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!Thursday, September 25, 2008

Holidays dun end so soon pls ):
hope i wish time just stop during weekend..

Have a good lauff!! xD

wad's up yoz?

i'm a geek!

i'm beginning to love AM shift!

2 new colleagues! its male sumore.. but but gee is leaving n duno when is rea cuming back )):

dance with me ;
- 9/25/2008

!Wednesday, September 17, 2008

more outdated fotos..

i <3>

chenise leaving as well (:

last last weekend went to DN's trng as well as with bf(:

last mon/tues working night shift. AM shift is realli is onli bz durin 12+ til 2pm, other tt den was relaxing..

last wed went to buy 2 heavy box of mooncakes, one for my mom and another for his parents.
went hm to put mooncake n met nadine to buy sher's present in town. had a hard time chosing.
followed by dinner and meet lunar peeps for a while. change of location here n there.

i regretted not goin in to zouk tt day :(

following which was disaster:( whr the times seems eternity.

home's favourite black durian mooncake i bought. looks cool right?

happy mooncake festival as well as 10th month(:


rotted at hm this week mon-wed.

tues was a bad day. woke up forced myself to eat lunch. vomited all out at 7 plus. couldnt eat anything. drank soya milk n vomit all out at 9 plus again.
i wasnt sick, no fever etc. mayb due to something i drank the night b4.
could sleep well at night, hands n legs was painful n aching, kept waking up at night.

thank goodness i;m alright the next day.

gonna work tmr night n fri morning.. i'm looking forward to weekend!

everything will be alright(:

dance with me ;
- 9/17/2008

!Friday, September 5, 2008

Results be out on Sept 17! n now its H.O.L.I.D.A.Y!! ((:

last paper was at thurs 28.08.08. aft paper went town with jas,berns,xav,ben,tb. had lunch n slacked ard. its been quite long since we last gather.

29.08.08 had my pre-b'dae celebration with my poly clique at hardrock cafe.

i tot i'm very late.. who knows the rest are even worse!

Xav's gf. Angeline. pretty pretty (:

their toilet had indian server in both ladies n gents, giving u paper towel to wipe ur hands.

nice ambience

red rocking rita.. consist of teq, cranberry etc etc etc..

uber big sandwich..

at ard 10plus, the waitress give the ladies the "band" for the ladies night n 2 comp tix each per lady. its their ladies night!
b4 tt we asked wad izit abt, the server say its up to the manger to give free drnks n is per usual price b4 during normal hrs.. later on then we realise wad she meant.

the girls..

the couple. 4+ years goin on strong

at ard 10 plus i went to toilet with angeline. who know there's a surprise awaiting me!
just nice when i went toilet my girlies arrived just in time to surprise me.. whee~

when i came back, the muffins popped out of nowhr with jas's camera on the table. i was very blur n i din know tt the camera laid on the table has the girls foto in it. i was wondering did the girls came? if got whr are they? cux this muffin can ony be made thru the girls hand..

i blur blur went to ask jas wads goin on. n then the girls that were hiding popped out!! =D

so excited n surprised! thankiew girls + malcom!! (:

they couldnt stay long cux they had to fetch sher from airport. forgive me sher for unable to fetch u ):

aft making wish with the muffins, another surprise came! my poly sistas had a cake for me.. the cafe had live band tt night, my name was announced, happy birthday song and make wish again!

i wish i wish i wsh..

its not too tiring to blow candles again n again(:

got a free hot fudge sundae from hardrock cafe, they got a candle on top of it as well..

big big grp fotos!!

instant foto tt hardrock cafe give me.. thankiew((:

artwork of cavan(jas's guy)

ben,angeline,xav,berns,jas,cavan.. jason working, tb got fren hospitalise unable to come.

stayed on for quite some time...

aft which ben n cavan left, joe n his fren joined us n we went to watch deathrace @ 2am.. its a nice show! reached hm at end 4plus. slept @ 6am.

present from the girls n poly sistas..

30.08.08 my beautiful day!

bf + his parents came to pick me up ard evening time n we went central mall @ clarke quay for dinner. me n steven dine at Ma Maison( a combination of jap n french resturant?) while the parents dine at another place.

the place only open at 6pm n b4 the opening there were alrdy customer waiting outside..

we were the 1st to reach thou.

my bastard bf!

he tried to make a reservation but reservation is fully booked.

it has a really nice ambience

Customers there were mainly couple n family. no big grp of frens.

its my 1st time eating escargot! see the fire?

doesnt look nice but it taste delicious!

not-so-nice drink we order. i think its some buzz under fizz.

err.. i think he ordered steak

nice place nice food..

paella(pronounce as pint-la) the serving is big!

their interesting way of billing. the restaurant name 's meaning is my home i think.. tt's y they uses the idea of key as billing.

u just have to bring this key to casher for bill. some waitress had to wear traditonal customer which i think tt is so trouble n their uniform there varys. each wear quite differently.


izit being captured?! *thinks*

roam ard n headed back to his hse..

a lizard in his rm ran across my leg n i scream the hell outta me,.

he's making a cocktail for me with limited resoures

my rambutan-tini:)

consist of only vodka, rambutan( the canned one) + syrup and lime.. realli limited eh..

tt dae we went carrefour to buy this.. b4 my b;dae he keep saying this is my present n we gonna share finsih my present tgth ):

played games n drank homemade V/OJ

my present from him<3

when i see this i laughed, cux tt time valentine he bought a ted baker wallet tt is too big. so i decided to use it onli for dinner since it is very glam as well.
now this one abit too small.. have to fold notes.. but but i still LOVES it!

Nadine saes" so next time u know wad he's goin to buy. a medium just right size wallet." LOL.

slacked ard, watch euro trip tv etc etc n home the next day..

31.08.08 - post b'dae celebration + neece's farewell + sher;s homecoming.. 3in1

wanted to eat steamboat ended up travel here n there. girls are fickle minded n ended eating aijisen.. aft which sat down n talked.. its been a long time since we see the guys..

grp fotos! this foto not nice cux my face is blocked! hmmph! >:(
will get the rest from the girls soon..

thanks everione for the b'dae wishes! (:

01.09.08- slept alot in the afternoon cux at night wun be able to slp.. left my hse ard1150pm to sher hse to prepare for eunice's departure..

touch up here n there. these are the things we gonna give eunice(:

this is actually a coaster. fotos of yest are printed out the next day. all thnks to nadine.

Neece flight is at 02.09.08 6am.. had to reach by 4am..

sher;s dad drove us to airport at ard 4plus..

chenise(jas's sister leaving for orlando as well).. each of the girlies is wearing the same "I <3>

grp foto with neece not obtain yet..

neece in the backgrd waving..

we still cant get used tt eunice had left n sher had come back.. following which me dine sher jol went t2 to eat b'fast n followed by bus home..

sleep slept n woke up at 3 cux got work at night ): its been so long since i last worked..

i duno whr did tt big patch of blueblack came from.. it's been days alrdy.

wed stayed at hm finally for a gd rest.
had gd news later on tt night. on my b'dae steven asked me to pick no. to buy 4 d, so i pick 2 sets. one of the no. came out on wed's night ! whee~
my mum bought for sat sun wed so she won. too bad steven n parents onli buy sat n sun..

my mum is so happy!!
but she told my she nvr buy my hp no. which came out in last weekend. one prize missed..
n she 4got to buy a set of no. tt army has mailed me which came out as 3rd on wed.. another huge prize missed! Ouch! pain pain.. ):
seems like i'm shld buy 4d in future when my b'dae comes..

this morning i finally get to work MA shift.. the same goes for tmr.. went shopping aft work.. spent like quite alot=x

oh, olympics are over.. let us have a good laff on some of the china's translation~

so this is male or female toilet?

cannot die anywhr anyhow hur.

would u like a sucker?!

they are racist?



the more the merrier!


Hurry up and wait
So close, but so far away

dance with me ;
- 9/05/2008


30th Aug 89


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