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!Monday, September 24, 2007

took over wenqi's job on fri.. headed hm wash up pon pon eat dinner packed stuff n to eunice's hse!!

gonna sleep over at her hse.. my bag was uber big.. looks lyk i'm leaving hm(li jia chu zhou)..
when my mum saw my bag.. she sae"wa.. ni yao li jia chu chou arh"
no choice cux nid to pack shoes shirt skirt etc inside..

reached her hse at 10plus.. slept at 2am n woke up at 5+..

we nid to reach botanic garden at 630am!! to meet prime minister lee.. lol..
ok.. i did manage to haf glance at him once..

the main motive was to go dere work..
i'm actually supposed to jus stand at the fountain dere gif free mineral water for public..
but i got swopped over to the booth selling drinks cux someone mc..
was v. bz thru out..
large crowds, loud music etc etc..

the minister did came over.. but i dun lyk..
cux the whole path is flooded by reporters etc wif cameras tt is blocking the whole pathway n i cant move-.-

i last min was sent over to Bishan cux i heard someone mc again..
its the same radio event at tampines..

Andy drove me dere.. the ride was lyk whoa.. splendid..lol..
we can hear cars "beep beep" for quite a few times during the journey..
stopped over at the boss house cum office b4 goin..
reach dere ard 1pm.. alot things unsettled dere.. slacked for quite long=x

saw one of the CSS2 dere.. Javin They
i din noe his name until todae cux i went to the net to find out his name.. lol.. in case some of u all duno who he is oso.. he is the one who is having rumor wif keely..

one of the fren asked me.. "do u know who is he?"
i replied" err.. his face looked familiar.. is he frm CSS?"
his fren:" ya.. season 2"

too bad.. i din realli watched CSS and i wasnt crazy over him.. haha..
the 1st time i saw him i jus find his face familar n din care so much..
one of dem(i tink its Javin) tried to open the fridge cux dey tot i not ard.. but i'm actually at the other side.. n i scare him.. lol..
but i'm nice to they all ok.. i keep giving dem free drinks.. they are nice ppl too.. haha.

ohya.. i din mention i manged to c hossan leong and the small cute young actor.. kyle chen xingyu in botanic garden..
the reason i noe his name is cux i look at his nametag.. haha..

aft all the thingy i took a cab to clarke quay.. supposed to haf job trng at 1pm. but i onli manged to reach at ard 5 plus..
at 8plus went to haf dinner wif my new found fren..
oh shit! i 4got wads her name=/

boo!! does my previous blog scare u.. dun worry.. i'm alrite.. jus a moment of anger.. hee..
wad's happening ard me?! i hope tis can b settled soon..
nadine saes i got quite a bad black panda eye.. so i gonna slp now..

Lunar :)

dance with me ;
- 9/24/2007

!Friday, September 21, 2007

Basically no much difference wif my hair except for the fringe..

tis is realli not a good dae..

3 traumatize in a dae..

jus bcux u could not reach an attractive bunch of grapes and u imagined they were probably sour anyway..

fcuk off!!

ur presence doesn't make ani diff..
we dun gif a fcuking dammn abt it animore..

love or hate.. chose one..

dey are my L.O.V.E <3

current mood: angry, pissed off, moody, disappointed !@#$%^&

dance with me ;
- 9/21/2007

!Thursday, September 20, 2007

alrite.. i shall update my blog now.. lyk finally!! hahaha..
my mood is gd.. cux i fix my bluetooth.. tts y.. hee..
too much to blog.. duno whr to start frm n wad to blog.. shall provide a short summary..

last last wk..
had some pissed off incidents.. nvm.. tt over.. i'm a v. forgiving person :)

went to find wenqi.. b4 tt was supposed to go sumwhr else instead...

den went to shop for dress.. wheee!!!

bought a dress den off to meet christine, xinyi and zihao..
i duno wad happening to my memory.. the meeting time was lyk 7.. n i tot its 6.. meeting place is at somerset n i tot its at cityhall.. luckily i went shopping wif wenqi n i told dem i will b late.. LUCKILY!!
ladies luck on me tt night..hahaha..

as usual.. after-dinner-game.. suggested by me!!
i'm lucky.. 3 rounds of game.. din kena at all.. too bad christine!! :P
thanks zihao for the swensens treat!!

the girls in toilet.. aft which went to cine to rent dvd to watch...

we watched "13 the game of death" tot its was a horror thai movie.. ended up its not.. chris n xinyi ended up slping.. while mi n zihao is the survivor..
cabbed hm in the late night..

temp work for F&N.. promoting nutri..
met quite alot ppl.. adarin, vicky, meilu, nancy, vincent, Jimmy...

report at tampiness interchange 1st.. interchange involves selling..
i was to spend a few hrs at tamp mal osol.. the open plaza..
the 100.3fm is having their outdoor event.. Nutri tea happens to b one of the sponser.. and to provide free samples too.. i jus haf to stand dere distribute drinks.. starting no one wans to drink.. the 100.3 DJ haf to keep helping mi ask ppl to take n drink..haha..

dere are lots of weird weird uncles staring at me when its lyk quite early b4 the event starts!! argh!! feel lyk digging ur eyes out.. wads so nice to c hur.. staring and smoking.. talking and staring..=/
was supposed to be alone for tt few hrs in the mall.. luckily Jimmy acc mi for the starting.. even thou he stand quite far away.. i feel more secured :)

can even take a few pkts b4 goin hm!! haha..

i cant realli rmb wad happen last last wk.. hee.. so lets proceed to last wk!!

Mon.. goin back to change dress size cux the fitting queue is lyk super long n we din wanted to queue=/
walking ard to find sher's prezzie..

Tues.. A dinner treat from Xinyu to Me and Christine.. a birthdae treat!!
Thanks!! He brought us to a ulu ulu country club.. a v. high class place.. nice ambiance.. nice food as well!!
up cuming event wif him..
*stayover at his hse.. drive us ard to eat(all the best for the cuming driving test!!)*

Wed to Fri.. taking over wenqi for Nutri tea job..

tts the job place at Chervon Hse.. basically is to pour samples for ppl and describe and promote pdt.. if no ppl.. jus sit down! haha..

its an combined booth wif the citibank.. everytime nth to do can chit chat wif citibank ppl..
one of dem told mi.. u can jus grab ani of the guys dere and dey can "yang ni"..
some of dem are not tt highly educated.. it doesnt nid to realli haf high qualifcations to get gd pay thou..

Break time wif citibank ppl.. Ben introduced me logan beancurd.. quite nice.. v. unique..

tts the uniform.. F&N top, white skirt..white shoes..

13 sept! Sherlene's birthday!!

went of to celebrate her b'dae aft work..
well.. had a not-tt-gd-surprise-plan..

(kope frm eunice's..hee..)
** our plan was to celebrate at her place
when suddenly xin(which is me) injured herself and was at TTS
so we will go hospital find her
only to lead sherlene to Han's at novena
the rest of us waiting for her there with her bday cake

but... auntie geegee alrdy know the plan -.-
imagine she replied jiexin's msg regarding her injury
with a plain unconcern "ok" -.- **

whyee cant lyk u entertain us more thou u know its a surprise..
i cursed myself on ur b'dae!! lol..

all the gifts~

aft dinner was a trip to desert shop and camwhoring.. hahaha..

fun XD

weekend was spent wif girlies as well..
to sher hse.. cooking, swimming(soaking in pool to be exact), sauna..
A trip to DIVINE!!

for cooking i can onli sae chaos in the kitchen!! hahaha..

Water time!!

we are jus trying to pull leah into the water.. the water is freezing cold u see:)

i'm trying to pull neece into the water and giving her warmth at the same time.. hee..

there's echo!!

i'm so excited!!

Evil sher n leah targeting on poor me and dine..

cheekyfaces pls..


finally a nice one:)

Sauna was a nice one.. the feeling was gd.. everione squeezing into a small rm.. but duno y i din sweat at all=/
the nice part is the sercuity came in wif a brief(guy's underwear) and asked if its ours -__-'''
lyk cant u see we are all girls?! *faint*

DIVINE society @ Park View Square.. a v. classy place..

the table is v. artistic! i lyk!

the tall middle thing is whr all the alchol are stored..

the lady.. which is JJ's fren had to hook onto the wire thingy and "fly up" to search the alchoal..
can u see my fren's fren in the pic above?

1st round..


lychee margarita

Sprite and Snow Ball

we shifted to another table and order another round of drinks..

tequila sunset, tequila shot, honey bee, green demon

i din take shot.. dun feel lyk taking shot for now..
i lyk green demon,
cosmopolita, lychee margarita, Snow Ball XD

Cam-whore in the classy toilet..

we were actually sitting on the basin area.. crazy us~

everywhr is so nice..

even their ceiling as well..

Tis Mon..
went salon..
to cut and rebond my hair..
sat for freaking 5+ hrs..

b4 cutting my hair..
i wanted to cut away 20cm of my hair..
i sat down.. the person asked mi if the length was ok.. i sae ya..
i cant realli differentiate the length of my hair when i was sitting and my hair against the chair's back..

i tot it was quite short alr.. in the end i went hm.. wow.. still so long.. haha. nvm.. shall cut when i'm tired so tis length..

Nice part is.. the boss of the salon is sooo HOT and COOL!!

he helped me blow dry my hair.. awwww..
his body is lyk so fit.. jus nice tt kind..

he's actually a father.. realli kan bu chu..
cux his Kindergarden daughter came and find him..
he helped his daughter wash hair.. so sweeeeet :)

He is actually having off dae on mon..

so.. i'm lucky to c him on mon.. fate yea.. lol..

Tues.. woke up super earli to register GEMs..
Effective Nego Skills on tues and Enterprise Resource Planning on fri..

aft tt went wif aileen sabby for a job interview..
den meet neece at far east..
den meet the rest of our sec sch clique for dinner @ sakae heeren..
i;m so happily.. a total of 15 came!!
Me, eunice, nadine, sherlene, wenqi, leah, jol, Kenneth, QuanBao, Weimin, Lekwei, LimJian, Brandon, Jeffrey, Desmond... + JJ

we alwaes had a hard time deciding whr to go aft dinner.. alwaes wasting time in discussing and leading talking to other stuff.. haha..

headed to tpy to chitchat wif jolly shandy as our companion..
awwww.. i realli miss sec sch daes.. hw i wish i cld go bac again..

we would realli love to meet up often.. but its alwaes so hard to set a dae to gather tght..

we wld lyk to go night cycling and basketball and steamboat.. die die muz set a dae for all tis..

tis freaking BIG blue-black has been ard from sat till now.. still as big..

sher has blue-black on her leg too..

there are 3 reasons for blue-black..
1. u accidentally hurt urself..
2. sumthing wrongs wif ur health..
3. ghost pinched u..
same thing happen to us.. it doesnt hurt at all.. so which possibility do u tink? lol..

Oh ya..

dance with me ;
- 9/20/2007

!Thursday, September 13, 2007

i dun feel lyk blogging.. but i will blog once b4 sch reopens.. lol..

argh.. my comp bluetooth got prob =/ can send to fone but cant send over to comp =//


so unfair :(

dance with me ;
- 9/13/2007

!Monday, September 3, 2007

30th aug!! the dae i turn 18 XD

thanks for all the wishes and surprises.. i'm at the legal age to do anitin now.. whee~

meet Jas TB Xav Ben @ bugis 1st.. as usual all of us were late.. Jas is the 1st fren tt i saw when i'm 18 and wenqi is the last person i see when i'm 17 :)

my b'dae wish.. to take neoprint.. lol.. an effective way to get the guys take wif us..

Aft lunch went cityhall to find some chocos for later xav's father's fren's b'dae celebration..

reservation were made by Jas at 630pm for 12 person so we hurried to New York New York.. the rest sat and waited dere while i went to fetch my girles.. Only Nadine is earli.. the rest were all late.. hw could u all make a birthdae girl wait?! *hmmph*

the seating arrangment was kinda weird.. the table tt the girles sat was situated in a weird postion..
the food were so-so onli..

dere came the surprise.. birthdae cake! hahaha.. i nvr tot i wld haf b'dae cake again since i alr received cakes b4 my actual b'dae.. wheeeeeeeeeeeee~
the top cake is from jas xav ben TB.. while the bottom one is made by sher..aawww..

Good attempt sher.. thou it taste erherm in the mouth.. it taste sweet in the heart<3

besides from the "kuai", sher oso learnt hw to make MOONCAKE!! lol..

Dun u tink it realli look lyk mooncake? esp wif a toothpick on top.. lol..

the appearance was quite gd.. at 1st i tot u all last min bought it from somwhr..

my poly clique+ malcolm+sec sch girlies who celebrated from mi.. not forgetting chiumui who left earlier, jol who got impt matters on and neece in vietnam!!

Sweet Sexy Eighteen!

The girls!

whee~ i got my candy floss.. but onli till the end when i was abt to leave..
i heart u all to bits and pieces..

aft the dinner, i left wif xav ben jas to the other b'dae celebration.. it was at hougang pub.. its lyk super long since i went to hougang..

the drinks(beer, martell, champagne, coke) +cakes we had to finish..

played pool for a while.. the pool table was kinda lously.. ball keep on missing inside the pool table..

jas left earlier while the rest of us went into the rm whr dere were more young ppl.. xav's sis voice is great!! so nice :)

thanks to xav's parents who drove me hm!
sept ard 5am den woke up at 9plus to go bac sec sch..

seems lyk lesser and lesser ppl goin bac sec sch.. i duno since when our sec sch has bcum so thoughful.. the sch arranged an movie outing(881) for the teachers-_-"' even got sch bus to take dem to vivo city to watch the movie..
onli take manage to take fotos wif two teacher.. Ms james and Mrs Harridass.. fotos not wif mi.. so cant post here.. Ms james had slim down alot.. alot teacher onli rmb our faces but duno our names :(

the canteen dun haf the hokkien mee and fried noodles tt we wanted to eat :(
i feel lyk chiong-ing up the sch bus to take a mass foto wif all the teachers.. lol..

the students no chioce so haf to leave the sch since dere isnt ani teachers left..
went to tpy to haf lunch wif the sec sch ppl den all were lyk dispersed aft tt..
chose to go hm n slp for a while 1st since goin other places were lyk 1/2 1/2 as i may nid to leave earli..

aft an hr of nap, wake up den headed to royston hse for BBQ..
the rest meet at Bishan while i jus waited at roy's hse bus-stop..

a pathetic no. of 10 came for class BBQ out of a class of 20.. sigh..
but aniway.. if the rest came wun make ani difference aniway...

dun u feel lyk swimming? hee..

food! tis is the most relaxing BBQ i ever had..

the girls..


played some silly games lyk indian poker, heart attack, and multiplies game..
forfeit is to drink sprite wif vodka or baileys.. some of us alr drank vodka b4 the game.. so it isnt realli a forfeit to us.. lol.. 1st tym trying Baileys.. its creamy choco.. for a moment it feels lyk u drinking some medicine lyk antibiotics..

thanks to christine(roy's maid) for helping us to start fire.. and Thanks to royston who allowing us to go his hse BBQ..

Going hm was real fast for mi.. onli 2 bus stops away..

had terrib dreamS lately.. dreams tt made mi sad:( so glad its onli dreams :)

dance with me ;
- 9/03/2007


30th Aug 89


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