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!Monday, July 21, 2008

i got pickpocket ed!!

Boo!! dun worry i managed to got it back..

On sat morning, went to meet my BD grp mates to discuss proj @ amk mac. my bag wasnt zip. i still rmb me pushing my wallet deeper into the bag. aft tt i put my bag behind me and lean against it. happily discussing the proj..

den i felt sumthin is taken out of my bag. sensitive back yea? haha.. i turn back n i saw one uncle, his right hand alrdy holding my wallet(just taken out kind). i immediately snatched it back and stare at him. i think he got stunned and stare at me too. I NVR SCREAM! n i duno y. perharps i was in shock. so i just stare at him n he stare at me. his other hand was holding a hp, pretending to talk on phone i think.

my grp mates duno wad happen and stare at us too. So there was a moment of silence. aft tt the ****ing uncle say to the phone in chinese" oh, you outside arh? i come find you now" and he RAN out!
some of my grpmate tot i know him, some tot he is going to fight cux he sound like fierce. some duno wads goin on.

when he ran out den i say he took my wallet out. yea, they ask me whr i nvr shout. i oso duno y. i really regretted letting him go. i think he's from china. good thing i'm alert enuff to snatch my wallet back immediately. aft tt feel like goin police station to ask the police help me check fingerprint hur. i think police wun even to bother me. if i had shouted, ivan could haf stand up immediately and blocked his way.. sigh.........

aft tt went to work n told my colleagues abt it. all ask me y i nvr shout. yea.. arghhhh..

the night b4. @midnight time, another tramatise thingy..

i was walking hm from busstop aft e3 gathering. along the roadside. whr there is really completely no one ard me. A van suddenly stopped. the indians inside all staring at me. suddenly the front door n sliding door open very fast. come out blackies. i walked faster. n key in 999 in case anithin happens faster press dial. LOL.
its so scary can? imagine u are me. . so drama right. haha

it stopped so suddenly excatly beside me...

i dun dare look behind. luckily i heard theword "byebye".i think they sending fren hm n exchanging seats i guess. PHEW~ i continued walk faster. at the road junction when they drive pass they stare at me again ): so scared they rush out grab me.

finally home sweet home!(: 24hrs haven even pass n i kenna pickpocket. so sway can!!

imagaine my wallet really got pickpocket. my wallet has ard $120, ic, credit card, ezlink card, admin card, atm card etc etc.. if lost den OMFG!!

guys alwaes put wallet at their back butt pocket.. is their fleshy butt more sensitive than my back?! hahaha.

Singapore is not tt safe aft all..

alrite, happier stuff.. had e3 gathering on fri. Planned to meet @ novena @ 7pm. i reached at 659, followed by bao n kenneth. aft tt another bunch of guys arrived. the other girl nadine is yet to arrived. she was late for fully an hr!

walked a dist to zhen fa steamboat. its not bad, food nice, lots of variety as well.

clean steamboat with 2 soup base.

choco fondue. such a small candle wun be able to heat it up. we used the steamboat's head instead.

tidy neat table..

food food and more food.

happy eating time!!

the desert. mashmellow. i wan BBQ mellow pls!

the 2nd table we occupied. total of 15 ppl turned up, they are me, dine, qian, kenneth, Quanbao, Benji, Shone, Took Yeow, ShuHan, Rong Shan, Jordan, Shiwei, Chou yang, Esmond, Joel. . .

din expect so much to turn up, decan lock the guy who sugguest it actually din came.. Jasmine din come.. quite missed her..

aft tt me n dine brought them to our fav hideout. they were not amazed at it. Need to climb ladder up n down O-gay? v. challenging.. haha

too bad it started raining soon aft. took bus hm n drama thingy happen as mentioned earlier.

din took much fotos of e3 gathering.. missed the grp foto. ppl realli changed quite fast.

i dun like blacks

i dun like tt uncle who tried to pickpocket me! ):

last thurs!

its yam yam biscuit stick!


Are-are-are-are you are you patient,

dance with me ;
- 7/21/2008

!Wednesday, July 16, 2008

STAFF PARTY 2008!! Whee~
i only got fotos from neece's camera n a few from my hp. the rest of the fotos quite hard to get i think..

its a Sun! have been so looking forward to it..

all dressed up, ready to go!

took a few pics while waiting for the rest to come. "Cheers" with the colleagues with a bit of Vodka lime bit b4 we set off.

i see khalif in the foto stop and stare! haha.. off to the bus which will bring us to Changi Sailing CLub!

Such a Beautiful nice place isint it?!

while queing up to get our "goodie bag" and drks coupen.. in the end its unlimited free flow of drinks.

dun u think the guy behind look like a bit of our sec sch 4e3 jeremy? lol

yea. tt's the drks coupen. i think billy's or whoever's head is photoshopped into the manly body.

to toilet 1st.

the toilet is super big..

i slipped n fell in this dammn wet toilet later on.. my butt hurts..

deb's signature tourist pose..

good day good atmosphere good aiming..

additional of Janice n Kat.

tt looks like sunset! but its not.

Bartender! Whr is my Vodka redbull! tts the mini bar located outside.

while waiting for dks. Cam-whore!

girls have good aiming too..

additional of Rea, Aisha and Sue!


tt's "ah bang", our cleaner. he's nice.,friendly and washes the culteries very clean!

this khalif! the one who threw me into the pool! ARGH!! escaped once. but cant escape twice.

yea yea, off to the room..

more grp fotos.

having fun yea. sumone even poured the guiness onto us! btw i tasted guinesss more carefully this time rd. but it still tasted like COLD CHIX HERBAL soup. i still dun like it.

while waiting for others to get ready..

sexy deb! hee.

see the sail behind?

tt's cyn.one of our rovers manager.

tt guy is our chief. he cooks realli nice food. he;s the one who made bread butter pudding for me n he knows like quite a no. of lang n dialect.

i'm still not wet at this pt of time. tt's explain y some ppl are down to bikini.. haha!

i din reali
se there is so many ppl ard me when i took this foto.

in the midst
.. aft dinner etc..

a very relaxing moment. i was lying down on the float in the pool drinking my 1/2 vodka 1/2 redbull tt my supervisor wilson made. awww.. dammn shuang! ahhahaha!

got deb to washup in the toilet for a super long time cux she got v. tipsy. keep taking hotwater from the vendor..

followed by catfight. catfight is dammn dangerous. we were alrdy tipsy tipsy. duno y the guys suddenly lift the girls up on their shoulders and fight in the pool. i think tt explains y there are bruises, blueblacks on my arm n elbow. its dammn messy. i dun even know who i was fight with..

despite my tipsy tipsy conditon, i managed to hear eunice's no. announced for the lucky draw! whee~ she won a coffee maker. . .

we oso danced crazily for a while at the poolside. tt pt of time we were too high.

. . .
after tt long long time...

down to bikinis..

i'm bringing sexy back!

i duno y we din took the last transport to leave tt place..

i duno y i sobbed for a while the rest are leaving. mayb due to the quarrel the dae b4. i think onli aisha sees it. haha.. dun ask me y i duno y.. n thanks to aisha for letting my anihow use her msges.

depsite my state of tipsy i manged to survive all night w/o sleeping n taking care of eunice at the same time. i helped her back to the rm while most of the ppl left the party.

the dark balcony.

tt blur face is my manger ian.

yes! tt's my leg. bruise n blueblacks!

i found this "lame" drawer. its hollow -.-

the goodie we got.. eunice! y ur one got baileys? y i dun have!!

wad happen in the rm i've alrdy told eunice. she cant rmb wad happened.

wilson ordered mac n asked us wad we want. duno who so funny keep asking for MAC NOODLES!! hahaha! i cant rmb tt face.. keep demanding for mac noodles n is so pissed at mac for not having tt.. LOL.. is a guy btw..

played poker. talk talk talk. i saw fred walked pass n i think he got quite a pekcek face for us being so loud late at night. hahaah.

at one pt of time, i think its ian initated to go down for drinks again. my action super fast, brought eunice down immediately. in the end pangseh, we went back up again.

left n took a cab hm at 6 plus in the morning. i hope i din malu myself much while i'm tipsy.

Overall conclusion: High, fun, tipsy, dangerous, memorable, funny. . .

Ohh, yea. be jealous my company have such good welfare! hahahaah!

btw, whenever i drink alot alchol. i cant slp for long. i aft slping for a while will wake up. i duno y. its been lidat from last time till now.. so i slpt at ard 7plus. woke up at 10plus to reply msges. haha.. but good thing rite.. can skip the hangover part :P

went back to rest for a while, skipped BD alrdy so skipped the lect as well.
meet him n acc him to go kallang cut hair.

the male.

the female..

i be changing my hairstyle soon! most prob this sun or next wed.
still deciding to rebond or to curl my hair..

oh yea, we have alrdy gotten our year bk..

class foto of last yr. some ppl sae i've changed alot. did i? oh btw, i be into this duno wad trading competition with this chinese guy(alloy) sitting beside me..

spot my poly sisters! haha.. n jonan took over xav in this 06 class foto. LOL

tues i attended all lesson by ta cancelled. today i skipped =x

b4 u exit, pls enjoy the singing by my lect/tutor chris cheong in the lect hall.. HAHA!

dance with me ;
- 7/16/2008


30th Aug 89


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