizza.. as dere were alot of ppl.. we haf to cum bac an hr later..

Cheese fondue pizza.. 2nd tym eating it..

Special soup tt mi n jas prepared.. we aimed to finish tis soup wif the bet of the guys all cut their head botak! lol..

Did i miss out anithin?
i'm tired.. Chao~

i dun lyk wet blanket.. =(

dance with me ;
- 7/31/2007

!Monday, July 30, 2007

MA test tmr!! its 30%!!

its based on theory.. its been so long since i touch MA theory.. i nid some tym to catch some balls..

MA test was known to b a killer paper.. heard tt last yr dere was alot failures n few passes.. scary..

Shall update the happenings aft my test tmr..

wish me luck ppl! i realli nid lots of luck tmr cux its onli 7 MCQs but 30%~

mux heng heng tikam the correct ans=))

dance with me ;
- 7/30/2007

!Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BA0253 FA 15 Aug 2007 9:00am - 11:10am TBA TBA
BA0167 ECM 20 Aug 2007 9:00am - 11:10am TBA TBA
BA2001 B&FI 22 Aug 2007 2:00pm - 4:10pm TBA

exams cuming.. Diedie!! gonna start revision soon.. yea.. "soon"

Mon was the deadline for 2 reports.. as usual.. can as alot ppl chiong-ing proj..
aft sch went for a special mission wif 3 "bodyguards".. lol..

Tues.. had to dress formal for ECM presentation..

we went fc 4 during lunch break.. feels so weird to dress in formal n go fc 4.. worst ting is cldnt find ani seats at 1st.. lyk parading at fc4 lidat..

aft tt went back to lib to slack n some did their MA..

well, we were quite boring..

i duno wad happen to the below foto.. dun laugh!

i duno wad effects i've chose.. lol.. kinda cute actually rite?

had to wait super duper freaking long for my turn to present ECM..

tis is actually OHP(overheadprojecter).. lol

no one wanna take foto todae.. whyee?

Camera shy~

its 25th July now.. its JASLYN's b'dae!!

i'm first in wishing her via sms=))

going to celebrate wif her tmr..


dance with me ;
- 7/25/2007

!Saturday, July 21, 2007

times flies so far.. its weekend again.. tis is quite a bz week..

Tues i actually stayed at hm.. din go sch for whole dae...

Wed i actually atteneded CRM tutorial @ 10am.. the teacher was quite surprised to c mi & asked mi if i went for holi -__-
have been watching captain ball match aft sch on wed n thurs.. Hua Hua Xiao Long Bao rox.. the match is exciting.. N i finally can to to play BB.. shoot ball i mean aft so loonggg.. so fun!!

i wld lyk to dedicate the above pic to someone.. hehee.. u noe who u are..

in games, its the fun tt impt.. i cant stand SORE LOSER!
n i hate bias blackies! u sux..

Got back FA paper on thurs.. the results is ehx.. not up to expectation.. the teacher sae Bs n Cs are normal cuz its a tough paper -___- i realli nid to improve on cash flow.. i dun realli know cash flow.. i shld haf start studying earlier..

Fri is the UCCD presentation.. Oh my.. my UCCD suxs big time.. both presentation and report..
i dun wan tis to pull my grade down:(
i actually wake up v. earli to try to reach sch on tym.. lack of slp tt few daes..

aft UCCD everione was chionging proj.. lib is FLOODED wif ppl.. CRM is due at 12 noon.. i heard tt dtrm proj is oso due on fri.. the color printer ink from got color print untill cum out becum weird weird color.. had a late lunch n went to RWPS late.. slpt during RWPS n my frens tot i was surfing net.. lol..

aft tt to np to find dine.. jus nice "hey gorgeous" is now having the recording dere.. i saw FIONA , XU ZHENG RONG, DARREN(superstar) and AH BEN.. ah ben hairstyle rox.. i had a v. close contact wif fiona xie. she came n pass me some magnets for voting.. envious yea.. i shld haf taken tt chance to take foto wif her!!

i helping in voting! i lyk F3 n the fit body of M1.. but i voted for M3(william chua) cux its my fren's lect hall mates as well as my fren's admirer! lol.. M3 got lots of supports.. his flowers is filled wif magnets.. william's teacher is oso v. supportive of him.. he told the students to go support him n participation marks will b given.. i oso supported him.. can participation marks b transfered to sp? lol
N of cux M3 got the most no. of votes while i think its F1 who got the highest no. of votes..

Oh ya.. there was a period where each of the 3 ladies and 3 men had to give flowers to tt particular opp sex which dey think will emerge as champ.. the men was v. kind.. dey had it all planned and make sure tt everi lady has a flower.. while for the ladies.. f2 spoilt the trend, resulting in m1 got 2 flowers n m3 got 1 flowers

the voting magnets!
while counting the votes n waiting for the release for results, it rained heavily.. the thing was held outdoor.. i duno wad happen aft tt cux i left eariler..

NP is super nice.. their lib is so dammn big. wad u c above are all lib.. till level 5.. hw i wish i chose np in the 1st place..

i bought is pure dew drinking water @2.20 in np.. i bought it cux i lyk the bottle=x

aft tt went to amk hub to find girlies.. the rest watch HP while mi n nadine watch Vanancy..

the story is quite exciting.. wad disappoint us is tt the story is too concentrated on the motel..
i lyk one sentence from the story..
"u F***ing bitch.. u betta F**ing look at tis F***ing camera...F***ing... F***ing.."
some mani F***ing in one f***ing sentence.. lol

mi n dine came out earlier n we went to shop for formal clothes.. we actually stay in osmose for almost an hr jus trying on clothes..

duno y jus nice i was wearing black top when taking fotos..

we had a hard tym deciding wad to buy.. N it wil be so dammn pai seh to walk out w/o buying cux we ocuppy the fitting room from dammn long.. we from 2 diff fitting rms till share one fitting rm.. lol..

we walked till almost all the shops are closing den headed to find a place whr we can sit till v. late n chit chat.. we headed to S11.. a bobian choice.. though it was'nt an ideal place to chit-chat its the ppl tt impt!:)

i bought strawberry beancurd while neece bought mango beancurd.. its v. nice.. v. unique..

we talked abt the hey gorgeous thing.. my friend's friend noe hw to hack into the system n automatically vote a large no. of tyms even if it state onli 1 vote per dae..
den i began talking abt each of us from diff poly go take part den use the system to hack.. so no matter who won we still can spilt the winning tgth.. lol!

y are dere so mani heart-breaking news.. so dammn pissed off.. so disapointed.. i wanted to scold the F word too.. assholes!

rush last train n buses backed. an enjoyable dae.. however, dere is alwaes one girlie missing in each meet up..

NDP is coming.. i wan go NDP the flooting platform to watch!! anione got tix to giv? preview oso can. i've been watching NDP previews yearly since sec 2.. i wan go watch!

dance with me ;
- 7/21/2007


30th Aug 89


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