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!Monday, January 26, 2009

it may be a bad year ahead. but still, enjoy 1st! =D

2more weeks of lesson+ presentation and 3 more weeks of exams left~ DnD tix was cut from $68 to $45..

skipped a lots of lesson this week. a total of 9 hours skipped=x just no mood for sch..

psp, psp, still psp.. lect's boring..

thurs aft sch was reunion dinner with "sistas". met god of fortune who gave us an angbao with 4 digits.

checkout the "sistas"

the last time the 7 of us gathered tgth with no absentees was last yr july? which was jas n jason's b'dae..

the girls..

steamboat @ bugis with freeflow drinks...

6 choices of soup base..

grp foto!


finally manage wake myself up for the fri 8am lesson which i had not attend for quite some time.
reached @9am and WSK said to me: "you oso happy new year?" lol.. i said ya.. meaning tt the whole class all holiday mood n no one did the tutorial.. i had not touch a single tutorial this semester..

trading was getting more n more boring. "hello, quote pls"

fri lect was rowdy with lots of ppl playing n talking non-stop..

CC's quiz was good with T/F Qn. we all cheated n have the same ans.. lol

aft sch meet Ronnie tgth with PPG. super long nvr see him.. he's now in the police sector serving the country.. now i know SG is not tt safe aft all.. thanks Ronnie for the shirt! we will wear it (:

met up with him on sat..

things does not appear as sweet as nice as u all tot.
there have been problems bet us.
i do not have confidence in us, in this r/s anymore.
friends mayb? if we failed to work it out.
i'm prepared for it..

no pt having only one person giving in.

dance with me ;
- 1/26/2009

!Tuesday, January 20, 2009

skipped an hr of lect followed by FP presentation today(tues).
listened to jonan play guitar while waiting for the rest, he'll be performing for the grad ceremony. whee~ i think our grp kinda in deep shit. report wasn't up to standard, got shoot Qn at each segment.

yest mon 19.01.09 was FMRP test. paper was alrite.. skipped classphoto + lesson on mon too. after paper was town for dinner with sistas!

the 6 of us decided to make a small investment, each forking out 50cents.
open no.s to decide who chose(me) and "O-ya-bay-ya-som"(ben) to decide who's keeping.

tata~ our $3 investment. hoping it to bcum SGD2.2million real soon! handpicked by yours truely~(: a doller today is worth more than a dollar tmr...

camwhore and we invented a new game which requires camera with timing! =D
home sweet home at 12+

last sat was e3 BBQ at deacon place. thanks for organising! shuhan drove tgth with deacon n jeremy, picking me n nadine up @ tpy..

lots of ppl were there, from 2e3+4e3

din manged to take a super big grp foto as ppl kept leaving and coming..

helped BBQ at start, we bbq with an electronic grill! not our traditional pit with charcoal. i still prefer using charcoal thou..

i only manage to eat 1 hotdog, 1 inch chez sau, half pizza, 3 pcs of chix satay n 2 cups of green tea and tt's it?!!! :(

talking abt food makes me hungry

still got lots n lots of ppl not in the photos..

last time we meet was like ages n ages ago..

so the next meet up will be probally ard CNY @ esmond place? =D

played a bit of mj while some played card games..

but too bad still got quite a no. of ppl din came..

the guys were quite "hiong" in playing liquor + card.. i think deacon 1st one to knockout..

jerome the army boy!

all taking with fotos with the celebrity wannab..



left at ard 11pm.. wanted to meet eunice @ zouk but we were wearing slippers so home sweet home~

Sunday was a fcuked up day~

out-dated photos

and WTH~ i din skipped any of my GEMS lesson. i was only late n i received a warning letter!! DAMMN YOU!!!!! @#%#^&?#

but nvm, i can officially skip more lessons cux the sch has alrdy stopped the warning letter thingy. if one is debar, he/she wld have alrdy received the letter xD

reunion dinner for our clique on thurs! =D

dance with me ;
- 1/20/2009

!Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eunice's back from US! just met up with her yest on thurs!(:

met her @ PS aft sch, i was released early n i waited v. long

went ajisen for dinner n shopped ard sasa watson daiso

n boo~ all the clutch of different brands i want are all sold out! no new bags for new yr alrdy?):

OMG! miss her so much can...

talked alot alot

abt our happiness n sorrow..

great to have her back with me!(:

i want go tumci tumci pls! when i'm free~

slacked @ starbucks

tiramisu lipbalm n couple key chain she got for me n steven..

come on, let's back track a little...

Soooo, i spend NYE with my girls. we had our belated X'mas X-change on 31/12/08

Happy New Year n Belated X'mas..

nadine is my Santa!

tt's my gift from her

foto 1st~

seems so bz in the foto..


its not really in my wish list but i still like it(:

with my new dress..

Thanks Nadine!

i'm the santa for wenqi

others prepare such a big box, mine is just a small box

everyone amazed at wad i got for her.. lol~

Nadine's santa is sher. n she realli went all the way to ikea to get meatballs for her!

Sher's santa is wenqi
Jol's is CM
CM's is Jol

this is our 3rd Xmas x-change alrdy?
lets keep it ongoing! whoa~

N my 1st bro n his gf went HK recently n came back on NewYear

they got me disney keychain for me n steven too! LOL

not 4getting my 2nd bro's gf who got me a earring for X'mas..

so on 2.1.09 steven is back! (: n its his birthday!

skipped evening lect to proceed to his hse 1st, bought b;dae cake for him, went back put in fridge n to the airport with his parents!

flight landed at 722pm. only managed to see him at 8+++pm..

he missed SG food n we went Newton tgth with his 2 frens goon n bin..
slept for a while 1st upon reaching hm + cut cake n his frens came over in the night for many many drinks.. so so tired~

the "tu dou" he got for me -.-

my different flavours of pocky tt is not availabe in sg.. so few only):

the filling of the pocky is so thick n generous n so yummy!

a pearl necklace with my name and some words inscribed on it + keychain etc...

spend majority of the sat 3.1.09 slping cux was too tired + his jet lag..
its my 2nd bro b'dae tat dae!

Sun was out to Crystal Jade restuarant with his parents for dinner..
din get to plan much for his b'dae due to the weird timing he came back frm china

following which, 5-9 of jan was bz with 1day work n sch stuff. dammn sian!
5th Jan my 1st bro's b'dae!

weekend with him @ wala wala

everywhr is like infested with chee-na or fillipino~ =.=

2 ppl is kinda boring, needa more ppl to go along


tt sun weekend was doing gems proj @ CCk.. *faint*

sch's stress!




Couple watch which i got for him..

aint it sweet? LOL

alrite for this week..

mon was a deadline for PM proj n went work aft sch..

tues went for sia interview in the afternoon cux they e-mail me.. like ages since last time my resume was sent..

they seems like no hiring animore cux they got enuff CC

for every 10 pax there is none or only 1 person who manage to made it thru the 1st rd. invite for the sake of inviting..

Wed is our 1yr1mth n thurs 1yr1mth1day! XOXO

-FP report handed in last fri (done)
-PM report handed in this mon (done)
-CSB test this thurs (done)
-GEMS presentation this fri (done)

- Excutive Summary due mon 19.01.09
- Class Photoshoot on Mon 19.01 @ 1050am
- FMRP CA2 test on Mon 5pm
- FP presentation on Tues 20.01
- Compulsory grad talk on wed 21.01 3pm
- BD test on thurs 22.01 5pm
- PM presentation on mon 2.2.09
- SB Achievers function on wed 4.2.09 3pm
- FYP trail presentation thurs 5.2.09
- FYP Actual presention Sat morning 7.2.09

-CNY coming up
-Wenqi's b'dae coming up
-mum's birthday cuming up
-welcome hm party not done yet


i'm tired~
happy n sad sch my poly life is ending soon ) : )

i still haven bought bag, hair accessories n earrings for CNY!

shld i go tumci tumci tmr or BBQ????!!!?!?!?!?!?

dance with me ;
- 1/17/2009


30th Aug 89


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