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!Monday, December 24, 2007

here's some fotos from Genting/KL trip.. most fotos kope from jas's LJ cux i haven gotten the fotos from her yet..

9 of us travelling tgth!! Me,Jas,Angeline,Joys,Brian,Xav,Ben,WEiye,Kiathow!

On Sun Night we all went to hougang to eat the western food b4 travelling to golden mile complex for our 1130pm bus/coach..

reach genting at 6pm mon morning..

upon arrival den found out tt Ben lost his passport=/ he's so supar calm.. if i were him i were b supar panic!

near the bus terminal..

3 of the 5 guys.. their hair were wet!

theme park!

ferris wheel!

9 of us!

we wasted lots of time.. indoor theme park wasnt thriling and outdoor theme park we onli played bumper boat.. LOL

played "missing game" wif the guys.. it was a prank afterall..

kiathow managed to get into the casino but he walked in and out in the end kena check ic.. lol..

4of us lost our stuff.. ben passport, jas contact lens, xav memory card, me ear ring):

fortune telling at night using poker card was scary.. it was kinda accurate.. we had 2rms tt are connected and one rm isolated.. the 9 of us squeezed into the connected rm..

tues afternoon we took minibus to KL n to federal hotel..

we had 3 hotel rms.. all the 3 rms were seperated.. we onli occupy 2 rms..

1st we went to lot10 for lunch, followed by their newly opened mall, the pavillion which looked much lyk vivo and paragon..

in the pavillion, the 4 gays

aft tt went to sungei wang.. sat a 3d or 4d space shuttle thingy.. so cool!
aft tt is their mall whr the girls shopped for an hr ++ while the guys couldn't stand us n waited at the hotel.. onli one shop attracted us.. i cldnt get stuff from other shops..

met the guys for dinner and off we go to durians!!

Mao Shan Wang and D24!

the guys tried drinking water w the durian husks and we headed to kfc for a drink..

ben and kiathow started burping nonstop...
we can smell the disgusting smell of durians,... it diffused thruout the kfc.. we all ended up laughing.. even the outsiders laughed at us..

Wed morning we woke up jus in time for sunway lagoon! missed our free breakfast.. so went str8 to the mall at some chinese restaurant for lunch:)

its quite similar to wild wild wet.. had a fun tym dere.. drank quite alot of water as well.. n i tink i got capsized the most=/

time wasnt enuff so the we went bac to hotel den bathe.. b4 tt we went to the mall to buy some gummy sweets and dunkin donuts!!

went outback restaurant for dinner n took some fotos wif the lovely trees..

duno y we ended up discussing hw much money we brought spend n had left in the middle of the rm.. aniway.. if ppl were to rob us we wun haf ani money left for dem.. lol..

headed to an irish pub next..

well. the had cheap labour imported as well=/

had fortune telling tt night as well.. similar cards appeared again.. we onli slpt at 620am in the morning.. missed our free breakfast again!

packed our stuff n took coach to singapore at 230..
a supar long journey.. ard 9 den came bac to Singapore..

the rest went to the steamboat while my deer fetch me...:)

the next dae had dinner wif his parents...

the following sat night had some dinner thingy..

i've been eating good food till now... i seriously nid to go on diet!! so fat so fat!!

its really nice to go overseas wif friends!! no curfew no stress jus freedom!! xD

Dun u think dey looked alike?! lol..

btw. . . .


all i want for christmas is you~

dance with me ;
- 12/24/2007

!Sunday, December 16, 2007

Whoa! supar lonnnggg nvr blog.. its alwaes difficult to recall wad i did n whr i go..

2nd dec is the Standard Chartered Marathon thingy...

the dae b4 we nid to meet at tamp mall at 2plus in the morning when the coach onli arrive at 315am..

our station is giving out medals.. haf to slack till ard 9+ in the morning b4 there is serious work for us to do..

i oso went to help out in kids dash! some kids supar cute one k.. lol

joke of the dae!!

aka cecelia lee!!

best part is got a china lady approached ben tan.. she asked:" are u gay? if u not gay give me your contact no.! "lol..

the girls followed ben tan back to retrieve his shoes.. the guys were heartless!
in return he bought each of us a rose:)

3/12 i cant realli rmb wad i did.. jus rmb i went to west coast park and we saw shooting stars on our way bac!!!
i'm so lucky hur.. b4 tt i was saying tt i wanted to see shooting stars cux i nvr seen it b4..
supar happy k!! xD

wed i watched 30 daes of night or izit golden compass? lol..

30 daes of night is a gross movie.. if u dun lyk gross better dun watch.. golden compass is quite similar to star dust but its better den stardust cux i din fall aslp! hahaha

thurs me and sab went to nadine hse.. we did meaningful things right sab.. lol..
aft tt steven fetched us to eat our supar late dinner and to hm:)

fri was a dae out to vivo wif jas ben n TB in search of bernie's present.. barney for bernie!!

sat steamboat + whisky bar!!+ staying over~

cyn my lurb lurb~

saw Margaret too!!

Mon 10 Dec xav's+ Bernie's birthdae @ Fish&Co.

dey haf to stand on chairs!! xD

Grp foto!

tues i haf to work sort of alone.. cux all my darlings not work.. sab gaf schedule but darren din put her work tues:(

but nvm.. Jas Ben Bernie came n find me! whoa~


i even more heart my deer who fetched me from work!xD

wed i stayed at hm all dae..
i made biscuits! to give him on our 1 mth:)

the ingredient list had 2g of vanila powder.. i tot tt one is useless so i dun bother buying tt.. and jus as i was abt to start i realise tt i'm making vanila biscuits! -_-

but nvm.. it oso taste supar nice w/o the powder.. the heart cutter tt i bought is useless.. in the end used my hand to make heart..

Hot in the Oven!

thurs rented dvd n watched at his hse...

finally received my supar belated b'dae gift from gab! thanks!!

fri last dae if term 3!! yay!!
i almost self-declared holi 1st..hahaha

its our 1 mth! yipee!!
and off we go to Night Safari.. b4 tt had dinner wif his parents..

my 1st time to Night Safari! excited?!hahaha

b4.. while we on the tram..

aft the tram n b4 watching the night creature show!

reached at ard 8plus n stayed till closing... supar long nvr see animals already..

yest was X'mas celebration at his estate.. i know its a bit too earli hur.. hahaha

i HEARTS my deer!!

hey peeps!! i'll be off to genting + KL soon tonight..

will be back on 20th night..

dun miss me kays???
but i know u all will xD

i promise i will miss all of u all too:P

i'm gonna miss u so so so much!!

dance with me ;
- 12/16/2007


30th Aug 89


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