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!Sunday, January 28, 2007

been studying wif eunice n sher the past few daes.. besides studying we cam-whore too=)

hear smths abt frens n fren's fren.. found out tt dere is lots of bastard guys out dere.. feel lyk dedicating one song to all these bastard guy.. irreplaceable by beyonce.. DUN TINK tt u r irreplacble!! its a nice song. everione shld listen.
however dere is still v. nice guys out dere=) N the world is so small!!! frenz r all link to one another..

found some v.nice n funni video..

Tis video is abt ppl interpreting jay's mumbling.. v. nice=) the title is jay chou perverted version. haha.. mux read the subtitles den funni.. the guy who do the subtitles is so creative!!

tis 1st one is buying pork frm indian.. v.funni..

hate some IDIOTic ppl who lyks to comment on things tt he/she duno.. N ppl pls DUN accuse ppl on things tt u duno. pls get the facts right b4 accusing ppl..

dance with me ;
- 1/28/2007

!Wednesday, January 24, 2007

yeah!! happi dae.. todae itab presentation and we haf to dress in formal for jus tt 9 min presentatoin!!??

aft tt took fotos and we went bugis=D

we ate pastamania.. We oso played Zhong Ji Mi Mah.. we ask v. senitive Qn lyk if u haf to go into a r/s wif ani guy/girl in our class, who will u chose? etc..
aft tt go take neoprint=D

dance with me ;
- 1/24/2007

!Sunday, January 21, 2007

ok.. i broke my record of skipping the most no. of lessons per wk.. aniway.. its the last wk alr.. i'm jus self-declaring holi 1st.. haha..

went to celebrate raymond's b'dae on wed @ sakae sushi.. intended to go wheelock's but ended up @ heeren cux onli heeren haf seats to contain ard 20 of us.. mi chris endrea bought him a b'dae cake.. we even took a cab jus bcux of his cake=) we ate alot.. damn full.. n we were thinkin all sort to hide the food.. i saw the XXXL mananger tt ronnie dey all hate.. she is realli v. TAO REN YAN.. idiot!!

SAT!! went out wif Ben Jas & Xavier!! we went to lots of place.. BuGis.Raffles City. Marina Square.Suntec.Takashimay.Heeren.Centrept =) we still haven spend our $100 levis voucher tt we won frm amazing race.. We each bought a top.. *HaPpI*
fun tym cam-whoring todae!! let the pics do the talking..

OMG!! the 162 SBS bus tt we took is SUPER DUPER COOL!! Its so NICE!! wad an experience!!

Had a fun tym playing wif the lifts n visting other lvls of taka.. Fun but scary =/

[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] Our Message=D

btw.. shld i change my itp to yr 2?? i tink its betta to do at yr 2 rite??

dance with me ;
- 1/21/2007

!Wednesday, January 17, 2007

today is a totally waste of tym.. reach sch @ 8am to for gems test.. it was actually meant to b a online quiz.. duno y change to written paper.. finish the test within 3mins.. the duration is actually an hr.. the test is v. simple.. jus 20 ez mcqs.. hw long will it take? set an hr? tts too long.. finally aft 30 mins.. the teacher sae those finish alr can go..

Next went to SB library to rot for an hr plus till 10am for itab..
Got bac out ppt marks.. i got 80!=D highest in class.. so happi!! its was a 3hr lesson.. but the teacher sae hand in project can go alr.. next wk den present.. i was so SIAN!! but i came up wif a v. gd suggestion.. K BOX!! Whoot!! N off we go.. went kbox wif jas ben jason xavier.. immediately rush off aft handing in the project.. we r the slackest of the slackers in class n we so fast hand in.. other grps r staying behind to improve their frontpg..
We sing from 11 plus till 3 lidat.. Den we came bac for stats tutorial..
As usual.. go dere slack n take attendance onli... go dere talk talk... online.. wait for 5pm n off we go..
i wan to do smth meaningful can? lol.. lyk motivate myself to study=)

Its all over now..
Still rmb u saying tt u still will win even if dey join forces..
All those qurallels and struggles..
R for nth..
All those things tt happen was jus. . .



dance with me ;
- 1/17/2007

!Saturday, January 13, 2007

i know whr i gonna do my itp alr..

Industrial Training Programme Student Placement Notice

Please read the following information about your ITP Placement:
Name of Student: CHUA JIE XIN
Admission Number: 0613707
Name of Company you are attached to: FELLUS PTE LTD
Reporting Address: 31 KAKI BUKIT ROAD 3 #05-24/25 TECHLINK 417818 SG
Person to Report to: MR MARC TAN
Telephone Number: 96506226
ITP Start Date: 2007-02-12
ITP End Date: 2007-04-14
Time of Reporting: 9.00AM
Allowance: 440/Month

2. Please ensure that you have collected the Log Book. Please arrange to meet your Liaison Officer as soon as possible.

Liaison Officer Name: KENNETH TAN
Room: T1921
Telephone: 68790331
School / Department: LC
Email: kenntan@sp.edu.sg

3. Please see your Liaison Officer before you start your attachment.

so little pay=(

i wonder who i'll b working wif.. btw.. feel free to cum find me @ work.. i've change my name to Qiang Jie.. so when u reach dere u jus shout my name.. the security will entertain u.. lol..


dance with me ;
- 1/13/2007

On thurs. i went to c Bb match.. the match tt i lyk the best is the boys frm np vs nyp.. i lyk no.3 frm np.. He is SoOoo Duper Super Shuai N Cute & Fit.. lol.. *faint*.. Got one guy frm nyp call wei long is not bad too.. heard tt tis bb skills is oso v. gd.. he so oso fit.. BUT.. I still lyk no.3!! No.3 RoOxXx!!!

yest.. i skip all the lessons... i've been skipping lots of lesson tis week.. mon attend all.. tues skip gems & itab, total of 5 hrs.. wed din skip.. thurs skipped all the lecture, 3hrs.. fri skipped 3hrs too.. i nid motivation to wake up early in the morning!! lol..
went to Singapore Polytechnic's Jam n Hop FLAUNT IT.. at 1st.. i tot it was gonna b boring.. Endrea sae i can stay N help out but i was in WRONG attire.. welfare comm tee + shorts + slippers.. She sae i stay inside the rm.. no nid cum out.. but tts gonna b boring!! i feel so OUT OF PLACE. thnx to JianMing.. my bf of the dae.. lol.. offered to lend mi his super duper big black tee.. so tt at least i'm black wif the rest..haha.. followed him bac to clubhse to take the tee den cum bac.. i feel lyk i was walking in pyjmas dress in sp..
aft tt i followed lots of diff ppl to walk walk.. 'kop' some light stick.. we were oso given some coupons for the food in the end..
1st tym "clubbing" in sp wif pyjams suit.. lol.. FUN!!=D at 1st no mood dance cux of my WRONG attire.. but the atmosphere was quite gd.. all i can sae is tired..
aft tt went to find ssc, hoping tt i can shoot a few balls.. but too late.. dey went to bathe when we reach.. N jus den i rmb tt i 4got to take my itab bk... went back to find but dey sae duno put in wad box le.. nvm.. i no nid to use itab alr.. i next tym can take bac..

MOB exam is next fri!! i haven even started.. i nid to haf motivation to study!!!!

all i can sae is we met each other at the wrong tym...

dance with me ;
- 1/13/2007


30th Aug 89


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