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!Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On the v. late night of 13th feb.. he secretly drive over to my house..

sixth sense or wadeva u call it, i duno y i go poke my head thru the kitchen window while washing bowls..

i saw a familiar car and a guy standing dere, luckily the car boots were down..
thinking tt it might b him, i faster stopped looking..

not long aft the clock strikes 12(14th feb) he called me, asked wad i'm doing and tolded me to look down..

so. . imagine this lighted up, from a view of 7th storey height..

it would be a beautiful sight right? i 4got to capture tt moment :(

oh well, i'm not tt kind of gals who will easily be touched to tears.. besides, my mummy at the living rm as well..

tt wld be our 3th mth too ((: the surprise was great!

with the companion of this rose when i got down to meet him..

there's golden words on the rose petal..

it reads happy valentine's day..

ohh.. lovely isnt it.. but its supar ex to buy rose on v. day..

on 14/2 mid afternoon.. i ownself took bus to his house..

ahh.. its a supar long journey n i din get lost :P (proud of myself.. lol)

he gave his "virgin" attempt to cook fried rice to me.. we totally duno hw to cook.. n i din help him this time..

he even did all the washing.. ( lyk 1st time hur.. lol)

after slacking at his hse for a v. long time.. off to watch jumper!
he's so exceptionally sweet tt dae.. open n close car's door for me..

had to book tixs as its selling fast n its full hse! its s nice movie! aft popcorn we were too full to eat anithin..

tts wad i receive on v. day.. btw this 2nd rose t ti receive its actually a freebie from GV if u purchase tt jumper combo..
at 1st when i received it i was shocked.. aft tt i eee, cux alot ppl will b carrying tt same thing..

inside the box, those rose petals are supar "xiang".. so fragrance!

underneath the rose petals and inside another box.. a giantic wallet from ted baker ((: i love it! v.day was great! thanks for everything..

tts for him..

wads inside? confidental:P onli the receiver and eunice knows..

weekend went to foutang for a mini "
tuan bai" and eating-together..

god-of-fortune looks cute eh? all over him is angbaos..

after which went orchard.. bro gave $200 vocher to mummy.. she got a watch.. i got a guess bag.. hee..

ohh.. tts "ying liu".. my mum buys tt everi yr.. n its onli available during cny

this baby looks cute eh..

ahh.. starting work tmr.. gonna be bz!

i duno wads goin on..

pls dun mood swing too long.. i cant take it..

dance with me ;
- 2/20/2008

!Monday, February 18, 2008

supar long nvr update.. tons of fotos..

sending off sherlene.. b4 tt was steamboat farewell at neece house..

yummy yummy!

aft steamboat, we rot in neece's rm.. gossip and record video for sher:)

set off at 3++ to airport.. we had 2 cars.. sher's father's car and steven's car <3


went off at 6plus.. cya on sept 08 sher :'(

the bookmarks sher made for us.. lovely eh? lol

try guessing which is whose..

awww.. his 1st attempt to cook spag(by himself) for me..

hohoho.. its finally CNY!! b4 cny was bz v. lotsa stuff..

new bak kwa from bee cheng hiang..

it has a layer of chesse on top.. taste abit weird.. it was targeted to ah mohs.. sounds like the "i not stupid movie"? lol..

cny day1: off to my ahma hse.. tis ahma is not my real ahma.. but she is the one who brought her up.. strangely, tis year my ahma hse has v. few ppl..

afterwhich steven came over my ahma hse for awhile..
went to his house during evening time n to his uncle and ahma house..
we played mj till late! but we lost 11 bucks each:(

tis cny is supar "heng" for me.. menses in the morning, contact lens teared, cut my finger, lost $:(

dae 2: to foutang and to my uncle new hse [this side are the mother's real siblings.. my ahma passed away 2 yrs ago at age of 96:( ]

everywhere is filled wif ppl.. dining hall, living rm, bedrms. . .

my this side family is supar big.. everiyr alwaes so crowded..

day 3: i stayed at hm xD

day 4: my uncle+ cousin finally came back from malaysia..
went ah ma house den to uncle + uncle hse.. followed by his:)

1st 4 days of cny sooo fast over already.. time passes so fast eh..

follwing mon: meet eunice to shop for gifta.. from mid afternoon to night..

tue: meet eunice to buy present.. from mid afternoon to late night..
we went for job interview as well.. we were hired!! hee..
had a long talk at lj

wed: meet eunice 1st to settle our work admin stuff and off to jol and nadine's b;dae celebration..

our all time fav.. mussels.. its the sauce i like.. hee..

b'dae cake for them..

sexy legs.. whooa~

chocos for neece, rose from dine

open present open

hope u girls like the gifts.. hard time chosing xD

ronnie dey all wanted to go nadine hse surprise her.. but saw each other at amk hub conicidentally

the rose dey gave her..

when the grown ups are not so grown up yet..

we belongs to the snake family!

notice someone missing??!??

she belongs to dragon family! :P

Not 4getting rat or mouse.. wadever u call it..

i call it "jerry".. lol.. u know y?

well well.. my new work schedule is crazy..
but at least its better den lunar.. i'm gonna work in durty nelly irish pub.. its meant for nearby working class ppl.. located at "basement" of ms.. next to xing wang HK cafe..

the manager raymend knows lunar's Steven and Darren!! OMG.. the world is super small..

my work schdeule starting from 20/8

wed: 6pm- 1am
thurs: 6pm- 1am
fri: 6pm- 2am
sat: 4pm- 2am
sun : 6pm- 1230am

fotos from v'day onwards will b up dated soon ((:

do guys wake up one day to find that he does'nt love this girl animore??

dance with me ;
- 2/18/2008


30th Aug 89


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