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!Friday, October 24, 2008

alright, very random mood to blog now..

i turned up for last sat's trng.. like finally aft so so long..

ponder ponder ponder..

aft which bf went to pick me up with his parents to have dinner @ east coast.. no pics..

i love my blonde hair! but so sad my highlight aint obvious! :(

boo~ take a proper foto with me pls..

cheeky cheeky..

supper at al zha.. my fav lychee teh O!

from sweetinnocent to chao ah lian?! xD

this wk worked onli mon! Whee~

tues had a cashflow game in sch .. kinda fun..

had been trying to talk in hokkien tt dae.. ultimate cmi..

but its still so much fun thou..

a mini celebration for steven's mum's birthday aft sch. got a top shop clutch for her..

wed no sch but ive slept whole day!! bathe n headed to sher;s hse for dinner with my girls..
ermm, no fotos too.. finally got my betty boop watch from dine! <3
my cardigan is in sher house for like almost 2 mths alrdy. muz rmb take bac*

thurs lesson was so boring.. omg.. projs projs n still projs..

tmr lesson 8am to 630.. wth~ but meeting <3 aft sch n BBQ on SAT! whee~~

i like to make them sleep tgth..

but halfway sneffel always went to slp aside on the floor. i say sneffel is being n nice gentleman.
steven says jiexin kicked sneffel out of the bed! -.-'''
jiexin is so sweet pls~

gucci, i'm waiting!

dance with me ;
- 10/24/2008

!Saturday, October 18, 2008

School's so boringggggg... !

good thing is aft changes here n there my wed is free! whee!~ no nid to rush for wed 8am TO practical too..

went out wif jas n bern n slack at nydc aft 1st day of sch..

are ur hands as agile as before to do this?

the guys ps us..

sae cheezzeeee!


dun u think the cake looks more better with the cheese on top?

blended redbull? think tt redbull is too sweet for u? try this!

watched eagle eye! not bad not bad..

long long way back.. working on sun F1 @ DN

chiong arh! 300 pax function booked by shell

ready to hear vrooomm vrooomm~~

the only beer i like. strongbow cider with blackcurrent. its made frm apple!! =D

its midnight, but it look like daytime cux of the racecourse lightings

oh, very random of me to make strawberry n apple jellies(:

a fishing place @ taman jurong..

beware of mosqs

hooking the live prawns.. ouch..

they are not tt lively aft all..

erm, some moment long time bac..

my 88 colors eyeshadow palette!

who say's adult cant have children's day gift?! i have this!

more new dress pls..

TO MALCCA! nadine's grandma hse tgth with sher..

took sat's 6pm bus to malacca, reached at 10pm @ bus terminal.
dine's uncle went to fetch us.

had an early night. wanted to wake up early but cant:( made dine's aunts n grandma waited for us for b'fast..

had prata n teh tarika at a quite kampong alike coffee shop..

went to a mall which i forgot the name to shop..

nth much to shop in melaka actually.

n pizzahut for dinner..

went back hm for dinner

sneak out to buy sum gorceries

but we din call back to inform tt we be watching movies.. weekend 9RM n weekdays &RM. dammn cheap can! watched connected n painted skin. both are nice..

went to tried on clothes.. but either too ex or doesnt look nice.

a sexy pose for a secretary wannabe.

i prefer the grey backgrd. this dress onli looks nice when u wear it, not when its on the hanger.

wait a min, is ur impression of dine's ahma hse as shown above? heh! if u tot it is, ur mindset is same as sher.. wad i think is not tt rundown thou.

one of the 3 necklaces i bought. i onli bought 3 necklaces, a polo tee, a long skirt, a sunglass, a wallet(notforme), cushion(not for me), landyard :(

i swopped with sher ended up this watch keeps on stopping:(

mon morning dine's ahma n dine went to buy b'fast bac while me n sher still slping =x
nadine is the motivation for us to wake up. lol.

a playgrd near her grandma hse.. success in balancing a seesaw with 3 ppl!

at night supper with her uncle n auntie.

tues morning woke up dammn earli to have b'fast n to aunt's salon!

hazelbrown hair base.. but the photo cant show the color..

sher's hairstyle as extracted from the poster.

highlight of my hair in process.

hello aunite!

looks like wheelock?! its a shopping mall near nadine's grandma hse..

our bedrm!

vintage chair

dine's ahma hse..

say byebye to malacca on tues night..

i'm addicted to this! pet society! everione pls join n add me pls (:

alright.. tt's just a very brief summary of the happening in holiday. i'm so lazy to blog..

tata!! XOXO

dance with me ;
- 10/18/2008


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